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    For Sale NOS Whelen 500 Surface Mount Flanges

    NOS Whelen Part Number 01-0464357-00 Model 5LSMAB Surface Mount. For 500 Series Lights Black with all mounting hardware and instructions. I'm selling in pairs of 2. I have 8 pairs available. $25 per pair includes shipping to the lower 48.
  2. J

    For Sale Never Used Signal Stat Model 379

    PRICE LOWERED! Signal Stat Model 379 New Never Used. It was presented to an individual as a retirement gift. The person's name is engraved on the back side of the chrome base. (couldn't get a good pic) Auto Division is engraved on the bottom. Dome has no scratches or cracks. Everything works...
  3. J

    For Sale NOS Whelen Model 800D Strobe Blue

    Whelen Model 800D Strobe. NOS Never Used. Comet Flash but has the jumpers and instructions on how to adjust flash. Tested Works Perfectly. Has threaded channel for pipe mount. Gasket Included. $125. Includes shipping to lower 48
  4. J

    For Sale NOS Whelen Dashmiser Plus 2 Strobe R/W

    Whelen Dashmiser Model DMP 2S R/W New never used. Comet Flash Has all Z bracket suction cups for windshield or dash installation. Tested Works Perfectly. I also have clear, blue and red lenses available (see last pic) $160 includes shipping to lower 48
  5. J

    For Sale Whelen S360D Comet Flasher Strobe

    This Whelen S360 D was a dealer display and never installed on a vehicle. It is a Comet type flasher and has the wiring to install a switch to run on high power or low power. I has a threaded mounting hole in the bottom for pole mounting. The power cord that connects to a harness under the...
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    For Sale Optimax- DH Control Panel with Cables

    PRICE LOWERED $60 (INCLUDES shipping to lower 48)!!This is a control panel from a working former dealer display (not used since) that has 2 Optimax model 242 controllers. 2, 3 wire cables (over 12' long) and 4 individual wires (approx. 10' long). It's worth it in cables alone! ALL...
  7. J

    For Sale Whelen Dash-King 2000 Strobe

    Whelen Dash-King 2000 Model DKPSR (Red Strobe) New Old Stock Never Used Includes all Mounting Hardware Has Pattern Switch and On/Off Switch Tested Works Perfectly. $110 Plus Shipping from 14534
  8. J

    For Sale Code3 Deckblaster Strobe Model 805B (BLUE)

    PRICE LOWERED WITH SHIPPING! NOS Code3 Deckblaster Strobes Model 805B (Blue) New Old Stock Never Used 9 units available (This one was opened for the picture. ) Tested and works $90 each INCLUDES shipping to the lower 48.
  9. J

    For Sale 3 Aerodynics For Sale #3

    Number 3 is a Model 24RQ Series A1. 6 Mirrors (2 sets of 3). 2 dual sided rotators on each end with 2 bulbs apiece. Has Speaker Grill but has no speaker. I do have some NOS Whelen siren speakers and controllers that can fit it. Lens have some heel marks and an occasional scratch but no cracks...
  10. J

    For Sale 3 Aerodynics For Sale #2

    Number 2 is a Model 25RQ Series B 4. Red and White (candy cane) domes. Clear Endcaps. 4 Rotators; (ends are fast center ones are slow) Has mounting brackets with magnetic feet in front, pads in rear. 12 mirrors(4 groups of 3). Everything lights and rotates. Domes are not cloudy or cracked and...
  11. J

    For Sale 3 Aerodynics For Sale

    The first one is Model 25RW Series B, amber with rear red flashers and clear front & rear floods . Has 2 rotators and 6 mirrors (2 sets of 3). Domes are a bit cloudy but no cracks and will restore well. Everything rotates and lights up. Has 2 rubber mounting pads but no other mounting...
  12. J

    Wanted KD 888

    Hi Folks! Looking for a red or blue dome for a KD888 (8 7/8" dome base diameter). Also a top bulb holder for the same light. Thanks!
  13. J

    Wanted KD 888 Dome Holder Screw

    Hi Folks, Looking for the screw (and I believe there is a nut that goes with it) for the dome retainer on a KD 888 beacon. Please let me know if you have one to part with or where I can obtain one. Also looking for the top bulb holder for the same light. Thanks!
  14. J

    Wanted KD 888 Dome

    I am looking for a Red or Blue Dome for a KD 888. NOS or good used. Let me know! Thanks!
  15. J

    Wanted Dietz 211 Red Dome

    Folks, I am looking for a Red Dome (might consider blue) for a Dietz 211. NOS or good used. Let me know! Thanks!
  16. J

    Can Anyone Figure out the Signal Stat Model Number?

    Hi Folks, I just acquired this Signal Stat teardrop light and the Model Number has been removed from the label. There is no indication of model number on the inside either. The dome is a 367. It is 2 wire so it is older Signal Stat. It rotates so not a flashing unit. What puzzles me is the...
  17. J

    For Sale NOS Federal Mogul / Signal Stat Model 379 Beacon

    SOLD! THANKS! Vintage Federal Mogul / Signal Stat Model 379 Rotating Beacon Light. New Old Stock. Never used. Has magnets on bottom and 12 volt power cord. Lens currently is NOS Signal Stat Model 376B (Blue). Buyer gets choice of either a NOS Blue, Red or Amber 376 lens. I have 3 NOS...
  18. J

    For Sale Vintage NOS Signal Stat Model 350

    SOLD ! THANKS! I have a Vintage NOS Signal Stat Model 350 Beacon with a 9095R (red)Lens. Light rotates and lights with no issues. Has minor scuffs on top of dome. I also have another NOS Signal Stat Model 350 with a 9095B (blue) lens. That light also works with no issues. $125.00 for each...

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