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  1. coop359

    For Sale Model 14, Federal Sign and Signal dual sealed beam beacon

    Commonwealth Edison - Chicago area power company ran 14s with amber 17 domes for years before switching to strobe beacons
  2. coop359

    Split Color Early Whelen Responder II

    Still an awesome light
  3. coop359

    Wanted ISO Old 4x6 Glass Halogen Blue Headlight

    You could mak them with stained glass paint
  4. coop359

    My $4 Fleabay Find!!!

  5. coop359

    Split dome Streethawk

    Boston maybe? Cool lens
  6. coop359

    Federal Signal Model A Siren

    Not water. Siren was dry. I sprayed some liquid wrench on some areas but not the motor. I will try and take the motor apart. Inside the motor cover was a pile of dried rust
  7. coop359

    Federal Signal Model A Siren

    Picked this up for $20.00. Always wanted one. It’s in rough shape. Motor is locked. Is there a way to soak the motor in something to get it spinning. Thanks
  8. coop359

    Interior vs Exterior Lighting

    You can’t beat lights on the roof. 360 degree coverage and no lights behind tinted glass. IMO
  9. coop359

    The Original Federal Enterprises FB-1

    Cool light. Worked like Pyle Light that you would find on trains. I have seen an old airplane belly light that used a similar set up. The FS pioneer 27S light was similar accept the single reflector. None are as cool as that one.
  10. coop359

    Twinsonic 12E question for the masses...

    Don’t forget the Twin with separate motors for each side and no chains. Those I believe rotated the same direction. As was mentioned the Twin could be out of sync.
  11. coop359

    What to do

    Hi John. Glad to hear from you.
  12. coop359

    Fireball - proper bulb and fast motor?

    If you take the collar of the H1 holder and replace the spade lug with a new center contact you can use a bayonet bulb like the S795. The FBH has a bayonet said Chet under the collar. I did this with one of mine. I also added a small diameter vacuum hose to the motor shaft that made the rotation...
  13. coop359

    Unity spotlight advice

    Grab the head of the light and move it around. That will loosen it up
  14. coop359

    How does the system works

    Looks like a ski roof rack mount with the key. That is a neat set up
  15. coop359

    Whelen Vertex Brake flash

  16. coop359

    McDermott Whatchamacallit.

    I have a newer one that is LED. It runs on a 6 volt lantern battery. I use a rechargeable one. It had a power switch and a photocell. It will turn on when it gets dark. It flashes. I like adding C4/7 bulbs and wiring so I can make it a nite light
  17. coop359

    Vintage NYPD Signal Stat Question

    Roof mounted - Spot light is mounted in front of the PA cars beacon
  18. coop359

    Federal Signal Model 18

    Awesome. Love the videos
  19. coop359

    Sparton Roadmaster Beacon

    Cool light.
  20. coop359

    Fireball 12 Volt Strobe

    I picked this up for $10. Today. It is the original designed dome. I never heard it called the SL3000? Anyone know if this was the first desig
  21. coop359

    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    Did anyone see the NYPD aero that sold for $1951. I will sell mine for that much
  22. coop359

    Trail-Brite Chief

    Federal made or imported one like this and called it a fireball I believe
  23. coop359

    Today’s haul!

    That is a cool tow truck. Love the short wheel base. Looks like it has a hydraulic reel on it.
  24. coop359

    tsquale collection thread! Updated video page 4 12/20/2020

    Tony. You have a great collect of rare lights and siren. Quality over quantity. Looks great.
  25. coop359

    Real or Toy?

    Great display piece.
  26. coop359

    Real or Toy?

    I had one years ago. It was red and I found new amber lenses at an auto parts store. Paid mor for the new lenses then the light. Found at a garage sale. Unsure what happened to it.
  27. coop359

    Federal Signal 143

    That’s a awesome light. Did the 143 and 144 use Beaconray lamp holders?
  28. coop359

    Federal Signal 144

    So 044 is a flashing version and 144 is rotating? Is there a 043? I know there was a 143. Chicago Fire used them for a while.

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