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    Wanted Havis Ford Interceptor Sedan Equipment Tray Slider

    Need one for a 2013 FIS coming in shortly. New or good shape used with all hardware and parts. TIA
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    Wanted Havis C-MCB-CV Dual Mic Bracket for Crown Vics

    Would like at lease two, may need more. The trim piece on a fleet of in service vehicles is wearing out and the trim is popping out when officers grab the mics, especially with the Magentic Mics which they love. Let me know whatcha got. TIA
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    Positive for Carlos Spicyweiner!

    Back-up alarms and some Feniex Quad junk. As described, fast shipping. Thank you!
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    Positive Positive with Ropersupplyco

    Whelen 500 Series SmartLED Red. Fast shipping as described! Thank you!
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    Wanted Wanted - 1 Red and 1 Blue Whelen Vertex Twistlock for 2013 Ford PIU

    Title says it all. Need yesterday. TIA
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    Wanted 2013 Ford PIU Headlight and Taillight Flasher

    Looking for both. NOS or excellent used. TIA
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    Code 3 Optix Hide-A-Way System Manual

    Does anyone have a manual they can email me? TIA
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    Wanted Tomar Neobe 360 Strobe Beacon

    As title states. Mag mount with cigar plug would be awesome. Color is not important. Thanks in advance.
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    Positive A+ for Shues! Siren Test Resistors

    Great communication and lightning fast turn around. Packaging that would withstand a nuke.
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    There was this company that made LED lights...

    I can't for the life of me remember their name.  The lights were encased in clear "tubes" with black ends and you could order them in 1-8+ sections.  They were pretty bright albeit rudimentary in design.  They had a bunch of videos on their site. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks!
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    Well, this is interesting...New Siren (STL)

    SpeedTech introduces a new siren with some very familiar features. Quick disclaimer: I do not endorse their company or products.
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    Federal Strobe and RED Highlighters (Halogen) Discontinued

    The RED domes are no longer avialable.  This is a disservice considering how popular this light has been and the fact that it is an effective and affordable solution for first responders. Bad form, Federal Signal. MU535_Discontinuing_Red_HighLighters5-14.pdf
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    Ecco buys Code 3

    Can anyone else confirm or deny that Ecco has purchased Code 3? And for the search is your friend police: "One or all of your search keywords were below 3 characters or you searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please increase the length of these search keywords...
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    Whelen Edge Strobe Series Products

    I have confirmed from two reliable sources that the Whelen Edge Series Strobe Product Line is now special order only. The Edge 9M and Mini-Edge Strobe bars are no longer on the Whelen Website nor are they in the new 2014 price lists. This is truly a changing of the guard. The Whelen Edge...
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    Campbellsville, KY New Meets Old

    One of my customers ordered a North American Signal 400 Beacon in blue. I had to call them and inquire as to what it was going on. I figured a boat or a utility vehicle. I was pleasantly surprised! Not yet mounted, but I think it will look real neat!
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    Tri-Lite Mars LED Mars 888 Traffic Breaker

    Tri-Lite / Mars will soon be releasing the LED Version of the famous Mars 888 Light. It will be the models TB8-L1P for Pedestal and the TB8-L1F for flush mount. Both version will be available in red or clear (white) and 12 or 24 volts. It utilizes the conventional Mars Drive system and a LED...
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    Brooking / Axixtech Ending Strobe Products

    Brooking Industries has announced that they will no longer be offering any strobe products. This affects the Axixtech Pro Series strobe power supplies and their Hide-A-Ways.
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    "Must be approved to purchase this light"

    Scroll down on the page... MINI LIGHTBARS/BEACONS - Arrowhead Police Emergency Vehicle Equipment, LLC
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    Crown Vic POV, at least it's red....

    I found this at Walmart of all Actually a decent setup. Reminds of being back in the 1990's. Interesting use of a flush mount Whelen Edge on the rear deck. The photo of the mounting didn't take. The light bar wires are separated and run through the pass. side door, but the light bar...
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    Federal Signal PAR46 Unity LED Spot Lamp

    I just wanted to pass this new product information I discovered along. MU479_PAR46_LED_SpotLight3_13.pdf
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    Need Info on Galls Enforce TIR4 Dash Light

    Anyone have any info on this light? Customer says that it has enforce on it with a really long SN that starts with C22. I am looking for photos, specs, warranty info, manual, etc. It is stuck in low power and will not change patterns. The light was available 2-3 years ago. Thanks!
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    Police on high alert after ex-LAPD cop's alleged serial shootings

    Wow. Police on high alert after ex-LAPD cop's alleged serial shootings -
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    American Ambulance Service, Detroit, MI 1926-2013

    American Ambulance Service of Detroit has closed. They ran at least two Cadillac Ambulance until around 1999. I believe that the last new ambulance ever purchased was a 1976 Superior Cadillac Ambulance. All of their vans were second hand.
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    Yet another "Why?" from Able 2 Products...

    Flash Force LED Mini Bars SHO-ME Flash Force LED Mini Light Bars Why? I am dumbfounded at the goofy products that they come up with. They just introduced their "Lineal" technology which is there linear LED's (welcome to where everyone else has been for years). Why not focus on...
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    Sequencial Flasher

    I am trying to locate a sequencial flasher for an ambulance. I need to flash a total of six brake style lights in a one, two, three pattern. Anyone have any suggestions? We have tried the webelectric STS-1 without success. Thanks.
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    Hmmmm....Green on a MI Flatbed

    They run the green when ever they are hauling a car. They have a larger flatbed that has an all green Star Aerostar lightbar. Looks sweet, but highly against the law. I assume they use green because it is their company color. They also like to leave their garbage on the ground.
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    Whelen PAR46 Unity Replacement with Warning?

    Anyone have any info on this? I notice in the pricing posted by Shues that it is two wire. How do you select warning or spot? Are there internal flash patterns?
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    Anyone have a suggestion for a console for a 2004 Chevy Colorado?

    Need some suggestions. It needs to house a CB, Switch Panel, and 2-3 12 Outlets. Any help would be enormously appreciated! Thanks.
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    Can someone please explain CPR seats?

    So it's been a very long time since I was in the back of an ambulance as a FF. Most of the rigs were Type II's. I have noticed over the years that some units (Type I's and III's) started having seats on the driver's side of the patient compartment and the gurney in the middle. Now they all...
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    Star 400A-LED Rotating Sealed Beam Beacon

    Well, some of you asked for one. Here it is: (did a search and came up with nothing) Models 400A & 400B Revolving Lights(Heavy Duty) - Star Headlight & Lantern Company - Star Warning Systems, Avon, NY

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