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  1. CEVS

    FS Overstock Blowouts

    Both Amber white cannons are sold. Other items still available and offers accepted
  2. CEVS

    FS Overstock Blowouts

    Fusion 400 Sold
  3. CEVS

    FS Overstock Blowouts

    This thread will be continuously updated as I continue to find items or things get sold. If you don't like a price, make an offer. I am trying to move these items. All prices are per item, shipping is extra. Package deals entertained. 2-200w Storm Sirens. These are pre-data link and will...
  4. CEVS

    Feniex Fusion 40 Degree Amber Mini Bar

    1-Feniex Fusion Mini Bar with all 40 Degree Amber modules, permanent mount hardware and 2’ cord.
  5. CEVS

    For Sale Feniex Fusion 40 Degree Amber Mini Bar

    CEVS submitted a new listing: Feniex Fusion 40 Degree Amber Mini Bar - Amber Mini Bar Read more about this listing...
  6. CEVS

    For Sale Whelen PCC8R

    No mounting bracket, the wiring in the connectors for the relay contacts instead of just 12v out were cut and heat shrunk over. If you cut the heat shrink off you can still get to them.
  7. CEVS

    Feniex Apollo Blue/White Interior Bar

    Feniex Apollo Blue/White front interior bar with full flood. This is the 2014 and under Chevy version for the Silverado/Tahoe/etc. Offers accepted.
  8. CEVS

    Feniex Apollo Blue/White Interior Bar

    CEVS submitted a new listing: Feniex Apollo Blue/White Interior Bar - Feniex Front Interior Bar Read more about this listing...
  9. CEVS

    Whelen PCC8R

    Used but good condition Whelen PCC8R switch panel. Comes with controller, cable, and power supply/relay. Offers Accepted
  10. CEVS

    For Sale Whelen PCC8R

    CEVS submitted a new listing: Whelen PCC8R - Whelen Remote Controller Read more about this listing...
  11. CEVS

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday. SALES!!!

    Sorry guys, not sure what happened. If you could try again we conpletely removed the promo and reinitated jt so it should be good.
  12. CEVS

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday. SALES!!!

    We just confirmed it is working. Please check your spelling. If you still have issues message us
  13. CEVS

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday. SALES!!!

    Why limit yourself to one day of shopping? Now through Cyber Monday we are featuring our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Shop on our website and enter coupon code turkey2017 Note: Applies to Feniex products only, items may be drop shipped, can not be stacked with other offers.
  14. CEVS

    Wanted wanted apco p25 phase 1 and 2 scanner

    Please let me know where you are finding APX8000's for $350 as I will buy a hundred right now.
  15. CEVS

    2017 Silverado siren speaker install

    Whelen makes a vehicle specific bracket for speakers on this vehicle, just an FYI. I wouldn't leave out the shutters personally.
  16. CEVS

    For Sale Galls Deck Light - Amber

    Any offer accepted!
  17. CEVS

    FOR SALE: **MUST SELL FAST** - Cobra and Apollo Items

    Still have a bunch of this stuff. Name a price it is collecting dust!
  18. CEVS

    4200 Controller Night Mode issues

    Had the same problem with a Ram, grabbed the signal from the trailer harness instead.
  19. CEVS

    For Sale D&R Prowler lightbar

    I installed one of these not too long ago and it did not require a special controller. There was a large ground wire and some different activation inputs for different sets of heads. Also, D and R has good customer support. If you give them a shout with the serial number they can pull up the...
  20. CEVS

    Wanted Unity Spotlight and/or Install Kit for 2006 Impala UN-256

    We are a unity distributor. We could gave the install kit drop shipped to you for $55
  21. CEVS

    GMC Sierra Dual Color Set-up

    As far as mounting equipment to the rear wall goes, remove the carpet and glue a piece of plywood to the wall with construction adhesive. Then put the carpet back, now use short wood screws to mount tbe equipment to the back wall.
  22. CEVS

    What Amber Light Or Mini Lightbar Would People Recommend For A Hobby Farmer?

    If you are interested in a Fenix mini bar send us a PM and we will get you set up.
  23. CEVS

    Fusion Minibar Optics

    Honestly, it is a bit of personal preference. We have typically been doing 40 front/rear and 180's on the sides and are happy with this layout, as our people who have ordered this setup through us.
  24. CEVS

    Spotlight kit Will give you part numbers. Once you get the part numbers let us know and we can get you a price.
  25. CEVS

    Info on Go Rhino Pushbars with Feniex lights

    Didn't know anyone was making T3 cutouts optional, I know Setina makes them for the Fusion.

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