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  1. redbudjoe

    For Sale Whelen Epsilon with switches

    Nice condition Whelen Epsilon with backlit switches. Works great, no brackets included. $200 shipped.
  2. redbudjoe

    For Sale Red/Blue Vertex pair

    Used pair of vertex. Work great, good condition. Red and blue split. $80 shipped.
  3. redbudjoe

    For Sale Red Liberty 48in

    redbudjoe submitted a new listing: Red Liberty 48in - 48in Liberty SX8 all red minus two amber in rear Read more about this listing...
  4. redbudjoe

    For Sale Whelen Switch Box

    redbudjoe submitted a new listing: Whelen Switch Box - Used, works as it should. 6 Lighted switches. Havis bracket Read more about this listing...
  5. redbudjoe

    For Sale Whelen Cencom

    redbudjoe submitted a new listing: Whelen Cencom - Used, untested. Brain, misc wires, control head. Read more about this listing...
  6. redbudjoe

    For Sale Federal Signal Vision Controllers

    redbudjoe submitted a new listing: Federal Signal Vision Controllers - Used, two control heads Read more about this listing...
  7. redbudjoe

    Wanted NForce, Intersectors, and 700s

    Looking for the following items, used or discounted to used price. 2 Nforce dual color Red/white surface mounts 2 dual color red white imtersectors. Several red or red white Whelen 700s. Again, not dieing without them so not looking for insanely high prices. Thanks
  8. redbudjoe

    For Sale Whelen Slimlighter Red

    Used all red slimlighter, short cord comes with what’s pictured. price is shipped.
  9. redbudjoe

    Wanted Liberty/Freedom Frame

    looking for a 54 in or longer liberty frame to build a one single sided bar to donate to the fire dept. Could work with a freedom frame but think the slimmer style looks better on the truck currently has a very opinionated “Firehawk” bar that works when it wants. Low budget, but let me know...
  10. redbudjoe

    Wanted Whoever had the 700s and 900s for sale!!!!

    The ad had been deleted, but whoever was selling the 700s and 900s from the decom ambulances please PM me the department wants to by some lights from you.
  11. redbudjoe

    Feniex Fusion ILB Dual Color R/W - No Longer Available

    Feniex Fusion ILB Dual Color R/W Very nice condition Fusion dual color Red/White Interior bar. Made for the newer Taurus, fits others as well. set up as shown in pictures regarding the modules. Overall great shape, used less than an hour overall, decided to go with a different setup. 550...
  12. redbudjoe

    PA640 "flasher"

    I've dig through the forums and so far haven't seen this, but what is the flasher function on the PA 640? I've googled it, YouTubed it, and downloaded the instructions manual. Doesn't explain what this feature is.. Anyone know what this feature is and how to utilize it? Thanks.
  13. redbudjoe

    For Sale Feniex Pythons - No Longer Available

    Feniex Pythons Didn't know what these were at first, but turned them on and new it was feniex. One is solid red, other is red/blue split. Great little lights, but just laying around. 40 shipped for the pair, obo. You can get the colors changed by Wilson. Paypal only, please do not use Panjo...
  14. redbudjoe

    For Sale Tir3 Pair - Red/Amber - No Longer Available

    Tir3 Pair - Red/Amber Tir3s, one red one amber. Work fine, have flanges for both. $40 shipped for the pair. Paypal Only, please don't use Panjo. List Date: 3/27/2017 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Tir3 Pair - Red/Amber --------------------------------------...
  15. redbudjoe

    Red/White LAWs Pair - No Longer Available

    Red/White LAWs Pair Red/White split LAWs, 6leds per lighthead. Pretty long cords. Used, but still bright and working. $50 shipped for the pair. Paypal only, please do not use Panjo. List Date: 3/27/2017 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Red/White LAWs Pair...
  16. redbudjoe

    Red/White LED set - Tir4, Lin3, and Apollo style - No Longer Available

    Red/White LED set - Tir4, Lin3, and Apollo style Selling these as a lot. All the lights work really well, none are brand name, I've collected them over some time and never got around to installing. Have black flanges for all lights. Lin3 Pair red/white split. Very little where, very bright...
  17. redbudjoe

    Sound off ghost - 2 Pair - No Longer Available

    Sound off ghost - 2 Pair Nice pair of used Ghost, have two sets. One pair is Red, other pair is Blue. 70 Shipped per pair. Whats pictured is whats there. $125 if you take all 4. Paypal only, please do not purchase through Panjo. List Date: 3/27/2017 For more info, click here to view...
  18. redbudjoe

    Sound Off Pinnacle EPL8000 ILB - No Longer Available

    Sound Off Pinnacle EPL8000 ILB Nice condition pinnacle, Red/Blue split. I moved the modules but its basically half and half. The takedowns are programmed separate, nice feature, although they are same color as warning. Has about aroun 6-8ft of cord. I don't have brackets, but it comes with...
  19. redbudjoe

    Nforce 12 led deck light R/B - No Longer Available

    Nforce 12 led deck light R/B Used but in nice condition 12 led dual color red and blue Nforce. Only have the one, cord is about 6 inches. Please do not purchase through Panjo, pm for PayPal. 75 shipped obo. List Date: 3/21/2017 For more info, click here to view the original listing...
  20. redbudjoe

    Wanted 1 Whelen 400

    Need one 400 module red over amber. A blue over amber, or red over blue would also work but don't want to pay as much considering I'll have to change to colors. Pm any questions, offers. Not looking to buy new or pay a whole lot. Nothing fancy needed. Thanks
  21. redbudjoe

    CPS all red ILB Linear - No Longer Available

    CPS all red ILB Linear Nice condition CPS Commander Bar, linear with the fully populated heads. Original cord with cig plug. No brackets. 200 shipped List Date: 9/24/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: CPS all red ILB Linear...
  22. redbudjoe

    For Sale R/A Inner Edge

    Nice inner edge, believe the brackets are for 06/07 body style Impala. I've had in Dodge Ram and explorer so far fit with little mod. Has takedowns, long cord, and believe LIN modules are red with TIR modules Amber making rara on both sides. 250 shipped 48 cont. PayPal only. Pm for info.
  23. redbudjoe

    SOLD - Sound off Ultralite set R/B

    Have very nice condition, low use Sound Off Ultralites. Have one 8 head, and two 4 heads. All three are R/B half and half. Interior rated only. Big one has warning and TA functions. Need to get out of the car, 250 takes all. That price is shipped, I'll consider offers but buyer pays shipping.
  24. redbudjoe

    For Sale Whelen Inner Edge R/A

    Inner edge with halogen takedowns. Made for Impala, I've had it in a 99 Ram and 07 Explorer with little modification. Long cord, probably 15 ft or Better. Colors are RARAT-TRARA. 275 shipped. Copy and paste for picture...
  25. redbudjoe

    For Sale Sound Off Ultralite 4 Head sticks R/B (Pair)

    Pair of SoS 4 head sticks, interior only. Both are nice condition, have about 8 ft of cord. Are R/R/B/B. These are warning bars, don't have the TA functions. Don't see these too much, looking around, they run about 250 new? 120 shipped a piece, will do 200 shipped if you take them both.
  26. redbudjoe

    For Sale Sound Off Ultralite 8 R/B

    SoS 8 head R/B. Has about 7 ft of cord, Has warning and TA functions. Its split Half red, half blue. interior rated only. In really nice condition. Asking 225 shipped
  27. redbudjoe

    SOLD - Sound Off Ghosts R/B

    Have two pair of ghosts, R/B split. All have signs of use, still bright and work well. One pair sold. Pair left has the shorter wires. 75 shipped. Paypal to Last pic was after I cleaned the dust off
  28. redbudjoe

    For Sale ETD Commander ILB Linear/Red

    Nice shape, like new ETD Commander in all red. Has TA funcTions. No mounting brackets, has original cord with cig plug. Commander is the 90 led version, fully populated. Looking for 215 shipped.
  29. redbudjoe

    Wanted Whelen Inner Edge 06-10 explorer

    Looking for the vehicle specific inner edge for 06-10 Ford explorer. If some combo of red, r/w, or r/a I'll pay more for it. Any other color, Ill have to have changed so itll be a lower offer. I could also trade even for what I have now, its an inner edge R/A made for Impala. It was cut on by...
  30. redbudjoe

    Wanted Sound Off nForces R/W

    Looking for a pair of nForces to mount on a push bar. Red/White dual models.. Looking around the 125-140 range.

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