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  1. Jarred J.

    Responder PSE
  2. Jarred J.

    Responder PSE

    commented on a facebook post about contacting me and i got a like from him.. so theres that..
  3. Jarred J.

    Responder PSE

    nope. i have messaged his facebook and his "business' site still doesnt list who new owner is. I beleive i have exceeded the time limit at my bank for a refund
  4. Jarred J.

    Feniex Storm mods??

  5. Jarred J.

    Feniex Storm mods??

    jurassic park and knight rider are on both the hand held and full function controllers. there are you tube vids on what buttons to press to activate them.
  6. Jarred J.

    Been a long time

    we left your chair in the corner.. :)
  7. Jarred J.

    Wanted Anyone a Havis dealer?

    ive asked this question as well with no luck
  8. Jarred J.

    2015 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

    i see 2 antennas but only a scanner?
  9. Jarred J.

    Rochester MN / Olmsted County EM50

    all of our ema numbers are 500 series but i guess its not a standard format
  10. Jarred J.

    Wire Gauge ?/Two RV26's/Garage Display

    I'd do 10 gauge for the closest and 8 for the farthest
  11. Jarred J.

    Feniex spoiler - making arrow patterns

    Different flashers have different ways of selecting patterns. I use a sho me flasher with a rotary switch.flashes 6 out puts via ground wire..
  12. Jarred J.

    Wanted Whelen Violet/Purple

    some are still sold new.. there was a website posted the other day of all purple lighting
  13. Jarred J.

    South Florida installers

    @Carlos SpicyWeiner
  14. Jarred J.

    The new code 3 (uhhhh sound off) megaflex

    Yawn... It'll be a mega flop...
  15. Jarred J.

    Carlos SpicyWeiner's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    most people top their weiners.. not the other way around..
  16. Jarred J.

    new fusions?

    but will it still need a convertor to even run them. thats the real question.. will the cannons soon be the same way will i have to have 40 cannons for 3 modes.. lol
  17. Jarred J.

    new fusions?

    will every light head need a convertor now or will theyll be stand alones? are they at least 3 mode now? LOL
  18. Jarred J.

    Carlos SpicyWeiner's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    Power outlet plugs or cigarette.lighter plugs.. gotcha
  19. Jarred J.

    Behind the scenes

    How bout jizzdad?:oops:
  20. Jarred J.

    Carlos SpicyWeiner's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    in the words of the great willy wonka... no , dont, stop..
  21. Jarred J.

    Wanted red/amber V2 40 degree fusions.

    i have exhausted my usual suspects so tell me whatcha got. no V3s
  22. Jarred J.

    Compatibility of different lightheads.

    I don't remember where I saw it but somebody had a list of what the quads would sync with version 3 of most lightheads? Also version 1 anything won't sync with version 2 and 2 won't sync with 3 etc? Maybe someone could post it? I've got 2 version 2 fusions synced with 2 version 2 cannons...
  23. Jarred J.

    Louis is looking rough...

    Yup they forgot is "lil guys when they started making everything the same.pricr as everybody else starting with the pucks.. Only Rich people with POVs can afford it. Maybe they will make a "dumbed downed" version for everyone else...
  24. Jarred J.

    Louis is looking rough...

    come on man..

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