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    Help with function tables

    I am really confused with "function tables". I am going to order dual color mPOWER Fascia (blue/amber version). I want to use these lights in two different modes: 1st mode - only amber flashing, 2nd mode - only blue flashing. Or vice versa. I want to use only switches (two two position...
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    mPOWER or nFORCE lightheads?

    I am going to order dual color blue/white perimeter lights. Which one should I choose? Which one have better, brighter white steady burn option? I am considering mPOWER fascia 3'', 4'', 4x2 and nFORCE grill/deck or surface mount lights.
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    How to isolate the third function with a diode? Can anybody help me?

    So I am going to order tricolor lightheads from SoundOff Signal. Not sure which one yet (Intersector, mPOWER or nFORCE). I would like to run those lights without using bluePRINT. Just three different OFF/ON switches. I would like to use each color separatly. 1st memory amber flashing, 2nd memory...
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    Federal Signal vs. Whelen vs. SoundOff Signal perimeter lights

    Looking for recommendation between those three brands? SoundOff, Whelen or Federal? I had experience with Federal and Whelen, but not with SoundOff. I am looking for dual color lights blue/white with white steady burn option as override function. I know that FedSig MicroPulse Ultra are made in...
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    Tri color lights and three different memory modes?

    I'm going to order mpower Fascia tri-color lights blue/amber/white. I've got question about configuration. Is it possible to set up those lights in 3 different mode? I mean: 1 - warning amber only , 2 - blue and white warning (or only blue), 3 - white steady burn which override other modes. Or...
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    Which wide angles under the mirror lights should I choose?

    1. Federal Signal Wide Angle 9 Blue/White 2. Whelen ? 3. SoundOff Signal? 4. Feniex Industries? I am looking for dual colour lights blue white with white steady burn option. Best regards :)

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