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    eBay Listing My Items

    See link, Thanks...
  2. J

    Lightbar parts

    Someone posted a link to bars and parts somewhere on this site, and now I can't find it. Can someone PM me the link? Thanks
  3. J

    Wanted Federal Signal Jetsonic Lightbar Bulkhead Speaker Housing Grill

    Hi all, I'm in need of 2 of the metal grill/grate that went in the front of the speaker/bulkhead of the bar. Thank you
  4. J

    Twin Sonic issue.

    I restored a twinsonic recently that I am going to sell. The thing is, when I first power it up, it runs for about a minute, then the motor slows down for about 30 seconds, then slowly starts speeding back up again. Other then that, it runs smoothly. If I shut it down for 5 minutes, it does the...
  5. J

    Positive Excellent transaction with shues

    Thank you for the parts. End result see attached John
  6. J

    For Sale Code 3 LP6000 half filters red/blue

    Here are seven 1/2 filters for the LP6000 light bar. They are used. $50, OBO shipped to the continental US Thanks
  7. J

    For Sale Jetsonic/stream filters

    Here is a complete set of red jetsonic/steam filters. I can swap out for the large alley cut-out endcaps if needed ( I think I have them w/o the cutouts). I also have these in blue, and I have jetstrobe filters as well in red and blue. $60 shipped to the continental US. These are used. I am...
  8. J

    Wanted Twinsonic rotator and the long chain.

    This is most likely a long shot, but I am in need of one rotator and chain for a twinsonic regular length bar. Thanks
  9. J

    Federal AeroDynic Dome

    Does Federal still produce the AeroDynic/Twin dome? I was under the impression they were obsolete and had been for some time. Thanks
  10. J

    Wanted Whelen Piercer II Housing

    I am looking for the black housing for these with clear lenses. I have the supply and heads.
  11. J


    Is it just me, or is ebay starting to actively remove all listing of lights whether or not it is antique or vintage? Is there another site somewhere that is more light and siren friendly other then here, craigslist and face book?
  12. J

    Wanted Looking for 2 whelen slimlighters.

    One red/blue and a blue/blue one, used in good condition with suction cup attachments. Please PM me. Thanks jdh
  13. J

    For Sale Assortment of L.E.D. Light Heads

    Up for grabs is an assortment of L.E.D.s. They are mostly out of the Argent/lower section of the Vista lightbar from Federal Signal, but there are 2 Whelens, and 2 other unknowns. All of the diodes on the right are red (9 total), all of the diodes on the left are blue (4 total) and the center...
  14. J

    For Sale Antique Resuscitators

    I have these 2 kits up for grabs. I have no idea what they are worth. Or if they even work or condition. Make an offer. Also, They are heavy so shipping will be expensive. So local pick up would be best.
  15. J

    Can someone ID this

    I know nothing about this light. There are no markings. It does turn on with 12volts. Has a glass lens. Thanks
  16. J

    Is this a brand new Federal Q I am looking at????????

    A friend of mine and myself were doing the final clean up of the decommissioned department we were cleaning out, and he told me to take a bunch of boxes home.....well 2 of the boxes each had this. It appers to be mounted to the board. Is this the way they are shipped from the factory??? And the...
  17. J

    Wanted Jetstreem bulk heads

    Im not sure if bulk head is the correct term. I am looking for the spacers that go between the outer dome and the center dome. I could used 2 sets.
  18. J

    Positive great sale to ltmaty

    Sold some fire beam domes. Great transaction...thanks John
  19. J

    For Sale ECC bar aka Smith & Wesson

    Does anyone want this...otherwise.... I will strip it for parts, and scrap metal it goes. It is labeled EEC Emergency Equipment Corporation. I do have a red and blue dome for it and one endcap. The domes are...horrible..broke and cracked. One of the rotators are smashed :(
  20. J

    Positive Purchase from ex416

    Purchased some parts and endcaps for a Code 3 SD bar, Great transaction. Thank you
  21. J

    Positive Sale to Ryan74

    It was the sale of an AeroDynic. Very good transaction. Thank you John
  22. J

    Wanted Federal Signal Traffic Clearing Light aka Meteor Light gear

    looking for this part. Thank you
  23. J

    Wanted Tomar 930 endcap, C3 endcap, Streehawk lables

    OK 3 things I am looking for, 1) One Tomar 930 endcap white. 2) Two PSE Code 3 endcaps for the SD to the twinsonic, the metal plate that holds the dome in place. 3) Two Streethawk labels. Used but in good shape for the first 2 will work. Thanks John
  24. J

    pa 1000

    Where can I find a manual for the Federal Signal PA-1000? Thank you Search is not working
  25. J

    Wanted federal signal jetstream dividers

    Looking for 2 used dividers for the center section of the jetstream light bar.
  26. J

    Positive Bought LEDs from EHFD_Tower_751

    Great transaction. As described. This is how a deal should go. Thanks.
  27. J

    For Sale Federal Signal CP25

    jdh submitted a new listing: Federal Signal CP25 - Siren Read more about this listing...
  28. J

    Wanted Gaskets for the beacon ray

    I do not know the proper name for them, but they are the rubber strip that goes between the skirt and dome. I have a few 17's that I am rebuilding and need 5 of them. Thanks
  29. J

    Wanted Chrome center section for LP6000

    I have the regular size bar (47" or 48" length) that is missing the speaker cover. I need one. Used is perfect as long as it is not dented all to he!!.
  30. J

    eBay Listing SVP Impulse 2000 domes

    I have 3 domes and the center section that go on this bar. They are red, blue and clear. the r and b are all missing the takedown lens and the red is missing the alley lens. The blue one is damaged, but repairable. None have cracks, but are weathered. I am checking interest before fleabay.

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