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  1. Skulldigger

    Yard Sale Find

    Stopped at a small group yard sale today and picked up this Sireno R6 for $10. Someone has cut the power wire, but left enough to splice a new one. It's a bit rusty inside but with a little cleaning and polish it will sing again. The serial number is 62379 placing it about 1949. The R6 should...
  2. Skulldigger

    First one in the Wild

    First time I have ever seen one in the wild. Open Google maps and search this location. Use street view at the pin and see what you find. You can scroll your mouse to zoom in. 33.682086652756, -86.69235579876562
  3. Skulldigger

    Dash Laser question

    Can anyone tell me what this is and what the purpose of it is for the motor? I am putting a new motor in my Dash Laser and it does not have this. There was not one on the motor I removed either, but there is no ground wire for the motor and it will not run without one.
  4. Skulldigger

    New Siren, Federal 28?

    I just found this sitting on the floor in an antiques shop I frequent. Practically stole it for the price. Great thing is it works just fine! Comparing to my other M28 (on the display stand) It is a bit different. For one the motor is a lot bigger in diameter. It's about 4-1/2" in diameter...
  5. Skulldigger

    Lights Too Bright

    I believe modern LED lights are to bright and blinding to oncoming traffic. We have all been blinded passing a rig on the side of the road at night. This puts not only cars passing at risk but personnel on the scene having blind drivers pass by. You can't see that door open or that person...
  6. Skulldigger

    Local Antique Shop Find

    Just never know what your going to find sitting on a shelf in the local antique shop. Just a little dusty.
  7. Skulldigger

    Wanted Federal Jr Brush

    Looking for a brush for a Federal Jr
  8. Skulldigger

    Person's Majestic Siren

    I recently added a fairly rare, Person's Majestic Siren to my collection. Estimated time period is 1920's to 1930's. The housing was cracked in several places and I was able to somewhat repair and stabilize them with soldering. I still need to remove the Projector and clean iit. It's actually...
  9. Skulldigger

    Can you identify these Sirens?

    The one on the right has a tag that comes down to a point. I have seen those before but just can't place it. Not sure about the one on the right, maybe a Sterling?
  10. Skulldigger

    McDermott Whatchamacallit.

    Anyone have any idea what this is and was used for? I found it today. There seems to be a problem with an electrical board inside. I think I can fix it, if I know what it is suppose to do. Lol
  11. Skulldigger

    Can anyone identify this?

    Any ideas?
  12. Skulldigger

    Wanted Looking for a motor for a Code 3 DashLaser

    I have a Code 3 Dash Laser - 1998, that needs a new motor if anyone has a code three motor available. Thanks
  13. Skulldigger

    Trail-Brite Chief

    I bought this today on marketplace pretty cheap. It's a NOS, in the box Trail-Brite Chief Teardrop. It's friction drive and it has the same Chief emblem as Tuff-Bilt. The box says made in Hong Kong as was TB. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Tuff-Bilt rebranded Dietz? I found a...
  14. Skulldigger

    Wanted Tripp LIte T-527 Dome Red or Clear

    Looking for a T-527 dome to fit a Tripp-LIte Mark V1. Prefer Red or Clear. Doesn't have to be new, just no cracks or crazing, I don't mind wet sanding and refinishing.
  15. Skulldigger

    Half MIle Ray

    I picked up this little spot light yesterday. the Half Mile Ray No. 1075, manufactured by the Portable Light company, which was part of Sireno. It's a pretty cool light in really good condition. I put an 1156 bulb in it and it works just fine. This is suppose to e a 7.5 volt battery operated...
  16. Skulldigger

    Badge off of ???

    Anyone have any idea what this would have been on? It's about 5" in diameter with a screw hole in the center.
  17. Skulldigger

    Possibly Speed Up Your Junior Beacon

    I had a someone send me a Junior motor that was not working and I was able to get it back up and running. At first it was running very slow. Turns out the spring that presses the brushes against the commutator, which is exposed, was weak. Fabricating a new spring for the brushes put the motor...
  18. Skulldigger

    Sireno No. 2

  19. Skulldigger

    Federal G

    I'd there a way to date these?
  20. Skulldigger

    Federal Model 28-S Video Debut

    I finally got around to doing a video of my FSS MOdel 28-S Siren. Definitely one of my favorites.
  21. Skulldigger

    Real or Toy?

  22. Skulldigger

    Find of the day Federal EG 1958?

    Found this little item sitting on a shelf in one of my favorite antique shops. Federal Sign and Signal EG in 12V. The Serial is: 2L12E8. I believe this means it was made in May 1958. Interesting that the tag still says "Formerly Federal Electric Company. I wonder how long that appeared on...
  23. Skulldigger

    Not Vintage But Collectable. Cat 394

    It is a rotator, one of the few still being made I suppose. It's a Cat Series 394 made for Caterpillar. Nice light that came NIB for a good price so I thought I would add it to the collection. Nice, very bright light with magnetic mount.
  24. Skulldigger

    Recognize this assembly?

    Can anyone tell me what gearbox and motor came off of? It's a belt driven light, so I am thinking Trippe maybe?
  25. Skulldigger

    Federal Model 28-S Siren Display

    I finally got around to building my display stand for my Federal Model 28-S Siren. It has a chrome push button for activating but it blends into the diamond plate so well in the pic you can't see it. It has an unusual serial number 2A14B6206. Looks like Feb. 1962 for a manufactured date...
  26. Skulldigger

    Napa 488 Question

    Is there something special about a Napa 488 beacon? I saw one today in a shop and they were asking $485 for it. Looked online to see if I could show them the real value and there are two on Ebay right now for $275 each. They are just Dietz 7-40 rebrand if I remember right.
  27. Skulldigger

    NOS Sireno SearchLights

    I just purchased this NOS Sireno Searchlight, that is new in the box. Looks like it's about 1978 or so. If anyone is interested I can get my hands on two more for $150 each, let me know ASAP.
  28. Skulldigger

    That's not a real light....

    Note sure if I will get a "Cool !" response or told to delete it. Lol.. I found this Swiss Beacon labeled by Swiss Harmony Co., Chicago. These were made in the 1960's as attention getters for businesses. They spin and have 4 colored glass lens. Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. They have since...
  29. Skulldigger

    It was a Tripp-Lite kinda day.

    Ran up on two lights yesterday at two different location and both were Tripp-Lite beacons. The first is a Tripp=Lite MV2, the Batman light, only in amber. Looks like it should actually be labled MV2M, as it is a throw light with magnet and tang for securing. Needs a good cleaning and the dome...

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