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    Help with function tables

    I am really confused with "function tables". I am going to order dual color mPOWER Fascia (blue/amber version). I want to use these lights in two different modes: 1st mode - only amber flashing, 2nd mode - only blue flashing. Or vice versa. I want to use only switches (two two position...
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    mPOWER or nFORCE lightheads?

    Thanks ;) I am going to order nFORCE and some Intersectors because of their 180 degree light spreed.
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    mPOWER or nFORCE lightheads?

    John Smith thakns for your reply. Price isn't the most important factor for me so if they are better, I prefer pay extra dolars and get better product ;)
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    mPOWER or nFORCE lightheads?

    I am going to order dual color blue/white perimeter lights. Which one should I choose? Which one have better, brighter white steady burn option? I am considering mPOWER fascia 3'', 4'', 4x2 and nFORCE grill/deck or surface mount lights.
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    What siren controller to buy??

    Federal Signal Pathfinder - you have got builded Rumbler and you can programme each button.
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    Axixtech are ok but my recomendation is Federal Signal MicroPulse Ultra. Rebranded from Axixtech (originally Juluen Taiwan or Brooking Industries - name depends from country - in Taiwan they are Juluen, in Europe Axixtech and in USA Brooking Industries). MicroPulse Ultra are better then regular...
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    Deck lights

    In my opinion the best lights are Federal Signal xStream. They are very small and they have a brightest light output. You can choose one, two or three colors by pressing the button on the lighthead. They also have white steady burn as override function. In my opinion they are better then for...
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    Which wide angles under the mirror lights should I choose?

    Thank you pdk9 :) I decided to buy SoundOff Signal products ;)
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    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it SoundOff Signal?

    I don't know how about lights, but their handheld controller is made by chinese company
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    How to isolate the third function with a diode? Can anybody help me?

    So I am going to order tricolor lightheads from SoundOff Signal. Not sure which one yet (Intersector, mPOWER or nFORCE). I would like to run those lights without using bluePRINT. Just three different OFF/ON switches. I would like to use each color separatly. 1st memory amber flashing, 2nd memory...
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    Federal Signal vs. Whelen vs. SoundOff Signal perimeter lights

    Looking for recommendation between those three brands? SoundOff, Whelen or Federal? I had experience with Federal and Whelen, but not with SoundOff. I am looking for dual color lights blue/white with white steady burn option as override function. I know that FedSig MicroPulse Ultra are made in...
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    Tri color lights and three different memory modes?

    I'm going to order mpower Fascia tri-color lights blue/amber/white. I've got question about configuration. Is it possible to set up those lights in 3 different mode? I mean: 1 - warning amber only , 2 - blue and white warning (or only blue), 3 - white steady burn which override other modes. Or...
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    Which wide angles under the mirror lights should I choose?

    1. Federal Signal Wide Angle 9 Blue/White 2. Whelen ? 3. SoundOff Signal? 4. Feniex Industries? I am looking for dual colour lights blue white with white steady burn option. Best regards :)

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