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  1. J

    Positive (+) purchase from jdh

    great news. Thank you for the excellent transaction. :)
  2. J

    For Sale Model 14, Federal Sign and Signal dual sealed beam beacon

    Someone correct me if im wrong, but I think that dome belongs on the model 17??? I thought the 14 had the flat top dome.
  3. J

    Twinsonic Mode 12EV

    Well then. You learn things sometimes. :)
  4. J

    Twinsonic Mode 12EV

    If you look at it, it is missing the stationary flashers. Not worth $300.
  5. J

    Whelen Edge quit working when I replaced lenses

    Question, what are you using to power the bar? I did not read what you were using. Can you power the supply with a good known 12v battery? The supply's need a good regulated 12v power.
  6. J

    eBay Listing My Items

    See link, Thanks...
  7. J

    Lightbar parts

    That's the one. Thanks
  8. J

    Lightbar parts

    Someone posted a link to bars and parts somewhere on this site, and now I can't find it. Can someone PM me the link? Thanks
  9. J

    Dash Laser question

    It is a capacitor or (cap in the electronic industry). It serves several purposes, such as, keeps a constant voltage to the motor, and cuts down on noise interference for RF stuff for example. They are one of the primary components in ac to dc power supply's.
  10. J

    Selling on eBay?

    Ah yes..the ebay don't pull my auction statement. Tried that too. The flea bay police don't care. Many times it is either someone selling the same (or close to) item or some prude thinking "You can't sell that" and hit the "report this item" button. I had some jet filters up for auction, they...
  11. J

    Selling on eBay?

    Ebay may pull the auction for having black & white photos too. I have had many problems on flea bay. I find it is a hit or miss. I sold several items in color, with domes, and had no problems for quite awhile. Then.....things started getting pulled and the suspensions stared. I would go the no...
  12. J

    Twin Sonic issue.

    Good day Skulldigger. The motor that I showed you, opened and closed very well and I did get it working. Thanks for the tip. As for the twin. I rebuilt it from scratch. So I was very attentive to the gear box for the motor and the bulb carousels. I made sure the tension was correct. I have...
  13. J

    Wanted Federal Signal Jetsonic Lightbar Bulkhead Speaker Housing Grill

    Hi all, I'm in need of 2 of the metal grill/grate that went in the front of the speaker/bulkhead of the bar. Thank you
  14. J

    Twin Sonic issue.

    This is the exact same motor. I am trying to rebuild this one b/c it seams the barrings are seized up..
  15. J

    Twin Sonic issue.

    Ill need to take a snap shot, but it is the original motor.
  16. J

    Twin Sonic issue.

    I restored a twinsonic recently that I am going to sell. The thing is, when I first power it up, it runs for about a minute, then the motor slows down for about 30 seconds, then slowly starts speeding back up again. Other then that, it runs smoothly. If I shut it down for 5 minutes, it does the...
  17. J

    Lost an awesome friend :(

    My Condolences.
  18. J


    Maybe I should sell on Amazon. LOL
  19. J


    I did the same thing. I do not trust ebay as far as I can throw them. I still sell on that site, but again as you mentioned John, it is items I can afford to lose, or someone I trust that are over seas.
  20. J

    For Sale Code 3 LP6000 half filters red/blue

    Sold Admin please lock Sorry. I'm just now being able to mark as sold.
  21. J

    Adding arrow heads on traffic arrow

    If you are talking about adding more lights, I would first make sure the controllers output can handle the extra wattage, and the reduction in impedance.
  22. J

    Positive (+) Multiple positive purchases from jdh

    Excellent and thanks
  23. J

    Vision Lightbar

    I mentioned this in another thread, the revisions on the chips for each item MUST match. So all 3 must match. You can mix a POL1.20 and a POL1.30, but you cannot mix a, lets say a NYP and a CAL. Did that make sense?
  24. J

    Positive Excellent transaction with shues

    Thank you for the parts. End result see attached John
  25. J

    Vision Controller Help!

    Also, if one of the chips are stamped LVMPD, then it most likely not work with any other revision. All 3 chips must match. IE a POV 3.2 and a POV 3.1 will work, but if the chip is a CHP or NYPD they all must be the same or it will not operate. Not to mention the CHP or NYPD are not user...
  26. J

    Lighting/display collection insurance?

    That is an excellent question. I have a collection as well. An example would be, a fully decked out full size edge bar may have cost an agency $1000 (keep the numbers simple) But what is it worth in a collection. Regardless of what it was purchased for by the collector?
  27. J

    For Sale Code 3 LP6000 half filters red/blue

    Here are seven 1/2 filters for the LP6000 light bar. They are used. $50, OBO shipped to the continental US Thanks
  28. J

    For Sale Jetsonic/stream filters

    Here is a complete set of red jetsonic/steam filters. I can swap out for the large alley cut-out endcaps if needed ( I think I have them w/o the cutouts). I also have these in blue, and I have jetstrobe filters as well in red and blue. $60 shipped to the continental US. These are used. I am...
  29. J

    Wanted Whelen Piercer II Housing

    Thanks everyone. I found one, and am in contact with a member for shells.
  30. J

    Wanted Twinsonic rotator and the long chain.

    Found one. Thanks

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