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  1. Jarred J.

    Whelen Cloud Platform™

    i like it.. i always figure there had to be a way to bluetooth or something multiple cars together.. imaging the footprint of an entire vehcile's setup as a "traffic' arrow for lane closures... granted it would only be good in metropolitan agencies..
  2. Jarred J.

    Behind the scenes

    Jazzdad sro training program.. is what finished the company off
  3. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    Item was used.. I added an s which made it a different word lol..and don't blame me cause autocorrect put fowl.when I typed foul... Darn bill gates!
  4. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    if TEMS is an acroynm then its a fowl.. @wilsonbr90
  5. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    Did your cart contain 10 ITEMS or less to use the fast checkout?
  6. Jarred J.

    New ride!!! 2011 Escape Upfit

    Hmm guess I never updated but after RMA on that pair of fusions i got another pair and they worked flawlessly... Project for last weekend... Out with appolo with suctions In with new fusion with window mount Also added a dashcam a few weeks back... Waiting on pucks now.. and to hit...
  7. Jarred J.

    Wanted Federal Signal switch box

    The one with the dual momentary rocker? I currently have one installed but for the right price or trade (cough new feneix siren.cough cough ) I might uninstall it and sell it... I'd hate to lose my slide switch thou lol see my install thread.. it looks basically new and was upgraded to less...
  8. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    Does he know BETH?
  9. Jarred J.

    Strobes-N-More intersector license plate bracket

    10-59 bracket is what it looks like
  10. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    if somebody cant get a name from this one.. their last name isnt SYTH which isnt a dark character in star wars...
  11. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    Whose "we" lol the very first post says who gets the honors... He must be asleep still.. hey Mr willlsoooonnnn!
  12. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    Wrong.. read the rules.. only Wilson gets to make new words... So @wilsonbr90 your go...and 48 hours? Didn't it go like 2 years without a reply lol
  13. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    its all a MYTH anyways
  14. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    I win, I'll be famous as WYATT Earp.. good luck changing that word....
  15. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    I figured everyone SAT on their butts stuffing their faces yesterday..
  16. Jarred J.

    Bar Harbor, ME - PD and FD units

    Is that pronounced Bah habah fah depahtment?
  17. Jarred J.

    Minnesota Transportation Company Adds 'Attention-Getting' Lights To School Buses

    Fusions... Lol if it works it works...
  18. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    On one SKATE
  19. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    There would be confusion and delay, as the posts would be LATE, because only so many 6 letters words exist in the English language
  20. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    I HATED to type this but we're getting close to 6 letters again...
  21. Jarred J.

    Classic light bar recommendation

    i believe he meant the lower level halogens.. which can be replacedeasily and will reduce amp draw.
  22. Jarred J.

    I want your opinion on the FrankenBeacon

    all you have to do is drop the video link from you tube in the comment box..its not this sites fault...
  23. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    If you realy dont know what tare weight is I'll tell you...cause I shine like a STAR like that
  24. Jarred J.

    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    Good luck with the hurricane! Be safe!
  25. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    ARE you sure it wasn't fat bottomed? Just like @JazzDad likes
  26. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    As the old bugs Bunny cartoon was titled... HARE today, gone tommorow
  27. Jarred J.

    Whats it worth?

    ill give you $1
  28. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    did you loose a DARE?
  29. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    that guy in DADE county florida..
  30. Jarred J.

    Travel Scrabble

    dont get MAD at your phone.. its the operator error..

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