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  1. MESDA6

    This One Has Me Baffled

    just saw this on EBay. A Whelen cadet with an antenna connector being used for power. Not sure if this belongs to anyone here on the board, but this sort of made me scratch my head. Anyone ever seen this used for 12vdc?
  2. MESDA6

    Rescue at a Major Houston Apartment Building Fire

    Not my video - found online.
  3. MESDA6

    May Issue of Hemming's Classic Car Magazine Features Police Car Restorations

    Thought some of you may be interested in this. The May Issue of Hemmings Classic Car Magazine features police car restorations. It just arrived in the mail, but the April issue is still showing on their website. Joe Dorgan even gets a mention in one of the articles. Keep an eye on the...
  4. MESDA6


    I will be moving to the Phoenix area in the coming months. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with any particular brands or types of goggles to use during dust storms. I've been there in 2 dust storms previously, and that dust can penetrate everywhere that you think it can't possible get to...
  5. MESDA6

    Another Impersonator Bites The Dust

    A Broward Sheriff's volunteer crosses paths with a real deputy while he was impersonating a cop - Sun Sentinel
  6. MESDA6

    Police Chief Accidentally Shoots Self - ForThe Second Time
  7. MESDA6

    Cook County IL, Investigator Cuauhtemoc Estrada

    Investigator Cuauhtemoc Estrada, Cook County Sheriff's Police Department, Illinois
  8. MESDA6

    Horton Ambulance Battery Question

    We have a 1992 Horton Ambulance (Ford E350) that is used as a Command Post, an equipment hauler, and a place to get EM personnel out of the weather on scene when necessary. The unit only sees extended use a few times a year, and otherwise sits, plugged-in using the on-board Kussmaul unit. This...
  9. MESDA6

    Fireball II Question

    I have a Fireball II (rotating, not the strobe) that I want to clean up and keep in the wife's car since I drive it occasionally. Gears are a little noisy and I don't think it's rotating quite as fast as it should (I know it's a slow light, but I think it's just a little slower than normal.)...
  10. MESDA6

    Fireworks Factory Fire - Rochester IN - 7/17/2013

    As of 10:15 CT tonight, fire is ongoing. Video on this news station website. Linked to main site as they keep adding videos as they become available. WSBT News - Live Scanner Audio - Fulton County IN Fulton County Indiana Live Audio Feeds ETA: UPDATED VIDEO LINK - Multiple...
  11. MESDA6

    Christopher R. Brown, Hudson IL FD - LODD

    Updated: Coroner identifies firefighter who died |
  12. MESDA6

    New York MTA TO Turn Off Blue Lights on Express Buses

    To Avoid “Confusing” Drivers, MTA Turns Off SBS Bus Lights | Transportation Nation
  13. MESDA6

    New Responder Vehicle Visibility Report from USFA

    Just released. The pdf report can be found here. Best Practices for Emergency Vehicle Visibility | 1/17/13 Press Release The report primarily shows examples of reflective markings and rear light arrangements being used by various types of responder vehicles worldwide to increase rear...
  14. MESDA6

    Solar Trickle Charger for Vehicle

    I am thinking about buying a solar trickle charger to use in our POV's for those long periods of time when no one is available to start or run the vehicle. The primary use for this will be when the vehicle is left in Long Term Parking at the airport for several weeks at a time. We take several...
  15. MESDA6

    Step for a Van

    I am looking for a sturdy step to mount under the Driver and Passenger door on a Chevy Astro Van. Go Rhino makes a stationary step that will work, and they also make a spring-loaded step that can be opened/closed manually. I figured that some of the installers here may have preferences for...
  16. MESDA6

    Flexible Wire Protection

    Our agency has a pool of VHF mobile radios that are signed out by personnel during incidents for use in their POV's. I'm getting ready to wire up new radios using lighter plugs which works fine for us, but am wondering if there are any wire protection products out there now that are more...
  17. MESDA6

    Interesting Plow Trucks

    Various types of plow rigs in this video. Some NSFW language in the video. I guess you can put a plow on anything, but everywhere I've lived large plows have always been dump trucks, so I found these to be interesting. Sorry if it's a re-post - I didn't find it in search. Love the old school...
  18. MESDA6

    Police Helicopter Crash in Atlanta

    Authorities: Police Helicopter Crashes in Atlanta - ABC News Feel free to update as info develops.
  19. MESDA6

    LAFD Motorcycle Response Unit

    Los Angeles Fire Department tries out a motorcycle response unit -
  20. MESDA6

    Rotating Do-Ray Lollipop Light?

    Here's one I've never seen before. Posting in here instead of auction listing to see if anyone has one of these or knows anything about them. The seller is legitimate - I have bought from him before, and he does come up with some unique stuff sometimes. EBay Listing
  21. MESDA6

    For the Lighting Nerds and Engineers Among Us

    OK - so the title covers most of us here anyway..... :D University of Illinois is holding an event celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the LED, which was invented at the U of I. Here's the info. LED 50th Anniversary Symposium Figured there may be someone here who is interested in the...
  22. MESDA6

    Looking for Info on Automatic Vehicle Climate Control (K9)

    I'm looking for info on manufacturers of systems that will maintain a set temperature inside a vehicle. I found an article regarding San Diego PD using a system in their K9 vehicles that hooks into the vehicle's remote starter system, to run the AC or the heat at preset levels. The system has a...
  23. MESDA6

    PA Governor Expected to Sign Purple Light Law for Funeral Processions

    I didn't find this in any subforum. If it's a duplicate, mods can feel free to delete it, but i did check. Typical political dealings - as the law was about to be sent to the Governor, someone slipped in a change allowing illuminated sports team decals in the rear windows of all vehicles...
  24. MESDA6

    Maritime Rescue Hoax Calls linked in NJ and Texas

    N.J. yacht hoax linked to Texas prank - Yahoo! News It takes a sick SOB to make these kinds of calls.
  25. MESDA6

    Fire Damages Equipment and Fire Station in Mt. Zion IL

    This has been on our news for the past several days. Fire was caused by the ladder truck. Last I heard the exact cause was undetermined, but the truck is where it started. WICS ABC NewsChannel 20 - Top Stories - Major Fire at the Mt Zion Fire Department With loaner equipment, recovering...
  26. MESDA6

    Fireworks Factory Explosion in Thailand

    Fireworks factory explodes in Thailand (VIDEO) | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News Pretty dramatic video. As you get toward the end, it looks like the blast door worked!
  27. MESDA6

    LAFD Hiding Behind HIPAA

    LAFD Mum on Public Information About Fires, Traffic Accidents, Emergencies | NBC Los Angeles The politics involved in this have got to be fascinating.
  28. MESDA6

    VHF Narrowanding - Anyone done it yet?

    I'm working on the logistics of our narrowbanding and am looking for feedback from those that have done it. Our frequency is in the 155.xx range and I understand there can be a significant drop in radio range when narrowbanding. The area is basically typical midwest, wide open cornfields with...
  29. MESDA6

    Exhaust Fume / CO2 Removal

    My agency is using a retired Horton Ambulance (Ford E350) as a mobile command vehicle and occasionally as a rehab vehicle. One of the issues I'm finding is that while parked on a scene, most of the doors are open more than they are closed, which ultimately brings an excess of diesel exhaust into...

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