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  1. billforbush

    Unity spotlight advice

    This has to be an age-old problem but I just can’t seem to beat it. I have a maybe 2-year old Unity pillar post spotlight. How do I prevent it from freezing up in the winter preventing adjustment? I have not forced it and damaged the gears. Should I take the cap off at the end of the shaft and...
  2. billforbush

    Federal SS2000 output transistors.

    I have a SmartSiren that works perfectly except that it seems quieter than it should. I disconnected one 100w speaker and tested the AC voltage across the line - 11 VAC. Is it likely to be the output transistors? And if so, where can I buy new ones? Any help appreciated.
  3. billforbush

    Wanted ISO Optic clip on lenses for Whelen Inner Edge FST

    Anyone have two for sale? Thanks
  4. billforbush

    FS Signalmaster Wiring Help

    I have a Smartsiren SM and would like to use it to control my Whelen TAD8 eight-head LED bar. To accomplish this I plan to retire the eight heads individually with a common hot and switched ground to interface with the Smartsiren, but I don’t know which head (1-8) corresponds to which cable pin...
  5. billforbush

    SS200SM Configurator

    I have a very nice SS2000SM siren that has apparanetly been locked out of programming mode. FS tech support is not able to help, although very knowledgeable and nice. Does anyone have the circa 2003 Smartsiren Configurator software, or offer programming services on these units? Thanks much...
  6. billforbush

    Are spacers necessary on Inner Edge in Tahoe/Silverado?

    Are the Whelen-provided spacers necessary when installing an Inner Edge in the Chevy/Silverado. I used them but the bar isn't really level. It is lower in the center so I'm wondering if I should take the spacers out? I'm not sure what purpose they serve? Thank you
  7. billforbush

    Vehicle specific Fusion Interior Lightbar

    On Fenix Fusion interior light bars, are the brackets only vehicle specific or is the housing/shroud form fitting to the specific vehicle as well? Thank you
  8. billforbush

    Wanted LINZ6 or ION based Whelen Inner Edge

    Wanted - needle in a haystack -lol - WTB Whelen Inner Edge with LINZ or Ion lightheads for Silverado pickup. All red or R/W. Excellent condition. I'm not as pleased with the newest XLP version light output and am hoping to pick up a used, earlier model. Any help appreciated.
  9. billforbush

    Whelen Inner Edge XLP intensity?

    I'd really like an Whelen Inner Edge for my '15 Silverado HD. Previous versions used LinZ6 and Ion heads. The newest is a very thin TIR3 module but it doesn't seem nearly as bright in the videos I've seen. How does it compare and is is adequate for primary front lighting? Any input appreciated...
  10. billforbush

    Ford licensed LED Kit

    Happened across a beautiful F150 road commission truck the other day with the neatest light head mount up by the CHMSL with what looked like intersectors on it. I googled it and found the Ford-specific Sound Off product. Is there, or is there any potential plan for, a similar product for the...
  11. billforbush

    Application Question

    I've been through the application guide and can't seem to locate the info I need. Could you please help me? I need the model number including shaft length and mounting kits LH and RH for a 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500HD pickup. Black 6" halogen. Cheapest bulb as I will swap out with 100w glass...
  12. billforbush

    MICHIGAN law changes - green and possibly slicktop modifications

    Michigan law was amended earlier this month to add the use of "amber or green" lights for governmental snow removal vehicles, or vehicle engaged in hazmat/environmental response/cleanup. Use of green lights was previously not mentioned (and therefore technically prohibited). The new law...
  13. billforbush

    Wanted Firebeam black half cover

    Looking for a new or vgc black half cover for a Federal Firebeam. Can buy outright or trade for new blue Firebeam dome. Thanks for looking.
  14. billforbush

    Positive 3001 Good Guy

    Just completed a trade with 3001. Good guy with great communication and fast shipping. Would gladly deal with again. Bill
  15. billforbush

    Positive 08Slicktop

    Traded some lightheads, great communication, fast shipping, came exactly as desribed. Thanks!
  16. billforbush

    For Sale WTT 2 Amber Whelen TIR3 for same in Red

    Sorry can't get pics tonight, but looking to trade two Amber Whelen TIR3 slave lightheads from a Dominator TA bar for the same in red. Like new condition with new Linz6 black shrouds and gaskets. Thanks for looking
  17. billforbush

    Some greta stuff on GovDeals - Smartsirens, Liberties, Dominators ....
  18. billforbush

    TAD8 -TA only or flash all heads?

    Quick question - can a TAD8 flash warning patterns in addition to or instead of TA patterns. Not the end flashers but all the heads? Thanks much Bill
  19. billforbush

    Whelen 9600 Edge Halogen TA Array

    Halogen Duplex TA light array from 9600 series Edge lightbar. Includes 8-bulb TA and a pair of blue halogen dual flashers, on aluminum frame with harnesses. Excellent condition with all OEM parts. Asking $50 plus shipping. If I'm too high, just make a reasonable offer. Thanks for looking Bill
  20. billforbush

    Federal 17/173 small dome question

    This is probably a dumb questions, but did the older Federal 17 and 173 lights with the smaller dome use the same base with a different gasket or a smaller diameter base? I don't have one of the smaller ones in my collection as yet and wondered if I could out a smaller dome on a large-dome...
  21. billforbush

    WTT Justice Domes

    I have a brand new set of clear Whelen Justice outer domes that use six mounting screw holes. Need a set of new or like new clear Justice outer domes with four mounting screw holes. Thanks Bill "End" lenses only, no center section
  22. billforbush

    Wanted Motorola Spectra Y-cable

    Need a Motorola Spectra/Astro Spectra y-cable to allow use of control head, VRS and siren at the same time. Please pm or email if you have one. Thanks for looking Bill
  23. billforbush

    Wanted Plastic Visibar endcap

    Looking for one, plastic-molded endcap for later model Federal Signal Visibar. Older bars used a machined aluminum cap with a foil sticker. The one I need is molded black plastic with raised letters that are colored silver/chrome. Good, new or NOS preferred. Thanks for looking Bill
  24. billforbush

    WeCan Transplant?

    It is possible to operate a Liberty with a WeCan Justice I/O board? Am wondering if I could transplant the I/O board from a WeCan Justice into a Liberty then run the Justice off a ULF44 or two. Can anyone tell me if that's doable? Thank you very much
  25. billforbush

    Strobe question - science experiment

    Has anyone tried to feed one strobe tube with two power supply outlets? My thought is if the power supply puts out 15W per outlet (i.e., UPS690), and the strobe tube can handle 30+ watts, what would happen if we used two simultaneous outlets to the same tube - would it flash more brightly or...
  26. billforbush

    Resolved - disregard

    Problem identified by Whelen Tech Support. Thanks.
  27. billforbush

    Wecan question

    Does the WeCan 6-button controller allow for control of anything not in the lightbar I.e., HLF, grille or deck lights, HAWs etc.? BLink used to have two non-serial outputs in the bar that could be used for such uses. I didn't see anything about it in the install guide. Thanks Bill
  28. billforbush

    TA Controller Compatability

    Hi - yes I used the search feature and didn't find the specific info that I need. I'm getting a ballast liberty with old-style TA. Can I control the TA with an older Code 3 or Federal SMC1 controller formerly used with halogen bars? Just planning and would like to figure out what I'll need when...
  29. billforbush

    Tahoe/Sierra/Silverado Slimlighter fit?

    Hi Guys - Wondering if anyone has used a Whelen MM Slimighter over the RVM in a GM vehicle as above? I tried a Talon but wasn't wide enough to avoid the useless black screen above the mirror. I saw a PI Utility the other day with two single Avengers but I'm not sure i liked the look. I...
  30. billforbush

    Talon - ballast or passive - external flasher

    I have two older single Talons without sync capability. I have two questions - 1. How do I determine whether they are ballast or passive? 2. How (if) can I use an external flasher to flash them. I tried setting them to steady and flashing the power leads but the LEDs were dim. Should I be...

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