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  1. NFD-102

    HHS USB Type

  2. NFD-102

    HHS USB Type

    What is the exact type of USB for the new HHS 3200? I went to plug in the one I have for my carbide but it doesn’t fit. I also tried a couple of printer cables.
  3. NFD-102

    Inner Edge XLP vs. FST info

    I’m also from CT. I had an XLP in my old charger. The thing worked amazing. Mine wasn’t the duo but it was red and blue with the takedowns. I felt like the takedowns weren’t very bright. I just got a new truck and upgraded to the FST. It’s a little brighter however it is also a little...
  4. NFD-102

    Cencom Issue

    You were right on the money. That’s what it was. It’s wire came out of the connector on the battery. I have a charger so it’s in the trunk. Thanks for your help!
  5. NFD-102

    Cencom Issue

    Cool thank you. I’ll try that too.
  6. NFD-102

    Cencom Issue

    Also going into this it was kind of in and out and now I’ve got nothing. So maybe it’s time for a new brain.
  7. NFD-102

    Cencom Issue

    Does that happen? I’ve had it for 8 years. I’ll try it out tonight.
  8. NFD-102

    Cencom Issue

    I am having a problem with my cencom gold. Everything is working except for the lights. I haven’t changed anything and it’s been working without issue for 8 years. Everything on connector D isn’t working so when I hit the slide switch, nothing goes on and if I hit the individual buttons...
  9. NFD-102

    Whelen trio question

    so I'm trying to get the patterns working to what I want on a pair of Whelen trios. So I have two and while the red is on on one I want the other to be white and when the red goes off I want it to be white and the one that was white I want it to be blue. So I started getting closer to what I...
  10. NFD-102

    Whelen Inner Edge FST and RST Series

    Any updates on when the new inner edge is coming out?
  11. NFD-102

    Wanted Whelen Ions, LP bracket

    Updated. Bought Ion trios and red blue ions. Still looking for blue ions and an LP bracket
  12. NFD-102

    Wanted Whelen Ions, LP bracket

    That's a pretty good deal. Do you have any IonT or Ion Duos in RW and BW?
  13. NFD-102

    Wanted Strobes n more tiger

    I have two reds brand new in the box. They are tiger 4's. PM if interested
  14. NFD-102

    Wanted Whelen Ions, LP bracket

    Whelen Ion multi-mount Blue - 2 Whelen Ion LP
  15. NFD-102

    PD/Fire/EMS - What do you carry/where

    A gun on the left hip
  16. NFD-102


    Any par28's or mirror beams for a 13 charger
  17. NFD-102

    Wanted Cairns n5a or n6a

    Hey guys, I was recently elected chief for my fire company and I'm in the market for a leather cairns. I have a Paul Conway currently but I guess you can't paint them. So I'm looking for a cairns leather that I can paint white and then in a year paint black again. Cairns New Yorker or Sam...
  18. NFD-102

    For Sale Antennex Phantom Elite VHF Antenna

    I'll take it. Can you send me your PayPal information via PM
  19. NFD-102


    1- Driver/Blue Passenger front and back with 1 set amber heads rear This was the one that I originally wanted but said id take any of them. I liked the two wire traffic advisor and nonsplit heads. If you already sent the other, that works too. No issues. It's litterly just a lightbar for my...
  20. NFD-102

    Strobesnmore E6 mini's red and red/white

    I just checked and returned the pm
  21. NFD-102

    Strobesnmore E6 mini's red and red/white

    Yes they are still available
  22. NFD-102

    Looking For Red/Red Side Light Tahoe

    I have a pair of Strobesnmore mini E6's. They are brand new and can be mounted interior or exterior with L-brackets included. Very bright little lights. $90 shipped.
  23. NFD-102

    Strobesnmore E6 mini's red and red/white

    Up for sale a have two red and two red/white Strobesnmore E6 mini's. They come with L-brackets. Two are new in the box and two are new out of the box tested. I'll sell them for $75/pair shipped or $130/all 4 shipped. If you don't like the price please send an offer.
  24. NFD-102

    Whelen Dominator or (2) Avengers Red or R/A

    I have a friend who is looking for lights for the rear of his Tahoe.  A Whelen Dominator D8 is preferred in Red/Amber.  It needs to be the warning bar, not the traffic advisor.  Also needs to be less than $200. Options: (2) Whelen Sync Dual Avengers Red/Amber or R/R and A/A (2) Whelen Single...
  25. NFD-102

    Price Drop - Wiith Video Canada Whelen Amber Lighting Package - Slicktop

    Megatech ripped you off. Your used prices are as high or higher than the new prices with most dealers. Good luck.
  26. NFD-102

    Amber / blue LED deck lights / remote siren & light controller

    I have two blue/amber split single avengers. No mounting brackets but I'm pretty sure I have flashback shields for both. Plus they have full original cords attached.

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