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  1. AJ3814


    I work in rural central Louisiana. A couple of the SO units have these. If anyone is wondering how bright they actually appear, rest assured they are the brightest light heads on those units, which are outfitted from the ground up with Whelen. They're worth their salt, bar none.
  2. AJ3814

    Boston PD XL 5000 Sealed Beam

    Thanks for the clarification brother! I had totally forgotten about that detail. Thankfully, @wolfman has been kind enough to reach out and willing to build me an MX7000 close to desired specs. You folks rock!!! I'd like to keep this thread open in the event anyone can offer specific detail...
  3. AJ3814

    Wanted MX7000, LP6000, or XL5000 Sealed Beam

    Thanks to Wolfman, there is a custom MX 7000 in my future. But if any of you lurkers can find that “Boston bar”, I’d still take it.
  4. AJ3814

    Wanted MX7000, LP6000, or XL5000 Sealed Beam

    I know I'm kind of reaching here, but anyone who has a NOS or near-mint version of these, I am in the market. As loaded with options as possible. R/B or B/B. If it's an XL5000, my ideal find would be the old Boston PD model (B/B front and R/B rear) with the small clear squares to the front and...
  5. AJ3814

    Vintage CHP Lights Help

    The best flippin' patrol car of all time.
  6. AJ3814

    Boston PD XL 5000 Sealed Beam

    OK.... I'm going out on a limb here, and I hope this is the right place, but my favorite bar of all time was the late '80's to early 90's (??) XL 5000 that was on Boston PD units. It was a sealed beam, double blue to the front with small, square, clear cutouts for the diamond front mirrors, but...
  7. AJ3814

    What elb'er made this clone bar?

    To solve the problem, have one rotating pattern swirl opposite the other...... if they rotate "together", red and blue at the same time looks purple. Time the pattern to have one of them offset in the rotation by 90 degrees and you'll have separate red and blue flashes. But then again, I'm...
  8. AJ3814

    What elb'er made this clone bar?

    Actually Rotating light is easier for the human eye to "track the source" especially in bad weather.... this is why lighthouses have never strayed from the rotating beacon. While it cannot be argued the flashing pattern is "brighter", brighter is not always better. I'll take rotating...
  9. AJ3814

    Positive Great purchase from Westville2021

    Needed a good "old fashioned" slide switch box to operate a rotating lightbar. This was advertised as "used" but when I got it, I swear it's new. Well packaged and damn fast shipping. I'd to business again any day without second thought!
  10. AJ3814

    For Sale Whelen Mini Justice Light Bars BLUE - New-In-Box

    I certainly know what they are and thank you for replying! I received a last minute phone call last night after I got to work, and I will likely be moving out of Louisiana soon (where blue is an LE only color), so everything I had planned is now, unfortunately, on hold. Alvie
  11. AJ3814

    For Sale Whelen Mini Justice Light Bars BLUE - New-In-Box

    I'm following diligently.... have a couple of other things I have committed to for necessity, but this is definitely something I am wholly interested in.
  12. AJ3814

    For Sale 6 Switch Control Box

    I'm seeing 6 internal 15 amp blade fuses. Are those the amperage loads for each switch? Does that mean I can put different fuses in for larger loads for each switch? i.e. - make the first switch a 40-50 amp "master" switch?
  13. AJ3814

    Positive A+ Purchase from Pete L.

    Bought a speaker from Pete back in January, but am just now getting to make sure he gets the credit he deserves. My apologies for being late. Pete packaged the damn thing like it had a nuclear warhead on it. I've never seen any new anything packaged so well. Works perfectly and communication was...
  14. AJ3814

    For Sale NEW/NOS Whelen CADET

    How many do you have available?
  15. AJ3814

    For Sale 100 a piece or best offer all In decent condition

    Do the Touchmaster Delta's have the housings or just the faceplates?
  16. AJ3814

    For Sale Custom Code 3 MX7000

    Is the OA still the standard 47-48”? I’m a lil rusty...
  17. AJ3814

    What was your first?

    First ride? 1980 (ish) Plymouth Fury or Ford LTD (Dad was Houston PD). First assigned? Late ‘90’s CV, as a rookie in 2003/2004. And yes, as a kid my job was to reach out and smack the lightbar in the winter.... old Yankee Dietz, S&W, Aero-Dynic, or Jet Sonics. HPD had all of those 4 when I was a...
  18. AJ3814

    For Sale Custom Code 3 MX7000

    I can use the blue as I’m in Louisiana. Need to double check some measurements on my truck.
  19. AJ3814

    For Sale Custom Code 3 MX7000

    That’s a phenomenal friggin bar!!!
  20. AJ3814

    Positive A+ Purchase from lights9797

    I’ve been gone for a while, but this gentleman didn’t hesitate to get in contact with me and stay in contact every step of the way. Communication was very clear and couldn’t have been better. Siren as good (if not better) than pictures. Went out of his way to provide me with a VERY WELL...
  21. AJ3814

    Wanted Siren Speaker and/or PA 200

    ISO 100w siren speaker, but not the new “flat” type. I want the original “rectangular cone” or “circular cone” on a 90 degree flat plate mount. Also ISO FS PA200 siren. Thanks y’all!!
  22. AJ3814

    For Sale Code 3 MX7K D-Tech and LED lightbar, El Paso PD - SOLD!

    Thanks Tony! It's been a hot minute but it's good to be back!
  23. AJ3814

    Positive Sale to EM2436

    Josh was great to deal with. Entire transaction took less than 24 hours. Couldn't be happier. Thank you sir!! 100% satisfied.
  24. AJ3814

    Positive Sale to UltimateD

    Drew was awesome to deal with. Due to my work schedule I was a little slow with things on my end, but he was awesome to deal with and very prompt, as well as patient. 100% satisfied. Thanks brother!!
  25. AJ3814

    code3 LP6000 lightbar - No Longer Available

    Irishff may be interested in the rotators.

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