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    2019 Durango Rear InnerEdge Mounting issues?

    I'm putting a 10 head rear inneredge solo into a new Durango. Following the vague instructions Whelen provides. The instructions only mention removing the rear trim, nothing about notching them or anything else. After following the directions, i tried to mount the bar with the trim installed...
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    Wanted Whelen Beta Plugs?

    looking for the Plugs for a whelen Beta siren. been trying to find it locally but since Frys has zero stock in componets and the ONE RadioShack has the wrong sizes.
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    Remote Siren w/PA?

    Hey Gents, Who else BESIDES FENIEX, makes a siren thats like the Storm pro Series? What i mean is a remote Amp with PA, but no control panel. I already have empty switches, so i dont need a siren with the controls either build in or on a remote face.

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