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    Wire Gauge ?/Two RV26's/Garage Display

    This is probably not the right forum to start with, but my searches have not yielded the information I am looking for so my apologies if not the right location to ask. I picked up a pair of RV26, red and blue Spitfire lenses, cleaned them up, look great and work great. At another forum...
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    DC Power Supply Needed

    I tried searching but did not find what I am looking for. I recently picked up two Unity RV-26's that I plan on displaying/operating. Looking for a DC power supply and figured I would ask as I am sure someone has done something similar. A current supply I am using on a very old display...
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    Garage Mounting

    I picked up a couple of the rather large Unity RV-26's I plan on mounting in one of my hangars. An old lightbar mount would be great, any alternative ideas? Searched but really couldn't find anything regarding this. Thanks in advance! Marty
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    Hello from IL, (I know)

    I spent many years under Federals and then Streethawks as a P.O. in Springfield. Just came across a very nice set of red and blue Spitfire Unity RV-26's at an antique store. Price was right and they work great.

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