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    How to identify a bad rumbler?

    Long story short, after the whole build was complete, we tested the siren with and without rumbler. It is worth mentioning that it is a V1 rumbler amp we are utilizing. When active, the rumbler emits a clunky-sounding tone. Does anybody have videos of a bad rumbler to compare? Could it be...
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    Heaps of questions for Taurus NYPD install

    I’m trying to go for a very particular setup on a Ford Police Interceptor Sedan. After dropping the front bumper, I can’t find any good position for 2 SA315 Whelen speakers (other than in the grille). Additionally, there is only 1 real pass through on the firewall for wiring. Has anyone here...
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    (NYPD) Help identifying deck lights

    Hi all, this is my first post here. I am a 2014 Ford Interceptor Sedan owner and I noticed the NYPD uses some rear deck lights on the Taurus (particularly unmarked) that they don’t really use on other cars. Any help identifying these would be appreciated. I will go to my local PCT and grab a...

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