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  1. wrights lights llc

    115 Year old former Yonkers Burns in Des Moines

    Downtown Younkers building burns | Local News - KCCI Home
  2. wrights lights llc

    Free Shipping December at Wright's Lights

    Free shipping on all orders of $250.00 or more Wright's Lights LLC Enter code-Free Shipping-at check out.
  3. wrights lights llc

    Feniex Crown Vic *pics and video*

    2009 Ford Crown Victoria almost all Feniex lights. Installed by Wright's Lights LLC in Des Moines Iowa All patterns and split light heads were picked by the customer. Front- Feniex T6 red/amber on push bumper Strobes in corner lights Feniex Pegasus Red with take downs...
  4. wrights lights llc

    Info on a federal sign and signal WG siren

    I am looking for any info on a Federal Sign And Signal WG siren. I just picked one up but cant find any info. Thank you in advance.
  5. wrights lights llc

    "James Bond device may end police pursuits" / Iowa State Patrol Using Star Chase GPS

    'James Bond' device may end police pursuits | Local News - KCCI Home
  6. wrights lights llc

    Feniex T6 issues

    I have had 4or 5 Feniex split color T6's come back with issues. What is happening is they will work for a couple days up to a week or 2. Then my customer will call and say hey, my new lights went haywire. When I get the car back the lights are only half on and have gone out of sink with the...
  7. wrights lights llc

    Iowa State Patrol Unmarked Charger

    Unmarked charger I spotted at the Iowa State Fair.
  8. wrights lights llc

    mud patrol" width="1280" height="720" frameborder="0"></iframe> Upgraded from a home made mini liberty to a Edge 9M Love it
  9. wrights lights llc

    Iowa State Patrol Humvees in action.

    Check out some video of the State Patrol Humvees in action. \Training on Iowa's new fleet of disaster fighters | Local News - KCCI Home
  10. wrights lights llc

    Wrights Lights Sponsored MUD PATROL

  11. wrights lights llc

    2007 chevy impala pov

    This is a 2007 Chevy Impala belongs to a volunteer firefighter. Front Code 3 supervisor Whelen slimmizer star 2 head light by the plate Rear Star deck lights HAW,s and 2 slimlighters to the side It is what he wanted and he is happy
  12. wrights lights llc For the First Responder on a budget.

    Wright's Lights LLC Is your source for new and used emergency equipment and lighting. We offer good new and used brand name items for the First Responder on a budget. We offer Red and Blue Lights for Police and Fire departments as well as Amber for construction, towing, snow plows, and...
  13. wrights lights llc

    Automatic licence plate recognition system

    So this morning I was next to a new Des Moines police ford sedan at a stop light and next to his lightbar were 4 licence plate scanners. One on each corner of the bar. I figured mabie they got one or two to test. But since this morning I have seen at least 3. 2 Were on new sedans and one was on...
  14. wrights lights llc

    Hello for IOWA

    My name is Jason. I live in Iowa. What I do I am a full time tow truck driver as well as a towmate wireless towlight dealer. On the side I Buy and sell new and used emergency equipment, and do funeral escorts. I know funeral escorts dont get alot of respect on here but dont judge every one buy...
  15. wrights lights llc

    2003 Chevy Trail Blazer.


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