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  1. CamaroGuy

    For Sale Austin Electronics / Whelen Advantedge mini

    Whelen / Austin electronics strobe Advantedge mini. The bar is in 9.5/10 condition. Lenses are in near perfect shape. There is a small stress crack near one of the top end cap screws. Never been mounted with all of the bolts still in the bag sealed. Has the original box. Had a cracked...
  2. CamaroGuy

    Positive Positive buy from Tsquale

    Tony hooked me up on a bar. Great packing, price and great updates during the process. Would gladly buy from again. Thanks Tony!
  3. CamaroGuy

    Wanted Whelen Advantedge parts

    I’m working on a project bar and I need 2 blue rotator filters for the deep dish rotators. The black center section that says Whelen. 2 internal flasher assembly’s A red and a blue lens section to go in front of the flasher. If you have anything let me know. Thanks!
  4. CamaroGuy

    SOLD - 14 Strobe Whelen 9M with Strobe Traffic Advisor

    This is a very cool lightbar. Most strobe bars are 4,6 or 8 strobe bars. This bar has the very hard to find 6 strobe traffic advisor. With 14 total strobes and freedom led takedowns. The cord was cut very short but was spliced in to. Simple fix. Lenses are in very nice shape. 50" long. This...
  5. CamaroGuy

    For Sale Whelen Freedom Amber modules

    Very nice pair of Whelen freedom modules. Double stack leds. Amber in color. We're red but were professionally converted to Amber with new leds by Wilson LED Services in Nov. 2016. Hardly used since. Extra harness that I used to hook them into factory 9m flasher wire harness included. No mods to...
  6. CamaroGuy

    Code 3 SD

    So I traded a amber mx7000 for this code 3 SD bar last night. Motor says 77 on it. The speaker grille has smaller slots like a twinsonic does. However the screws that hold it on are in the correct location. Anyways it works good. Does have some dents dings and scuffs but I havnt seen...
  7. CamaroGuy

    No Longer Available - Twinsonic Model 12 Red

    Good working model 12. Has some small dents and dings. The domes have some scuffs but no cracks or crazing. Has a TS100 speaker inside. Missing 3 machine screws. In great shape and displays very nice! No longer available.
  8. CamaroGuy

    Aerotwin 25RWL

    I bought a pair of aero twin wrecker bars with no domes and needing some parts. I swapped my RWLI domes onto the RWL. Works and looks great! Mirrors need replaced but I'm not too worried about it right now. The second RWL works great but needs one cascade mirror, bulk head and domes. If...
  9. CamaroGuy

    Smith and Wesson 8884

    I recently picked this up. It was filthy and didn't work. Fixed several corroded ground wires and a bad motor. The blue dome could use a little more polishing but it looks great! Most of these bars I've seen have square take downs. This one has round bulbs. Red done has EEC. Speaker cover...
  10. CamaroGuy

    Five-O light Sold

    Neat little light. Mag mount with a cut cord. Few small blemishes but doesn't affect the light at all. Works great and is very quiet. You can use colored film for stage lighting and slide it between the 2 clear lens layers to change the color of the light. This one was originally Red / White...
  11. CamaroGuy

    SOLD Aerodynic model 22

    Nice aerodynic mini bar. 2 slow rotors with 2 front facing 4144 flashers. 537 can flasher. Long cable and mounting feet. Good domes. $180 shipped lower 48
  12. CamaroGuy

    Wanted ISO Amber Vector domes.

    Hey guys, Im looking for 4-5 amber vector domes for a bar im looking to put into service. Any help would be great. Thanks -Matt
  13. CamaroGuy

    Positive ACKLOVER

    Ive sold several lights and bought a few from Harris. Hes a stand up guy and i would recommend him to anyone! Thanks Buddy
  14. CamaroGuy

    Positive Vista1

    Sold Vista1 a blue filter for an lp6000. smooth transaction would be glad to do buiz again!
  15. CamaroGuy

    Positive U387962

    Ive done dealing with Jason a few times. Great buyer and a good guy to chat with.
  16. CamaroGuy

    For Sale Twin sonic and aerodynamic parts for sale

    i have some spare parts that I need to get out of my way. All prices plus shipping! Twinsonic: Pair of 12x mirrors and plates in good shape. $20 per side Bulb holders in good shape just dirty. $20 each Twinsonic chains $10 per set. - SOLD Aerodynic: Model 22 frame and bulk head $30 -...
  17. CamaroGuy

    Aerodynic 10 rotor dome config - Share your pics!

    Alright guys so I recently picked up an amber model 25 for my collection. Ive always wanted one of them and Im not for sure when federal signal is going to stop selling new domes but as far as I know right now they can still be ordered. SO I have been crunching different combos in my head...
  18. CamaroGuy

    Yesterdays federal signal haul

    A buddy of mine contacted me earlier this week telling me a neighboring fire Dept had a few lights in storage they weren't using. He asked the chief if he would sell them, the chief gave the go ahead. Fast forward to yesterday, I met my friend and was pleased to see the bars he brought me...
  19. CamaroGuy

    For Sale Aerodynic Model 25RQL - Price drop

    Here is possibly one of the cleanest, unmolested aerodynics you will find. 4 rotor model with 2 standard and 2 fast. Insides of the bar are in great shape. The 2 center rotor plates have some corrosion but works flawlessly. Other than that the domes are a 9-9.5 out of 10. No crazing or gouges or...
  20. CamaroGuy

    SOLD!! Federal Signal FireHawk

    Up for grabs is a hard to find FireHawk lightbar with the red base. It has 2 fast motors and 1 standard center motor and alley lights. I have only seen a few FireHawks with such a low amount of options. This bar is 9 of 10 easy. The center rotator mirror has cracking behind the bulb and the...
  21. CamaroGuy

    SOLD SVP 1168 Pancake light

    Awesome pancake light from SVP. Works great with a cigarette lighter plug. Has a 75w halogen bulb. Sturdy magnet mount for on scene warning. Excellent 360" degree warning! Dome is in great shape. $40 plus shipping!
  22. CamaroGuy

    Five-0 dash light

    So today I picked up some smaller lights, unknown mini bar, code 3 dash laser, SVP 1168 pancake and then a Five-0 dash light. I cant find any info on them. Anyone have one or know much about them? Thanks
  23. CamaroGuy

    Positive Kerry4951

    Great guy to deal with! Great communication, I would be happy to do business with again!
  24. CamaroGuy

    SOLD! Whelen 994PA beacon

    Im selling my Whelen 994PA beacon (AKA Bertha - Named after the tanker truck it was mounted on). This beacon is extremely clean inside and out. there are a few small surface rust spots that would clean up easily. There are no dents in the skirt. Comes with the rubber roof gasket and...
  25. CamaroGuy

    For Sale FS TS200 speaker

    200w in good shape. Bell had a crack but has been glued back on. $100 shipped lower 48
  26. CamaroGuy

    For Sale FS TS100 speaker

    100w speaker. In great condition when removed from light. Worked when removed from truck but will test before sale. $80 shipped lower 48 states
  27. CamaroGuy

    For Sale Deitz 7-50 lolly pop beacon

    Good shape beacon that has nice red lenses and the chrome is in good shape. Could be polished up. Works fine. $40 obo plus shipping
  28. CamaroGuy

    Whelen 994 PA value question

    Picked this up today and was curious of the value. It has a few small surface rust spots on the chrome but the dome has no crazing or cracks, quiet motor and the original speaker still in it!
  29. CamaroGuy

    Positive Awesome Transaction with EX416

    Ken did a great job describing the condition of the yankee lens i bought from him. He packed it so well that even with the post office's attempt to destroy the box, the lens still arrived unscathed. So I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Ken. I will look forward to our next...
  30. CamaroGuy

    Positive Pete L. is a great guy!

    Bought a MX lens from Pete for a local FD. Pete was fast to ship and a great guy to deal with. Appreciate it!

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