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  1. lenny77

    A.Z tow truck grab..

    Got this code3 traffic buster today from a friend who builds tow trucks. Told me it came of an 1988 gmc twin boom from A.Z he needed the body so he gave up the light. It uses the same domes as the S/D easily 9/10...
  2. lenny77

    Code3 sd when??

    Hello everyone, looking to see if anyone can nail down the first year of the sd lightbar. We're talking the most vintage style of sd. Thank you.
  3. lenny77

    quad vs twin

    just trying to see if the 4 bulb holder i made would fit in the twin. only issue is the dome slopes in unlike the aero. catching the bulb retaining frames on the dome. i can try and set the holders tighter by grinding off some of the ring. but thats a job for another day.
  4. lenny77


    just messing around to see if it was even possible. once i get the rest of the parts i guess it will be an octodynic not counting the flashers ofcorse.
  5. lenny77

    Wanted code3 sd rotators

    looking for 4 individual sd/xl rotators the off set style gen 2 with the wire bulb holders. please let me know what ya got..
  6. lenny77

    Wanted whelen dual dashmaster

    looking for a dual dashmaster in halogen with the fast flash rate any color will do. please let me what ya got
  7. lenny77

    14 bulb code3 sd dual stinger

    thought i give this a try seeing how im not running a speaker there, going to cut the grille and fill with clear window. just fitting for clearance of course I'll be running dual stingers making this bar 14 par 36 bulbs.. .. all done.. one hell of a show almost gets a roto-ray pattern..
  8. lenny77

    aerotwin setup for com. center

    just checking to see if this shade of green looks good or not. thoughts.. comments.
  9. lenny77

    colored gel sheets

    got bored with my all clear areo so i dug out some gel sheets turns out blue 69 is dam close to stock fed blue, plus a lil different look. got some ideas in the works..
  10. lenny77

    Wanted par 36 strobe head

    looking to buy two clear par 36 strobes. let me know what ya got..
  11. lenny77

    latest aero grab

    picked this up not knowing what it was, all i was told was it came from a 1983 ford van that was bought it a lot deal. New owner thew it on the side for me. mite set a new pattern once i pull apart for cleaning. just running a test to see if all is good.
  12. lenny77

    vintage whelen recreation ideas

    picked up this whelen 90h shell totally gutted. was toying with putting in four vision internals with full controls. but open to hear any and all ideas. (anything but led) strobe or any brand halogen maybe both.. lets hear what ya got. already have the two factory version of that bar that i...
  13. lenny77

    4 outlet flasher

    looking for a flasher that can flash in order outlet 1then2then3then4 not alt. its for a setup of 4 par 46 rear deck lights. set as driver-s R/A pas-s A/B. i want d/s R then p/s B then d/s A then p/s A. any help would be greatly appreciated. Lenny
  14. lenny77

    72 " aero with tcl and strobes

    had a little time to play tonight so i set my sights on a new edition this all light 72 inch aero, i reversed two rotators on each side and added the par 36 strobes to the ends. just wanted try somthing different.
  15. lenny77

    For Sale 72 inch aerodynic

    today were selling a 72 inch aerodynic candycane chrome is nearly perfect, domes could use a polish to shine its a lil dusty from storage. it has 6 independent rotators front and rear par36 flashers. looking to get 225 plus the ride.
  16. lenny77

    24QX suprise

    two days ago i picked up a twin12x along came with it i was told was a r/c aero, assuming candy run of the mill. well just delivered to me (by f.d pickup) shhhh.. was this 24QX with correct quarts bulbs and odd as can be config. cant wait to see how i can get that full side of clear to shine...
  17. lenny77

    twinsonic 12x half ready

    must be x mirror day... grabbed this 12x along with a aerotwin x candycane. quick video of one dome polished and the other showing the way i got it. was told it came off a vollys bronco and left in a f.d storage shed, that was in 1988 bar fired rite up still running blue /clear bulbs. not my...
  18. lenny77

    Wanted nos clear model 14

    ok today im looking for a nos or close clear model 14 dome any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance Lenny
  19. lenny77

    cal spec model 14

    got 3 14's in today "take those pos i know there no good" 2 are turn'n and burn'n r/b and one did have a shot motor, so.... cal-14 is born going clear with red up front amber facing rear.
  20. lenny77

    RxR twinsonic

    ok this is a first for me.. thought i had pulled twins off of every type of vehicle. guess not.... wonder how you pull off a pit if your on tracks... hummm
  21. lenny77

    best of blue and amber..

    lets try to keep this as pure as possible.. blue and amber, show us what ya got.. I'll kick it off with this slickstick.
  22. lenny77

    mx7k split color

    stumbled across this pic. never knew this was even an option.
  23. lenny77

    aero questions..

    what is the correct tag # if there is one for the aerodynic with 10 par 36 4 front 4 rear outboard plus ally with only 4 sync rotators total. or was this just a popular field udgrade? to tell the truth I've never seen one in service just movies and t.v and we all know how that goes. side note...
  24. lenny77

    mini xl vs mini xl

    here we have a mini xl 9000 vs a 5000 loves these xl domes with the gray strip on top so easy to split colors... still needs some amber or clear end caps. they will display as 2x 9000 and 2x 5000 red and blue one of each. have one more mini 9k to finish but thats going clear with nos lens i...
  25. lenny77

    500 watt par 36

    this is new to me 500 watt par 36 bulbs, was told there for aircraft foward landing gear lights. so tempted to put one in a stinger. and possibly melt a hole right thru the dome... if i can find the site i will post a link..
  26. lenny77

    fully loaded snowhawk

    if a black frame is a streethawk and a red is firehawk, then my white shall be snowhawk.. lil R thingy. Now never been a hawk fan but i like the white and you cant beat output.. upper has dynarays 4 rot 2 fast 2 slow and center oscillating big reflector 100watt. (best osc i think)...
  27. lenny77

    new ideas

    this is a must on my list now.. 28 blub xl 72 inch thats 8 rotators with tripple beams and 4 forward facing stingers. amp math anyone??? thats plus 12 motors and 28 par 36 bulbs. I'm pretty sure i can hook up to the sub station down the block...
  28. lenny77

    code 3 sd 12 beam

    She's all cleaned up and ready to roll.. only draw back is having to step up the polaras electrical system. amp thirsty to say the least. it has clear windows on both domes so i can use colored filters or bulbs to change and custom cut diamond mirror vs the v to the front only. working on custom...
  29. lenny77

    odd aero

    cant beat a sweet free aero with delivery on the 4th.. odd color config i think, also there is a garden state parkway token glued in the frame. ???? just did a very quick hand compound on end red and amber.
  30. lenny77

    Twinsonic 12F Lenny Scored

    just got a new to me 12F twin, junk yard score my only problem (if you want to call it that) its to clean ..... nothing needed other then 2 bulbs. it was like getting art buy and hang up. I come to find i enjoy the rehab curse words and all.. on a side note set up as all clear, flashers and...

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