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    For Sale 911EP TDWL24

    Bump.. price drop to $125 SHIPPED
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    911EP TDWL24

    Hello, Selling a 911EP TDWL24 Amber bar with Red & Blue ends. Price includes shipping & will ship anywhere to the lower 48 US States via USPS.
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    For Sale 911EP TDWL24

    scruffythewild submitted a new listing: 911EP TDWL24 - Amber bar with red and blue flashing ends Read more about this listing...
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    Motorola Remote Head XTL2500

    Hello, I am selling a mint Motorola remote head XTL2500 UHF 1. Listing includes the following: (1) Remote head w bracket (1) UHF Brain (1) Mic w bracket (1) Master Brain power cable (1) Speaker w bracket (1) Remote Head to Brain Cable (1) Remote Head power cable This listing includes...
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    For Sale Motorola Remote Head XTL2500

    scruffythewild submitted a new listing: Motorola Remote Head XTL2500 - $460 - Mint Remote Head XTL2500 Read more about this listing...
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    VHF Motorola XTS2500

    Hello, I am selling a used VHF Motorola XTS 2500 model 1.5 in great condition for $250 shipped Listing includes the following: Motorola VHF XTS 2500 Belt Clip Battery Stubby antenna Full length antenna OEM Impres Charger Charger Cable Note: In picture radio has short channel selector knob...
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    For Sale VHF Motorola XTS2500

    scruffythewild submitted a new listing: VHF Motorola XTS2500 - Good Condition Read more about this listing...
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    Wanted Whelen ULF 22/44

    Hello, I am looking to purchase either a Whelen ULF 22 or 44. Either will work. Thanks, Rob
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    For Sale **PRICE DROP** Motorola PM1500 UHF **DUAL HEAD**

    Hello, I have, for sale, a UHF dual head Motorola PM1500. I am looking for $575 Shipped OBO. Included is the following: (1) UHF PM1500 Brain (With power cable) (2) PM1500 Remote Control Heads (Only 1 has the power cable & Remote head to brain cable) (1) Control Head Mounting Bracket for Remote...
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    Help Finding Switch

    Wow, Thanks for the help!! Much appreciated!!
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    Help Finding Switch

    It was a pierce manufactured in 1994, while that is an option, I would rather not take up their time attempting to find a switch they used almost 25 years ago. Im just looking to see if there is a generic term for this type of switch, not necessarily detailed part numbers.
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    Help Finding Switch

    Hello, Looking for some help finding a switch, it is most definitely a carling switch but after that I am lost. On the ladder truck we have, our light switches are all single pole on/off, three position switches, with the middle being neutral. If the truck was off and someone played with the...
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    **SOLD**Motorola XTS5000R [YELLOW] **MINT**

    Hello, I am selling a yellow Motorola XTS5000R, this is a UHF model, 450-512 public safety split. Included in the listing is the following: (1) Motorola XTS5000R (1) Motorola Speaker Mic (1) Motorola Antenna (1) Motorola Battery (1) Motorola Dust Cover (1) Motorola XTS Case The only "issue"...
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    NIB Whelen Blue/Blue Avengers

    Still for Sale? Brackets & Shield?
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    Pair of Whelen Single Talons (Blue)

    Do they both come with brackets? or as pictured?
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    Hi, I am selling a green/white Able 2 Sho Me dash light. It has a flashback shield, I can also include a cigarette plug free of charge. No returns, looking for $50 shipped. Thanks!

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