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  1. Chief2Installer

    For Sale Whelen Cencom Sapphire - Fantastic Used Cond.

    1 used Whelen Cencom Sapphire with control head and all wiring harnesses. Lots of wire to work with on all terminals. Just pulled from service and working great. Unit was installed 2.5 years ago when this vehicles Cencom gold unit stopped working. Retirement of the vehicle makes this unit...
  2. Chief2Installer

    For Sale Whelen Alpha 12Q - Remote Siren Module - Rare!

    I have (3) Whelen Alpha 12Q remote siren modules. All units are in good condition and are working perfectly! All 3 units have the original and infamous Q (executor) siren tone that received lots of attention and was later replaced by a altered version of a mechanical siren tone known today as...
  3. Chief2Installer

    For Sale SOUNDOFF - Intersectors Red & Blue for parts - make offer!

    Have a mish-mash of Soundoff Intersector modules available. 2 inline flashers to go along with them. and misc mounting adapters as shown in photo. I didn't have the time to test all of them, however, these are all either RED or BLUE and most that I did test were working. selling these as is...
  4. Chief2Installer

    For Sale 4 Whelen Vertex Twist Locks (2 Red - 2 Blue)

    4 x Tested and working Whelen Vertex Twist Lock's. great shape and lots of wire left on pigtails. 2 RED & 2 BLUE $175.00 for all 4 (Includes Shipping)
  5. Chief2Installer

    For Sale R/B Soundoff Predator 2 single surface mount modules

    One pair of used SOUNDOFF Predator II single head surface-mount modules. tested and working perfectly, also in good cosmetic shape! 1 Red & 1 Blue They come with "L" brackets and sufficient pigtails of wire. $125.00 for pair (Includes shipping)
  6. Chief2Installer

    For Sale R/B Whelen Interceptor Utility - LED Fog Inserts

    1 pair of Whelen Ford Interceptor Utility LED inserts 1 RED & 1 BLUE Each insert has a vertex style inline flasher. $120.00 for the pair (includes shipping)
  7. Chief2Installer

    For Sale Whelen Universal Mount ION's (8 Blue & 3 Red)

    Cleaning out my install shop... Found a box of used universal mount ION's all have been tested, are in good shape and are working perfectly. The lenses are all clear and clean! 8 Blue and 3 Red, 2 have grommet mounts. rest do not have any mounts but do come with screws. MFG dates range from...
  8. Chief2Installer


    2 x Soundoff Predator LED dual side by side Red/Blue surface-mount modules. Good shape, clean lenses, and bezels. $60.00 for the pair (includes shipping)
  9. Chief2Installer

    For Sale 4 x Whelen 700 Series Super LED's 1/2 Red - 1/2 Blue w/ clear lenses

    1/2 Red, 1/2 Blue, Side By Side with Clear Outer Lens with 20 Scan-Lock™ Flash Patterns and Independent On/Off Control of Each Side. Lenses and modules were mfg 2013 and are in excellent operating and cosmetic condition. Very little hours and lenses are still crystal clear! lots of wire left on...
  10. Chief2Installer

    For Sale Whelen 500 Linear Super LED Modules (2) - BLUE

    2 lightly used and in excellent shape Whelen 500 Series BLUE Linear 6 LED modules. No housings - full-length wire pigtails with amp connectors installed. $90.00 for the pair (Includes Shipping)
  11. Chief2Installer

    For Sale Soundoff - Pinnacle Interior Lightbar R/B w/ Takedowns

    Soundoff Pinnacle Interior Lightbar - R/R/R/W/W/B/B/B Lightbar was purchased for a build and then the plans changed and a full exterior lightbar was added instead. Has been sitting in storage since and its time someone can put it to better use than collecting dust... Item is missing the main...
  12. Chief2Installer

    For Sale 6 ‘RED’ Axixtech (6 LED) Surface Mount Modules. [Deleted]

    Chief2Installer submitted a new listing: 6 ‘RED’ Axixtech (6 LED) Surface Mount Modules. - Used modules, working, just removed from service. Read more about this listing...
  13. Chief2Installer

    For Sale Carson SA-441M Remote Dual Tone 200 Watt Siren - Mechanical Version [Deleted]

    Chief2Installer submitted a new listing: Carson SA-441M Remote Dual Tone 200 Watt Siren - Mechanical Version - Sounds fantastic and works great! Just removed from service in operating condition. Read more about this listing...
  14. Chief2Installer

    For Sale Whelen - Alpha 12 Q (MAKE OFFER) 2 Units Available

    Chief2Installer submitted a new listing: Whelen - Alpha 12 Q - Used - Works Great! Read more about this listing...

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