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  1. NFD-102

    HHS USB Type

    What is the exact type of USB for the new HHS 3200? I went to plug in the one I have for my carbide but it doesn’t fit. I also tried a couple of printer cables.
  2. NFD-102

    Cencom Issue

    I am having a problem with my cencom gold. Everything is working except for the lights. I haven’t changed anything and it’s been working without issue for 8 years. Everything on connector D isn’t working so when I hit the slide switch, nothing goes on and if I hit the individual buttons...
  3. NFD-102

    Whelen trio question

    so I'm trying to get the patterns working to what I want on a pair of Whelen trios. So I have two and while the red is on on one I want the other to be white and when the red goes off I want it to be white and the one that was white I want it to be blue. So I started getting closer to what I...
  4. NFD-102

    Wanted Whelen Ions, LP bracket

    Whelen Ion multi-mount Blue - 2 Whelen Ion LP
  5. NFD-102

    Wanted Cairns n5a or n6a

    Hey guys, I was recently elected chief for my fire company and I'm in the market for a leather cairns. I have a Paul Conway currently but I guess you can't paint them. So I'm looking for a cairns leather that I can paint white and then in a year paint black again. Cairns New Yorker or Sam...
  6. NFD-102

    Strobesnmore E6 mini's red and red/white

    Up for sale a have two red and two red/white Strobesnmore E6 mini's. They come with L-brackets. Two are new in the box and two are new out of the box tested. I'll sell them for $75/pair shipped or $130/all 4 shipped. If you don't like the price please send an offer.
  7. NFD-102

    Whelen Dominator or (2) Avengers Red or R/A

    I have a friend who is looking for lights for the rear of his Tahoe.  A Whelen Dominator D8 is preferred in Red/Amber.  It needs to be the warning bar, not the traffic advisor.  Also needs to be less than $200. Options: (2) Whelen Sync Dual Avengers Red/Amber or R/R and A/A (2) Whelen Single...
  8. NFD-102

    CT State Police Investigate Fake Emergency Dispatch Calls

    This has been happening for the last couple of weeks in Litchfield County, CT. I was at the firehouse the other night and heard the Watertown incident. Its interesting to check out however. Have any of you guys had this issue in the past? We are probably going to send two officers or an...
  9. NFD-102

    Side window lights

    I am in a little bit of a predicament right now with some side warning lights for my side windows. I had SoundOff ghosts in there that worked perfectly but my chief wanted me to change the color. So the original ghosts were split red/blue that weren't too bad going through 5% tint. Now here...
  10. NFD-102

    MVA entrapment, serious injuries

    I went on this MVA today at will show the rest. It came in as an MVA rollover with entrapment. Update from CSP was car vs. pole with serious injuries and entrapment. We arrived and found the car split in two. Just behind the B post on the passengers side is where the pole...
  11. NFD-102

    CT State Police Charger

    This is all I have so far of the new Connecticut State Police Charger's. I will work on getting a video at some point.
  12. NFD-102

    Which new police vehicles , Ford, Dodge, and Chevy are in your area?

    I noticed that a lot of departments in Connecticut are going with the new Fords. Both the sedan and the SUV. Then next behind it is the chargers. I have not seen a single Chevy Caprice yet in this state. I stick to mostly the western side of the state but its still a fairly large area. I...
  13. NFD-102

    Cencom Gold Issue

    I having a little problem with my Cencom gold and I was wondering if anyone has ever had the problem before. One of the 20 Amp wires and 2 of the smaller 10 amp wires that come out of the main unit of the cencom seem very touchy. Sometimes they work sometimes they don't. They wont work and...
  14. NFD-102

    Programming transfer problem in HHS2200

    I am trying to program my friends Whelen HHS2200. I downloaded the program onto my computer straight from the whelen website this past weekend. I set it all up to, saved it, and went to transfer it but for some reason nothing is happening. I plugged my computer into the brain of the HHS2200...
  15. NFD-102

    hhs2100 question

    why is my Whelen hhs2100 not turning on. I have two 8 gage wires run to positive battery, two 10 gage wires run, one positive, one ground. The backligjting is hooked up. What am I missing
  16. NFD-102

    BMW 3 Series Install help

    Hey guys, I am doing an install on a 2010 BMW 3 series x drive in two weeks. I haven't really had a chance to look at the firewall yet. Has anyone done one yet and where did you go through on the firewall. Any pointers that will help me out will be appreciated. Luckily the battery is in...
  17. NFD-102

    Our Personal Fire/EMS Fleets

    I started this thread so that you guys can post pictures of your fleet and firehouses. I think it would be cool to see the different types of apparatus we all have, plus it might help when it comes to buying new ones. So I will start it off with my company in Northfield, CT. Northfield E-1...
  18. NFD-102

    Does anyone know anything about the whelen duo TA's

    Does anyone know anything about the new Whelen Duo color Traffic Advisor. I was thinking about the six head. I want to know prices and what you think of them. I'm looking for a red/blue and amber one.
  19. NFD-102

    Is 2009 Rear Charger Inner Edge the Same size as a 2012

    Like the title says, if I were to buy an inner edge for the rear deck of my charger which is a 2009. Will the same model Inner Edge fit in the 2012 charger. Online I see when buying them that most places require your year. But are they really different? They all seem to be the same size.
  20. NFD-102

    Atlantic City EMS

    I didn't know that EMS ran Red/Blue in NJ. I snapped this quick picture on the way out of the hotel I was staying at. I will work on uploading the video.
  21. NFD-102

    2012 Charger Rear Lights question

    Has anyone put rear lights on a 2012 Dodge Charger with a spoiler. Windows will be tinted at 20% but I'm not sure where to put the lights. If I put them in the rear deck they will have to be up pretty high. Would Whelen Ion's work on the rear trunk lid and be low enough to go under the...
  22. NFD-102

    Chevy Tahoe Police unknown location

    Just found this on the tube...I like it. Reminds me of the feds
  23. NFD-102

    White Par36 LED WigWags/Foglights for Charger???

    Hey guys, I have a question that I have been wondering about for a while now. Connecticut has some laws that are kind of a pain in the ass but, I do have a red/white/siren permit as an officer. The normal blue light permit as an officer only allows all blue unless you have a special headlight...
  24. NFD-102

    Need help with the Whelen SCM85 wiring (connectors)

    I was wondering how to remove the amp connectors on the whelen SCM85. According to past posts I need to switch the positive and ground wires to hook up to the Whelen TACTLD1 Controller. I don't want to rip them or cut them so that I have to buy new ones. I just one to take them out and and...
  25. NFD-102

    Whelen M2 VS. M4 which is best

    Does anyone have any videos from about 100 ft away of whelen m2's and whelen m4's and the off axix lighting. I'm torn between which model I want to get. Their prices are so close that it has made it even harder. I have had good luck with the 400 series in the past but the M2 has caught my...
  26. NFD-102

    has anyone used a vhf window mount antenna

    I know a lot of you are going to say just use the whip but I don't like it. I don't want an ugly antenna mounted on the car. Has anyone ever used a vhf window mount antenna. I checked out antennafarm and they have a six inch one made by larsen for $100. It's the Larsen KGFFREQUDPL3. What do...
  27. NFD-102

    Hartford's Mayor, unmarked crown vic with red/blues

    Has anyone seen Hartford, CT's Mayors cars? He has two unmarked crown vics with several security guards. This is the closest picture I took of this vehicle. The lights that he had appeared to be all whelen and they were all on steady burn. The rear window lightbar appeared to be an...
  28. NFD-102

    What not to do on your unmarked police car

    I saw this "unmarked charger" today online from the Louisville Metro Police Department. I think it looks terrible. I don't have a video for it but I think the picture tells the story.
  29. NFD-102

    Cencom Switch 8 Button

    I just installed my cencom gold and have a question about isolated relay switch button 8. There are 3 wires for the button and I'm not sure which one to use. I want it to act like all of the other push buttons below it. It will be running my 4 hideaway LED's in the taillights. I hooked it up...
  30. NFD-102

    Can you sync nonsync lights with an LED Flasher

    I was wondering if you can sync regular single avengers/spitfires/talons if you put the flashpattern to steady burn and then hook them up to a whelen LED flasher? I have heard several rumors from people that this works but I want to know if its true.

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