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  1. C17LVFD

    Different "Mechanical" Whelen tones

    I had my Executor wired without a control head. Can’t remember if they were positive or negative triggers but I did run it through a SS2000 with touchscreen. Pretty sure positive because I had to use additional relays to negatively trigger the Sc1022 triggers when I had that. Good luck, Seth
  2. C17LVFD

    Arjent Question

    If all the modules are separately wired with three wires going to each modules vs all lightheads being mounted and soldered on a giant circuit board, you can rewrite it to not use the SIB. Since I can’t see the rest of the bar, unknown if it’s possible.
  3. C17LVFD

    1993 Caprice 9C1, Just retired Restoration thread

    Once upon a time, I used to drive a 1996 9C1 as a Paramedic chase car. Many good memories. Always wanted to restore one back to that time period. Maybe one day, but for now will look forward to seeing what you do with this one! Good Luck! Seth
  4. C17LVFD

    VW Golf Upfit Questions

    Foreign vehicles are always fun to work on. Good luck with it. Plan on twice as much time as you’d normally allocate as there never thought out into lighting needs for people. Looks like vertexs or cannons or something of the like in the mirrors. You’ll need to pull apart a mirror and figure it...
  5. C17LVFD

    Polk County, Fl Deputy Sheriff Christopher James Broadhead (EOW: 08-23-2021)

    May he Rest In Peace. I’m sorry for your loss CS. Seth
  6. C17LVFD

    Wanted UHF Minitor II pager

    Find a 450 monitor II on eBay and contact Gerry. He’s likely the best bet to get it setup. If you can’t find any on eBay. Maybe worth reaching out to Gerry anyway as he may still have some. Good luck, Seth
  7. C17LVFD

    Wire Gauge ?/Two RV26's/Garage Display

    By my calculations based on 2 100w lamps per light, you’re already over your 30a PS. I’d factor 22.5a per light which gives a little fudge factor room especially if a light had an issue and starts pulling more current. 8.3a per bulb. Motors are usually 1.5-2a in my experience. You maybe able...
  8. C17LVFD

    PA Firefighter Tom Royds

    May he Rest In Peace.
  9. C17LVFD

    2017 F150 Cencom Core install. Where to mount?

    From my experience most pickups have very minimal options for installations. Some may have space behind the second seats on the back wall but under the second seats is consistently the most straight forward when doing an entire upfit. If ur worried about cargo space a cover for the bed maybe a...
  10. C17LVFD

    Whelen X-ecutor Manual wanted

    Copy. Pretty sure they’re 12v triggers but I always start with putting triggers to ground first, then 12v. Also if u blow it up MTNMAN maybe able to bring it back to life. He’s a wealth of knowledge and repair on sirens.
  11. C17LVFD

    Whelen X-ecutor Manual wanted

    Pretty sure you can wire directly. Check around YouTube for some videos. There was one at one time that everything was wired by switches. I had a xecutor-1 at one point that was run off switches. Seth
  12. C17LVFD

    Fire Station Alert Tone

    I don’t but it’s pretty easy to take a .wave or. MP3 and have it triggered to play on the PA system when the quik call is triggered. Just need a wav or MP3 player that has triggers.
  13. C17LVFD

    Thoughts on the Motorola SL3500e ?

    Not made for public safety use. Get a used XTS-5000, about the same price on the used market and has withstood the test of time. Seth
  14. C17LVFD

    Wanted Need D-Tech R/B Rotators

    Pretty sure I have both styles here. Was going to build a awesome fully loaded d-tech but may just strip em as Im not getting time these days. I’ll report back what I have. thanks Seth
  15. C17LVFD

    Strobe Wire for LED Retrofit

    In my experience most has been 18g unless your getting knock off strobes. Pretty sure both Whelen and FS cable was 18g. Thanks, Seth
  16. C17LVFD

    SS200SM Configurator

    Better bet is to only hook up one 100 watt speaker and hook up the second speaker to a second siren for dual tone capabilities...
  17. C17LVFD

    Trying to change flash patterns on Whelen CenCom Carbide

    Looks like micro USB to me. I believe the software is the Whelen Command software. Good Luck, Seth
  18. C17LVFD

    Slimiser sync

    I’ve done this. Cut out the flasher and you can direct wire the tir6’s to any 12v flasher. I ran a tir6 slimlighter synced to a D8 all running off a ulf44. Hope this helps. I don’t believe the internal flasher has anywhere that you can solder in a sync wire. Good Luck, Seth
  19. C17LVFD

    Positive Great Transaction with tsquale!

    I purchased Tony's D-Tech bar from him. Great communication, and kept me informed. Tracking was sent promptly. Bar arrived in GREAT condition. Packing was above and beyond to make sure it got to me safely! THANK YOU TONY! Seth
  20. C17LVFD

    Positive (+) sale to C17LVFD

    Thanks Tony! Looking forward to getting it here:)
  21. C17LVFD

    Streethawk Project

    Honestly I don’t think it’s an international version. I think someone put in relays so they could use low current switching in the vehicle vs needing high current switches to run the bar. Seth
  22. C17LVFD

    EQ2B worth it?

    Not necessarily. The 12q/22q are unicorns that seek a pretty penny. Recently I saw a 12q sell for 400. Carsons mechanical tone is decent and from my standpoint much better than Whelen’s current mechanical tone. You could easily get a dual tone mechanical tone Carson for the used price of a...
  23. C17LVFD

    Siren Testing

    I run a little night light bulb inline on the positive lead. Usually a 3 or 5 watt bulb works great. I actually have a dedicated stereo speaker pre-wired for just such testing. super easy to do. Good Luck, Seth
  24. C17LVFD

    SS200SM Configurator

    I ran a ss2000 touchscreen in my Acura TL once upon a time. Worked well! I have the software however I’m not sure about copyrights and sharing it as it was purchased. I have since sold the adapter/interface adapter. Does anyone know about the protocol or if there was anything special about...
  25. C17LVFD

    Air horn mounting location

    I like it! You’ve got the air capacity which is always my biggest concern especially on FD rigs... someone gets happy with an air horn and all of a sudden you don’t have air left for your brakes. Not the case here best I can tell. I think they compliment each other and give some additional...
  26. C17LVFD

    Air horn mounting location

    If you’ve got a good dual tone, run with it. I’d like to hear what they sound like together if u have the ability to upload a video. Seth
  27. C17LVFD

    Positive (+) FusionWolf

    Bought a set of Whelen LED inserts for the Ford Interceptor. Super helpful with great info, quick shipping. Items exactly as described. Exactly what I love to see in a fellow member! Thank You! Seth
  28. C17LVFD

    Air horn mounting location

    My understanding is that dual horn is similar to dual siren speaker which doesn’t add a lot unless you have dual tones... 30gallon air tank is sizeable so as long as it’s not ur air brake tank, it can’t hurt much. Would be curious to know what the differences are in dB. I’ve heard of many fire...
  29. C17LVFD

    Air horn mounting location

    Great Question. Neglected to mention, I got the cap for it... and I made sure to use it every time I drove.... just to make sure it was always working
  30. C17LVFD

    Air horn mounting location

    I mounted a 24” Grover stutter tone on my Tahoe. I mounted it in the frame of the truck under my front passenger seat area which made it easy to route the air line. It was mounted forward with a slight downward angle. It worked amazingly!!! 150psi and people MOVED! Also, only mount a single...

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