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  1. MESDA6

    Trunk & Cargo Storage

    Depending on frequency of use and how quick I need to access stuff, I use the following in my van which has a wide open cargo area.  Quick access stuff like cones, extinguisher, first aid, flashlights, flares etc - 2 cargo trunk organizers that have 3 compartments each and open tops.  Rain...
  2. MESDA6

    Unknown swap meet light?

    I remember seeing these in Amber on the back of every telephone company van on the east coast when I was growing up. Back then, they were fairly effective because you didn't have all of the ambient light and signage distractions along the road like you do now. Now it would look like a candle...
  3. MESDA6

    Unknown swap meet light?

    North American Model BB or similar. 
  4. MESDA6

    Volunteer firefighter arrested for arson in his own protection district.

    This story was also on our local TV news. The newscast indicated that he had only been a member of the department for 2 months. There are comments on some websites indicating he's done this in the past. Makes you wonder if anyone did a background check.
  5. MESDA6

    This One Has Me Baffled

    There is a huge box under the text with the picture. If you are on a mobile device, I don't know how the site displays EBay links on those. Those of us on a PC see a large display box with the picture and several other function buttons that is an EBay widget when an EBay Link is posted. Try...
  6. MESDA6

    This One Has Me Baffled

    I knew it would work when I looked at it. I guess my question is - "Why?" And I think the ultimate answer is, "Because it will work..." :D It sort of reminds me of the old days when the 1/4' microphone plugs were used.
  7. MESDA6

    This One Has Me Baffled

    In the EBay Display box where it says "View and Bid"
  8. MESDA6

    This One Has Me Baffled

    just saw this on EBay. A Whelen cadet with an antenna connector being used for power. Not sure if this belongs to anyone here on the board, but this sort of made me scratch my head. Anyone ever seen this used for 12vdc?
  9. MESDA6

    Light Bar Made in America! What does this mean Exactly?

    It really doesn't matter where it was made if the manufacturer is legitimately following ISO Manufacturing Standards. When the US plant gets a container load of components from an overseas plant, there should be a compliance audit as well as other testing performed to insure compliance with...
  10. MESDA6

    Light Bar Made in America! What does this mean Exactly?

    There are legal requirements surrounding the use of the "Made In USA" label or in advertising. Some night when you have trouble falling asleep, here's some light reading :D Complying with the Made in USA Standard | BCP Business Center
  11. MESDA6

    Craigs List buy

    I think the Fireball II is smaller, but haven't really compared them side by side. The Cadet is much dimmer, as it has a weaker bulb (I forget the specifics but someone here will know.) I tried a Cadet once and immediately returned it for the HotShot.
  12. MESDA6

    Craigs List buy

    This and the Fireball II are still my 2 favorite throw lights, and I still use both in various vehicles. i'm always surprised at how fast people move out of the way for the HotShot given it's size.
  13. MESDA6

    Illinois SP has 85 unused new cars, no upfitters.

    Our local PD has no problem getting vehicles upfitted. My bet is that the upfitters they were using now want payment up front, and there is probably no way to do that in the system. I'm sure some of them probably won't even bid on State work at this point after having invoices held for a year or...
  14. MESDA6

    Rural house fire

    That's the definition of "Rural." Glad she made it out okay.
  15. MESDA6

    We've got us a new winner!

    Any of you guys who are going to FDIC will only be a 20 minute drive up I-65 away, if you want to go visit. :D Edited to add - just so the trip isn't wasted, here's a nearby BBQ place that is one of the best I've been to. I stop here every time I go through Lebanon. Parky's Smokehouse -...
  16. MESDA6

    5.11 quality going down hill?

    They're going to need to know what you were doing in that guard shack that caused the crotch to wear out. :D :eek:
  17. MESDA6

    We've got us a new winner!

    His Business isn't legal entity in Indiana. He reserved the business name but failed to register it. The name reservation expired 7/15/2013. From the Indiana Secretary of State database Name Searched On: JAGGED EMPIRE (Reserved) Current Information Control Number: 2013031800128...
  18. MESDA6

    Anyone have vehicle outlines, drawings, etc?

    They added door handles in 2014.
  19. MESDA6

    Install help. Wiring-switches-the works!

    You might want to re-think having no lights on the rear to keep your vehicle legal, unless you also use a throw light on the roof. Michigan law requires your lights to have 360 degree coverage. Michigan Legislature - Section 257.698
  20. MESDA6

    City Of Waukesha Chiefs Buggy

    I hope the person who approved that can justify it to the city auditors. While it has some nice features, it is waaaay over the top, and blinding. All those lights, yet the lighting is totally ineffective for anything other communicating that there is a big blur moving down the road. Given...
  21. MESDA6

    Can Anyone Identify This Siren?

    Sounds like a Federal PA200 to me. Some of the siren experts will be along to correct me if I'm wrong.
  22. MESDA6

    "F*** the red light"

    His partner is just as bad - he never once cleared an intersection on his side of the vehicle to assist the driver.
  23. MESDA6

    "F*** the red light"

    That ugly-ass tattoo doesn't help his professional credibility either. If he has an on-duty accident, some plaintiff's attorney is going to have a field day with this video.
  24. MESDA6

    Suggestions how to light up a Polaris

    Whatever beacon, minibar, lights, etc you put on it, you need to consider keeping them from being ripped off of the unit by tree limbs since you stated you'd be using it in the woods. Proper guards, mounting below the roll cage, and/or telescoping / retractable poles are a must. Ditch the siren...
  25. MESDA6

    Got Jaws?

    Yup - these were required equipment on an ambulance when I started. There were only 3 or 4 dedicated rescue squads in our county at that time with Hurst tools and specialty rescue equipment. You couldn't always wait for them to arrive. We even carried a straight jacket, but that's a whole...
  26. MESDA6

    Another Nice EBay Grab - UPDATED

    Those flat rate boxes are getting thinner and thinner each time I get some. I no longer use them for anything breakable. It is worth the extra money to pack and ship an item so that it arrives undamaged. Flat Rate is nothing more than a profit maker for the carrier. If glass or fragile plastic...
  27. MESDA6

    T.P. White & Sons Funeral Home

    It looks like a very effective setup as long as the brightness is just a video issue. I do like it when funeral vehicles have some type of lighting to alert other motorists. Makes it much safer for all concerned since the funeral has the right of way in most states.
  28. MESDA6

    Rescue at a Major Houston Apartment Building Fire

    The wall of heat on that top balcony that had to be insane. It looked like he waited as long as he could, but the heat forced him down to the other balcony. I hope he bought a lottery ticket after that.
  29. MESDA6

    Rescue at a Major Houston Apartment Building Fire

    Not my video - found online.

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