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    2019 Tahoe HLF install

    Looking to install a hlf on a retail 19 Tahoe. I see I can connect the headlight wires under the under hood fuse panel. Is there a recommendation on using a whelen or sound off isolated flasher. The older Tahoe had a relay in the panel that isolated the output from BCM.
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    Wanted Whelen Avenger2 Dual Cig Power switch

    Looking for a dual switch whelen avenger 2 power cord. Need the one that turns on mode 1 and mode 2. Thanks
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    Federal signal ford smart siren

    Looking for info on a federal made smart siren for ford crown Vic’s. Has a special ford plug on it and has a ford part number. 5W7J-70443-aa. Tried calling federal and the guy I spoke with said he had nothing and passed me off to crown America which I can’t also find info. Does anyone have...
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    2005 expedition headlight flasher install

    Trying to install one for a fire dept. which side is better to access the headlight wiring. I'm thinking passenger side.
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    Wanted Whelen Avenger Suction cup bracket complete

    Looking for a complete whelen double avenger suction cup bracket. Need the pieces also that attach to the light.
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    Whelen LED heads chrome peeling

    Looking to see what people have done with whelen heads out of warranty where the chrome material flakes off. Got a freedom corner practically all black plastic. Wonder if anyone use a reflective tape to try and restore them somewhat.
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    Wanted Hhs2100 harness

    Looking for an installation kit for a 2100 siren. Have the box and hhch but no harnesses. Thanks
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    Whelen Liberty flasher question

    Did whelen ever make a liberty 48" lightbar with just two small flasher modules in it, instead of a full i/o board with a red/black power wire. Picked up two units at an auction sale and the labels were removed from the base so Im not sure on the models. These are passive led's with 06/07...
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    Wanted Dominator end cap with hole

    Looking for a dominator end cap with hole for wiring. thanks
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    Wanted Havis Trailblazer console

    Looking for a used havis console specific for the trailblazer.  reply via PM. thanks
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    dominator end cap

    Need a dominator end cap prefer with wiring hole.  Will take one without as I could just drill a hole if needed.  Had one break off when trying to remove a seized screw from housing. reply via PM Frank
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    justice frame question

    Are the frames different between the 44 and 48/50 models? I picked up a 44" model but I see a seller selling the center sections for the justice on ebay?
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    opticom coding?

    Does anyone know how to change the opticom coded transmitter id's? The tomar pack has a db-9 connector on it? Is there software that is needed to repogram the id? Thanks
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    2000 impala 9c1 HLF wiring

    Where is the wire to activate the HLF on the 9c1 impala. Have one here for a fire department and cant seem to find the wire on the passenger side. Also the flasher is currently installed. Thanks
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    ford explorer police utility

    Looking to see if anyone knows if ford restrict those to fleet sales only. Was looking at a tahoe which i can get through the local fleet dealer being my dept orders ems vehicles through them however I see the new explorer went back to a steering column shifter and no center console. Also if...
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    Ohio Lightbar question code 3 2100

    Looking for any info on who was using Code 3 2100 seires bars in Ohio state? Picked up some at auction and were red/blue. One was brand new bought around 2007. Anyone whom has history on these and for what agency. I dont think OSP was testing new bars back in 07. Maybe DCNR? Frank
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    Adamson Bullblaster mini bar with siren

    Anyone have any experience with these. Looking at one for a reserve vehicle.
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    Whelen freedom on new sierra crew cab

    Looking to install a whelen freedom on a gmc sierra crew cab. Where would be the optimal location for mounting on the cab. I used to center the feet between the front and rear door. I thought about a back rack but I think they make the lightbar sit up too high.
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    2011 sierra 3500hd HLF

    Looking to install a HLF in a 2011 3500hd. I know its a pos switching sysytem however on my tahoe I had, the headlights were isolated by relays. Is that the same on the new truck so i can just tap between the two lights. Im going to use the trick I saw on here to get the male / female bulb...
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    Plus one engineering speaker SD-4370

    Looking for info or replacement speakers. These came out from under bumper speakers on a E350 ambulance. They were severly coroded. Apparently i need speakers that dont have the big threaded center nut on it. Frank
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    vista arrowstick

    Are the arrowstick modules in the back of these like an MX in regard to being all one piece or can i part it out to use for individual flashers? Frank

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