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  1. billforbush

    Another Whelen Mini Edge wiring question

    Violet is low power, cant remember what green is for, but apply 12+ to find out.
  2. billforbush

    21 Tahoe PPV Lightbar Fit

    I just put a 54” on a ‘21 2500HD and it’s almost too long. It is the recommended length to keep the bar low to the roof and reduce possible wind noise. I had a 49” on my last Silverado and I liked the look better but it did have some noise and sat high.
  3. billforbush

    Unity spotlight advice

    This has to be an age-old problem but I just can’t seem to beat it. I have a maybe 2-year old Unity pillar post spotlight. How do I prevent it from freezing up in the winter preventing adjustment? I have not forced it and damaged the gears. Should I take the cap off at the end of the shaft and...
  4. billforbush

    Beacon identification and questions

    That would work, just the motor and bulbs are voltage specific. The dome will also fit on the 17 series beacons. Very nice light
  5. billforbush

    Federal SS2000 output transistors.

    Thank you. Will do
  6. billforbush

    Federal SS2000 output transistors.

    I have a SmartSiren that works perfectly except that it seems quieter than it should. I disconnected one 100w speaker and tested the AC voltage across the line - 11 VAC. Is it likely to be the output transistors? And if so, where can I buy new ones? Any help appreciated.
  7. billforbush

    2019 Tahoe HLF install

    Hi - the Sound Off isolated flashers work well in this application. I typically pick up the high beam wires near the bulbs. Good luck
  8. billforbush

    SS200SM Configurator

    Thanks a lot - will do
  9. billforbush

    Wanted ISO Optic clip on lenses for Whelen Inner Edge FST

    Anyone have two for sale? Thanks
  10. billforbush

    SS200SM Configurator

    Thank you all for this new knowledge and understanding. I previously ran a Carson SA-41? Dual tone siren. It required a separate speaker lead and second fuse implying a whole separate amplifier board. It was stupid loud . It did not, however have light controls and I didn’t have room in my...
  11. billforbush

    SS200SM Configurator

    Hmm, that makes sense. So how do I confirm 200W output. It seems quieter that it should. Learning a lot, thank you
  12. billforbush

    SS200SM Configurator

    Disregard, about 67 VAC at 200W. Thanks much for all the help
  13. billforbush

    SS200SM Configurator

    Just out of curiosity, if using a VOM, what AC voltage would be consistent with 100W and what voltage at 200W. Thanks much!
  14. billforbush

    Help with 2019 Silverado HLF install

    I have an SOS iso in a 2018 2500HD and it works great.
  15. billforbush

    SS200SM Configurator

    Eventually was able to get pa mic ptt sequence to work. Thank you everyone. With two 100W speakers wired to the “high power” wire, does it put out 200W and if so, how does the siren know what speaker configuration is attached, I.e., two 11 ohm 58W speakers vs two 11 ohm 100W speakers?
  16. billforbush

    Who made the best rotating halogen dash light?

    Obviously this is very subjective, but I believe the Federal dual-speed Firebeam (especially when upfitted with 100w bulb) is the best, brightest option. The Fireball 2 was also extremely effective, though a little slower. Used with mirrors or in pairs very impressive. The halogen Fireball...
  17. billforbush

    Deck lights

    Ion Spitfires look good (although flashback can be an issue). They are standard Ions inside to disassemble to access sync wire.
  18. billforbush

    FS Signalmaster Wiring Help

    Thank you very much. I’ll check it out
  19. billforbush

    FS Signalmaster Wiring Help

    I have a Smartsiren SM and would like to use it to control my Whelen TAD8 eight-head LED bar. To accomplish this I plan to retire the eight heads individually with a common hot and switched ground to interface with the Smartsiren, but I don’t know which head (1-8) corresponds to which cable pin...
  20. billforbush

    Whelen SC Programmer needed

    Awesome! Let me chart out what goes where and get back to you. Small world, I've purchased a couple of bars from you in the past :)
  21. billforbush

    SS200SM Configurator

    I tried the PTT sequence but it didn't seems to work. Maybe factory locked out - not sure. Federal told me that they don't have parts to repair nor do they have the software either for sale or for their use in repair. Just too old. Still working through this, with wonderful help from ELB...
  22. billforbush

    SS200SM Configurator

    Awesome, thank you very much
  23. billforbush

    SS200SM Configurator

    Software is copyright 2003 and runs on Win 98, ME, NT, 2K and XP. Requires some kind of serial adapter. Looks a lot easier than the keyboard method!
  24. billforbush

    SS200SM Configurator

    Yes, but I cant get it to go into programming mode. As I read it, I should start it up, give it a second to boot up, then pull the cable out. Push "STBY" and plug it back in. Buttons 9-1-11-12 should light up. They never do :( I found the software manual online, but the software isn't available
  25. billforbush

    SS200SM Configurator

    I have a very nice SS2000SM siren that has apparanetly been locked out of programming mode. FS tech support is not able to help, although very knowledgeable and nice. Does anyone have the circa 2003 Smartsiren Configurator software, or offer programming services on these units? Thanks much...
  26. billforbush

    FedSig is out of the halogen business

    OK sorry about that
  27. billforbush

    2019 Silverado 2500HD wig wag

    Sound Off Isolated Flasher. Works great on 2018 and no problems, easy install.
  28. billforbush

    FedSig is out of the halogen business

    I have a few NOS in box Sentry's. Most red, one amber. I think all high speed. $75 each plus shipping. All permanent mount. Sorry, no blue domes
  29. billforbush

    Motorola Astro?

    No problem, but you’ll need to reprogram the radio to delete the siren programming or it will show an error code on powerup. Another option might be to leave the siren intact and just pull the lighting switch box, then add the feniex with a seperate speaker. Would allow for two siren tones at...

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