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    Wanted Whelen Advantedge

    Hi everyone - I've been interested in buying a Whelen Advantedge (halogen) (full size) for a while now, but haven't seen many listed for sale. I'd like to find a red/blue version. If possible I'd like to find one with alley, takedowns, etc if they came with those options. Just seeing if...
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    Wiring question - SVP led grille lights

    Hello! So I usually don't buy LED lights, but I ended up buying a pair of SVP bumper/grille lights. The guy I bought them from has it marked that the purple wire is for "pattern". The question I have, what do you touch the purple wire to in order to change the pattern?? There's not a model...
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    Can you slow down rotator motors?

    Anyone know a tip/trick where you can slow down the speed of a fast rotator motor? Why do some motors have capacitors across the + and - terminals and some motors don't? I heard somewhere you can use resistors in series circuit to do this, is that true? I like the slower motors better and...
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    Wanted Code 3 (or Federal Signal) slow speed/standard speed rotator motors.

    Hi - would anyone have any of the Code 3 rotator motors that fit the MX7000? (Or Federal Signal.) I'm just looking for the motors, not the entire rotator assembly. I'd like to find at least two, but depending on price I may buy a couple extra. Thank you!
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    Positive Bought Positive from mls60442

    mls60442 was great. Good prices, great communication, provided tracking number, packaged items very well for shipping, fast/quick shipping. Could not have went better! Thank you for the D-Tech rotators!
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    Information / Jetstream domes

    Hi - just curious is someone on here would know this. I have seen the Federal Jetstream light bars with the clear dome (where you have to use the color inserts) and then I've seen the solid red and blue domes. Most pictures of the solid red and blue domes I've seen don't have clear areas for...
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    Wanted Code 3 D-Tech reflectors/rotators.

    Hello...just curious if anyone has some of the D-Tech rotators they'd like to sell. I'd like to get two, maybe more depending on price. I'm not sure what all color combinations they came in, but it would be neat to find a couple red/blue and then maybe amber with some other color? Seen them...
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    Wanted Home sensors for Federal Signal Vision/Smart Vector lightbar pods.

    I'm trying to find a few of the home sensors that go in the Federal Signal Vision/Smart vector pods. If you have some that are in working condition please let me know what price you'd sell some for and shipping. Thank you!!
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    Positive Positive purchase from Jennifer Rose Towing.

    Bought Vector end caps from Jennifer and the experience was great. Wonderful communication, very fast shipping - definitely recommended if you need parts or anything she sells. Thank you!!
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    Positive Positive buy from TSquale

    TSquale sold me some light retainers for S&W light bar. Great price, nice communications, packed nicely and fast shipping. Couldn't ask for a better transaction! Thank you!!
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    Wanted Smith & Wesson light bar takedown light retainers.

    I'm looking for the "wire" retainers that hold the take down lights in place in the Smith & Wesson light bars like this one pictured if anyone happens to have any! I can pay a decent price and shipping! Thank you!! P.S. I'm also still looking for the oscillating gear (gear only) in a Federal...
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    Positive Positive buy from EHFD_Tower_751

    Hi, everyone! I just wanted to let everybody know that EHFD_Tower_751 was wonderful in helping me find some H1 light bulb clips I needed, shipped them packed nicely with tracking # and went very smooth! Thank you very much!! Doug
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    Positive Positive Buy from Shues

    I bought an item from Shues (Jeff) and everything went great! He has great communication, fast shipping, item was packed nicely, couldn't ask for better! Thank you, Jeff, I appreciate it!!
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    Wanted Looking for three parts..."Home" Sensor, Oscillating Gear and Vision/Smart Pod motors.

    Hi, everyone!! Well, here I go again! I've got some more projects lined up and looking for a few parts. I can pay a decent price and shipping if anyone has some of these and are willing to let them go. I'm looking for the following three items: 1. Federal Signal Vision "Home" Sensors...
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    H1 bulb retainer clips and Code 3 MX7000 rotator clips

    Hi again! I'm trying to find two different things for a light bar I'm working on. I'm looking for the metal D-shaped (sort of) clips that hold H1 bulbs in place (top picture). They just slide over the bulb and clips in place. Also, on Code 3 MX7000 light bars there are these little black...
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    Whelen Ultra Edge and MPC01

    Hi everyone! So I'm beginning to wonder if I got in over my head with a new light bar project. I recently picked up a Whelen Ultra Edge 9000. I bought an MPC01 and the siren amplifier box BL627 for it. When I originally bought it I noticed fuses were blown in the two rear side power...
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    Federal Signal Vision assistance.

    Hi, everyone! I just bought a Federal Signal Vision light bar. Separately, from a different seller, I bought the controller and "brain" box. When I hook everything up, the pods do the self test (turn in a circle, then face front "home" position). I can turn on the take down lights, turn them...

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