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    2015 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

    POV used for EMS response and day to day activities. Feniex Typhoon full function is my controller connected to a Whelen SmartLogic flasher. Siren speaker is a Feniex as well. Two Ions in the front, two vertex in the front, and one Avenger in the passenger headliner. One Vertex in each side...
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    For Sale Whelen Ions

    4 new Whelen Ions in Red $65 + ship Deals for multiple.
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    For Sale Want to Trade or Sell Ion & Spitfire

    I have a used Spitfire in Blue and a new (open bag, never used) Spitfire in Blue/Clear. $60 for the Spitfires.
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    Inner Edge FPIS

    Looking for a decent picture of how much an inner edge obstructs the drivers vision on an interceptor sedan. Anyone have that setup?
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    Interior vs Exterior Lighting

    A little background, I will be installing everything on a POV Ford Interceptor Sedan. I’m an assistant chief at an volunteer EMS agency, and primarily respond to the scene. We have major highway and a state route in our district, and have several decent wrecks a year. Otherwise I’m responding to...
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    Discount Code

    Does anyone have a discount code for Strobes n More? About to drop 2k, would like to save some cash if possible.
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    For Sale Multiple Warning Equipment, Whelen & Feniex

    Have a few things for sale x1 Whelen Spitfire Ion Blue (Used) - $70 x1 Whelen Spitfire Ion Blue/White (New) - $80 x4 Whelen Ion T Series Red (Used) - $60/ea x1 Whelen Dual Avenger 2 Solo Red/White (Used) - Sold x1 Feniex 4200 Mini (Used) - $75 Shipping is $10 for CONUS addresses.
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    2012 Ford F-150 Install

    F-150 is a POV used for EMS response. Controlled by a Feniex Mini 4200, two Whelen Ions in front, a Whelen Avenger 2 on the headliner area, and four Whelen T Series on the rear box. All synchronized through two ULF44’s. Future plans include a Whelen Siren setup and two Vertex’s in the tail...
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    ULF44 Sync

    If I have 3 separate ULF flashers installed, to obtain Low Power or Pattern Override do I need to apply power to each one, or will the Sync function complete this for me?
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    For Sale Whelen Spitfires

    Have 2 blue and white spitfires, both new in the package though one has the cigarette cord cut - have the end if you want to reattach. Asking for $70 for one, $120 for both.
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    WeCan Control Point

    I want to install a liberty 2 duo on my truck. Wondering if I can get away with the WeCan Control Point with the 8 position keypad. I want the ability to utilize the TQ function, cruise, and take down. Also want to have it synced with four vertex's.

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