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    Wanted mini 2100 housing

    Wanted new or used,2100 mini bar such as bottom housing and flat top with clips.Color of top could red or clear.
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    Ride along with Detroit Fire Dept Info

    Detroit Fire Department Regional Training Center - Firefighting and Fire Investigator Ride along Program Questionaire Jim Rogers deputychief301
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    Brand new Advantage Lenses for trades

    I have the following for trade for a advantage bar 1-16 inch 1/2 inch amber 1-16 inch 1/2 inch clear 2- red end caps 2- blue 16 1/2 inch blue 2- Red 16 1/2 inch All brand new,still in the plastic Looking to trade for edge parts or a set of red/red or clear/red leds up for...
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    Lucky find,, Federal Visilite.....

    Just picked up this Federal Visilite for nearly nothing. DSCN2583_zps364c4ab9.jpg photo by deputychief | Photobucket This should go good with my junior beacon collection. Jim Rogers deputychief301
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    Here is some pictures of another simple install, I will post some video later I really like the mini LFL I converted over from strobe to leds (super tir6's). Not having much room in my s-10 I had to use some old time switches. Will be upgrading to a carson handheld controller...
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    Simple install

    Here is a simple install that myself and my son in law completed on his vehicle. The reverse lights also have clear strobes but hard to see Jim Rogers Northern Lights/Sirens
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    reverse hub

    I have a reverse hub that fits to the hub of the rear axle of the rear end brand new in the box .Will take pictures later shipping would be the most costly as its heavy Jim Rogers
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    Free find

    I was driving the back roads and spotted this on a old county plow truck, once again I approached the owner about selling it, well he messed around for a couple of months then I went back and sure enough got it for free lol I hate when I run into a person thats hard to deal with Any...
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    Junior beacon find

    One day on my way to work I seen this junior beacon on a old snow plow truck. Couple of days later I stopped and talk to an old man and asked him about the beacon and he began to hew haw around about selling it. One year later I stopped by again and talked to his wife and she told me...
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    installing headlight flasher on impala

    I have a 2005 Impala, not a police model and looking for help on hooking up a headlight flasher I thought there was a posting before but unable to find it.This vehicle has the day time running lights I would like to disconnect also thanks Jim Rogers
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    Diagram for Southern vp switch box

    I have a Southern VP model SB-4020 switch box with six switches, anyone point me in the right direction for the wiring diagram Thanks Jim Rogers deputychief301
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    Help with the makers of these leds

    I have these leds and have no idea what kind they are, any help??????????????? they are mounted in rubber housing thanks Jim Rogers
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    Emergency Services,Muskegon Michigan

    Removed by company request
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    Are pa300's still popular/dynamax speakers

    I came across at least 20 pa300's, some scratches, some control lights out but all work with mics, have some bail brackets but most have the console bail brackets. All came out of Crown Vics.The consoles were taken to the scrap yard. I am in the process of testing 20 federal used...
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    Interest in Whelen Advant edge, Anyone ????

    I have a Friend who has a ambulance using it for another business, on this ambulance is a at least 72 inch advant edge, this is a flat mounted to the front of box, strobe and rotators, strobe/rotator/strobe/takedown/strobe/rotator/strobe, red and white lenses. I will have some pictures...
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    MSP Charger With half breed Beacons..................................

    Here is some pictures of the Chargers with the new expensive Whelen/Unity housing. No wonder our state is broke when they pay $1,000 a piece and really are'nt as bright as the older style. The talons in the back window are really bright compared top the beacons. Jim Rogers deputyhief301
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    Vintage Fire extinguisher Collectors

    Any collectors out there, I have a pure brass one and still full of contents. made by the Fyr-Fyter Company out of Dayton Ohio. This model requires to pump the plunger to operate. I can include pictures if any one is interested, looking for trades and checking to see if there is any...
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    CJ-184 domes

    Does anyone know if any other dome will interchange with a federal cj-185. thanks Jim Rogers
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    Whelen Mini LFL's

    Heres my collection of three Mini LFLs,All were strobes at one time and I converted two of three to leds, the third I left strobe and had to custom build a power supply as the power supply is a part of the structure of the bar. The strobe mini I found laying on the side of the expressway...
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    Impala flasher

    Does anyone know if a whelen headlight flasher # UHF2150B/2005 police model will work on a 2005 civilian impala or if it just takes a solid state flasher could also work. I also a have a sound off solid state headlight flasher thanks Jim Rogers deputychief301
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    Issues with HT-1250/update

    I have a HT-1250 that been a excellent portable and hardly used it, One day went to turn it on and it would not turn on or power up. Does this radios have an internal fuse I tryed different batterys. Or is there a battery inside of the housing. Jim Rogers deputychief301
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    deals with Jim RogersNorthern lights

    Any members having any deals on going with Jim Rogers, deputychief301,Northern Lights/Sirens be advised that I went unexpected major back surgery lately. I have not forgot about the deals. At this time I am bed ridden, the wife is trying to keep up but I have to admit I am running her...
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    Lets see pictures of custom lights/lightbars [CLOSED]

    Custom mini 2100 bar by sniper Custom 36 inch, using pods by deputychief301 custom dashlight by deputychief301, using pods relaced with lin6, 500 series Bar#2 Bar#3 mini 2100 by deputychief, using pods Mini excaliber with pods attached Here...
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    Making your own 2100 bar

    Its very easy to make your own 2100 series 2100 bar. depending on full size or a mini, even a 36 inch. All starts with a code3 excaliber bar, first strip the bar of the domes then the rotators. This will leave you will an empty bottom excaliber housing. You then have to decide...
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    Lin4's replacements

    Just received my lin4 replacements, I was told by Whelen that they would be replaced with the linz6's, man when I received the lin4's I was so happy, as they are twice the led light the linz6's leds are . Jim Rogers deoutyheif301
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    new site, check it out

    New site by a emergency tech for us to view and become members Jim Rogers
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    disabling day time running lights

    I have a 2005 Impala with day time running lights, anyway of disabling them. I heard some once while back that there might be a way to disable them Jim Rogers' JAFO
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    Need ideas

    Well I bought a 2005 impala and need some ideas from some of the impala owners. I have the following equipment 6 sets of tir6 style pods clear/red 1 d-6 red/red 1 12 tir style dashlight 1 hand eld siren controller whelen older stlye slim line speaker...
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    2005 Impala headlight flasher

    I have a 2005 impala, not the police model and just wondering what kind of a job is it is too install a solid state headlight flasher. I have sound off headlight flashers, (solid state) several different kinds to choose from. I believe there use to be an install guide on the old forum...
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    custom mini 2100

    Custom mini 2100 bar by Sniper, 2- red/clear tir6 style pods in front 1- clear tir3 style in the between the tir6s styles sides have tir4 red/clear pods Back two amber tir3 style pods and one red tir6 style pod in the back all four corners have red tir3 style Video...

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