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    Looking for Setina Pricing

    I have a customer who is insisted on using a Setina Push Bumper on their new cruiser. They want to match their existing cars. We are not a Setina Dealer. Can anyone offer my dealer or close to dealer pricing on a Setina PR400 Push Bumper for a 2017 Ford Utility Interceptor? Thanks, Jason
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    Wanted Code 3 C3100TH17 bracket

    i am looking for a Code 3 C3100TH17 siren speaker bracket for a 2017 Tahoe. If anyone has one in stock please let m e know ASAP Thanks Jason
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    Hiring a Installation Tech, Woburn, MA

    Northeast Two Way Radio Corp. located in Woburn, MA is looking to hire an installation technician. for full details see ad here:
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    Wanted Havis C-EB25-KNX-1P

    I am looking for someone that has IN STOCK a Havis face plate C-EB25-KNX-1P for Kenwood NX5000 series radio. Need ASAP Thanks,
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    Whelen 900 Series Blue Lenses

    I am looking for (2) 900 Series Blue Lenses new or used (as long as in decent conditions) Please let me know what you have and how much Need ASAP, no one seems to have them in stock.  Jason 
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    2014 Chevy Tahoe

    We just finished our latest install for a local police Chief 2014 Chevy Tahoe All Lighting is Brooking / Axixtech Front: MS6BS Lightheads in the Grill Par 36 LED Fog Lights ST6 LED's on side mirrors SV6 Stealth Visor Whelen Police Package Wig Wag Module Side: PAL06A on the...
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    Motorcycle Microphone Mount

    Does anyone have any idea where I can get a mount that will allow me to put a mic clip on to the handle bars of a motorcycle. Recently did an install of a Kenwood mobile radio on to a police Harley but can't find anyone to mount the microphone. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jason
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    School Bus Warning Lights in Blue?

    One of my police department customers had a school bus donated to them and they would like to replace the red and orange warning lights with Blue LED Lights. Does anyone know where I could find these?? I know sound off makes replacement LED lights in Red/Amber but I have never seen Blue in...
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    Whelen Edge 9M Replacing strobe?

    One of my customers has a full size Whelen 9M Edge Bar, one of the corner strobes is not working. To replace the strobe do I just buy a new tube? or do I have to replace the entire module with that the tube is in? I looked around online and looks as if you can do either, but wanted to know...

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