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    Wanted 4 Feniex Fusion Dummy Heads

    Hi All, Was wondering if anyone had any new Feniex Fusion Dummy heads - 2 Red ones and 2 Amber ones. If I'm correct these should work with a flasher with no issues right? Thank you!
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    Wanted Looking for ULF44, TIR6 grill light, Ion Ts, and Nforce deck mount

    Hi all, looking for the following items at a reduced price. I currently have offers for each of the items new. If you can beat the current offers please shoot me a message! Doesn't have to be new, can be used in good condition. Thanks! 2 Red Whelen Ion T's - $74 each 1 White Whelen 500 TIR6 -...
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    Wanted Federal Signal Siren Speaker

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has a federal signal siren speaker - ES100C for sale. Thanks a ton!
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    Wanted Federal Signal Smart Siren

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has a federal signal smart siren for sale. Preferably one of the SS2000 models. Thanks a ton!
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    Wanted Uniden Bearcat BCD436HP

    Hey All, Just was wondering if anyone had a Uniden Bearcat BCD436HP scanner they were willing to sell for a discounted towns going P25 digital within the next year and unfortunately the new ones are a bit steep in price for me. Thanks!
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    Pay scale for on call EMTs

    Hi Guys! Hope the new year has been treating all of you well. Just had a question specifically for on-call EMTs or FF/EMTs; how much does your department pay per EMS call and what is the hourly rate? Both during the day shift and night shift if there is a difference. Thanks so much! I am mainly...

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