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    who makes the led sign boards that say "police scene ahead"..

    You want the RoadAlert from D&R. Amber or Red but you will find the Amber is easier to read. I have had mine since 2002 and still works fine and mounted on rear of lightbar.
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    Is Coplite still around

    Should have put a flasher in it as well . The Flash Spot !
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    Wanted Junk FireBeam For Parts

    Take one out of the other dozen fireballs on your shelf...?
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    STALKER ATR Radar Gun Hardwiring Question...

    Theres an ATR hardwire kit that was available that you may be able to still source - second hand surplus. It consisted of a flat plug that slid into the radar gun and that connected to a communication box and then into a cig lighter. Heres mine. The com box also communicated with the remote...
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    Need help identifying flash pattern to brand

    You can get that on the whelen ulf44 flasher. Might give it a go!
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    Wanted Stalker DSR 2X Display Faceplate/Remote(s)

    Pbelectronics would be my first contact.
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    ID this light

    Would have been sold by Eccos UK company Premier Hazard.
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    Part of my vintage lighting collection is featured in Whelen's new video!

    Presumably you had to cover up under a bed sheet the wall of Federal Signal products you have acquired. Hey maybe suggest to FS that they come and shoot that other wall of fame.
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    Part of my vintage lighting collection is featured in Whelen's new video!

    I hope you charged them a fee or did a contra deal.
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    I finally got one! (Warning - bragging inside)

    Welcome to the Club! Dan has 10 and I have only 6 but 3 of them are flashballs.
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    Wanted Federal Signal Magnabeam Light (not a Firebeam)

    NOS is your sort of thing Dan. Youll have it on your shelf no doubt.
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    4200 Mini amp draw question

    Agreed with unlisted. Just get the Mini to trigger external relays.
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    Utility Trailer Lighting - Ideas/Suggestions?

    Put a Whelen l32 on a one inch pipe to a height of 4 feet of the ground. You need height of light on crossing a highway. Maybe better to put major dollars into your minimal existing lighting on the trucks.
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    Federal FIRE BALL Family History

    Oh thats nice!
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    My First Emergency Light

    Yes ! This was the first light I ever cannibalized ! Removed the suction cup and replaced it with 3 mini magnets I broke off one of those mini car flashlights that were sold at the time.
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    All emergency equipment brands both past and present?

    Dorman Smith Premier Hazard
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    Federal Signal Pancake EM11H

    I love the long flash dwell time that pancakes put out. I have got one in clear. Superb.
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    Fireball 24 volt? What the?

    If I remember rightly I did see a 24 volt Amber fireball back in late 70s in the Uk. It was on a forklift truck .
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    4200 Mini Feniex and wig wag with Rigid Duallys

    I thought about doing the same set up but chose to wire the Rigids to the old code3 710 flasher. That way I still get traditional wig wag and also steady on and still only use 2 buttons on the 4200 mini. However do let us know if you get it working using the 4200 mini.
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    The Sirennet Museum

    Dan - your entire display reminds me of when I toured the Smithsonian. All lovingly curated for later generations.
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    Federal FIRE BALL Family History

    Thats not a real fireball. :) Wrong plug
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    Relays, Breakers, & Fuses

    A very nice controller that handles 20 Amps Max. If you put a 10 amp fuse in line after the battery ( for your existing set up) then I think you will be fine.
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    Federal FIRE BALL Family History

    Red plugs from fed Signal give me the buying confidence the Fireball/Flashball is original and collectable. Otherwise I get nervous you are dealing with knock off!
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    UK Supplier

    I have used Premier Hazard extensively since 1993. There are people still in the business now who I dealt with then.
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    Ideas for a compact siren/airhorn for UTV

    The switches are both negative ground so a very simple installation and a double toggle single throw switch fits perfectly. I have posted before that a 100watt set up on a quad or utv is too loud
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    Ideas for a compact siren/airhorn for UTV

    Whelen wssc 30 watt made for this
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    Evolution Of The Federal Vitalite

    1983 would be "new". Well back in 83 the single beacon was treated with respect and motorists would yield to the left ( for us) and not pull out. Now unless you have a Christmas tree set up and air horns theres not much love on the roads.
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    Evolution Of The Federal Vitalite

    And with me - I recall the magnet actually being strong in the 80s compared to others
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    FOUND - Lightbar cables

    You can still buy 7 core multiconnector halogen strobe etc lightbar cable from Code 3 or for make your own with some heavy duty trailer wire and a separate 8ga ground. Obviously not enough for lots of functions ( ie the Vista above) but for many lightbar rewires ideal ( and cheap)
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    Lightbar identification... F1 Saftey car

    Hella special build was the consensus earlier

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