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    Whelen Inner Edge FST and RST Series

    I spoke with a gentleman from Whelen Tech Support the other day, and he said the company is moving away from "LIN" products. This makes sense regarding the SurfaceMax Series replacing the Hundred Series; I just hope there's going to be C4 and C5 SurfaceMax replacing their Hundred Series...
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    Another Custom Federal Signal Mothership is in production.............

    Out of curiosity, how did you manage to order a custom product? I inquired about ordering a replacement I/O board for a Legend LPX in order to permit full lightbar cruise and custom flash patterns, and I got feedback that suggested I asked for the impossible. I didn't even bother to ask about...
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    Coming soon to a New York State police cruiser near you!

    Those LED lamps appear to be pretty bright. They're made by McDermott? Can these McDermott lamps be ordered in a lightstick and as standalone lightheads?
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    Code 3 Pursuit Code 3 has finally released the Pursuit lightbar. It looks much better in these pics and vids. It is definitely a unique dual-level bar available with dedicated takedown lighting and NarrowStik options. I believe the Solex and the Triumph were huge steps backwards, but...
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    Whelen Avenger II

    Ever since the ION family was released, I thought about Whelen bringing back the Dash-King light housing and stuffing two ION lightheads inside. Is this what the NHSP are running in their vehicles? I do like the Avenger II, especially with the integrated LR11 takedown modules. I wonder if the...
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    Whelen Carbide

    This hasn't been made clear to a simpleton like me, but can the Carbide integrate non-WeCan lightbars and perimeter lightheads? For example, if I have a non-WeCan Whelen lightbar and the SNM True-Dual EFlood 7200, I can have the installer integrate both into Carbide using the expansion module...
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    On Facebook, SoundOff Signal posted a preview from a photo shoot covering the mPOWER product line--no other info shared. From what little can be gleaned from the pic, I'm guessing that the nFORCE modules have been upgraded to create mPOWER, and will be available as an upgrade in all existing...
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    New Ecco light?

    This product looks just like the Mega Thins Code 3 released late in 2015. I believe that this lighthead is sourced from Top Warning located in Taiwan. In related news, ECCO just posted this announcement on the Premier Hazard website...
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    If you can choose

    Nautech out of New Zealand offers a mini and full-sized lightbar called the Spectra, which offers a pair of LED modules at each corner at 45-Degree angle. Several of Premier Hazard's lightbars also offer this, including the lightbar sold in the US as the Javelin. Not to mention, ECCO has the 10...
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    If you can choose

    I believe pdk9 is spot on with his suggestions. With regards to mounting feet, perhaps you can work with the company that manufactures the Cheetah straps used in Hawaii to offer secured mounting. If I were to ever use a minibar again, I'd use a Cheetah strap for mounting. Such an option greatly...
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    MI Law Enforcement

    I'm familiar with the XS8000; just didn't recognize it with those awful-looking high-profile mounts. Thank you for your help!
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    CHP Liberty II ?

    For some reason or another, I distinctly remember reading in the RFP that the winning EWL system shall be exclusive to the CHP. The language describing this included the hardware as well as the software. I think the original Liberty is remaining in production exclusively for the CHP. The Raider...
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    MI Law Enforcement

    I'm having a heckuva time with this new layout, haha. I'm referring to the lightbar in this pic. Auburn Hills PD vehicles.
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    MI Law Enforcement

    MI Law Enforcement What lightbar is that? I don't recognize it.
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    MI Law Enforcement

    What lightbar is that? I don't recognize it...
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    Federal Signal Navigator

    Mark, I believe the question refers to how effective is the directional sequence going to be using only four lightheads. The 45" Navigator permits four directional lightheads (53" model permits five). I'm thinking the majority of us is accustomed to using 6-head or 8-head traffic advisors. Some...
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    Axios Modular LED Lightbar I stumbled onto this while browsing YouTube. ECCO developed the Axios Modular product line, which is an LED lightbar that is easily customized and built without tools. With the exception of the externally mounted Safety Director, this appears to be all new products...
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    Code 3 Pursuit

    When is the Pursuit scheduled to be released? This is one new product I'm looking forward to the most. Were there issues with certification testing involving the new lightheads in that bar? Did something change with T13? I noticed that Whelen is now offering two different amber lightheads, one...
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    Custom Array - Whelen Vertex

    pdk9, this was mounted in the side window of an SUV (Tahoe, I believe). The housing itself two short tubes attacked to a plate, with the Vertex lightheads inside. For lack of a better description, it looked like a miniature binoculars. This company also did custom mounting solutions for fire...
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    HyperCore Lightbar Series This was posted about a month ago, by a company called EVSG911 (formerly known as PSE911). Appears to be a new lightbar series called "HyperCore", and it uses Cree LED diodes with a clover-style optic. No pic or vid of the actual product though. I...
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    Custom Array - Whelen Vertex

    I've searched and searched, but I cannot find this custom product. It's been several years, but I do recall a Whelen dealer, located in western Canada I believe, who produced several custom products using Whelen products--one of which was a pair of Vertex lightheads in a unique housing. It's not...
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    Whelen PFE new products

    I'm assuming the "steady bright flicker" mentioned here is the SteadyFlash pattern that's become popular with the New England state police agencies. This is the specific pattern I'm most interested in. It still isn't clear if the CenCom Carbide offers this option. In Pennsylvania, emergency...
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    Whelen PFE new products

    What features are you losing should you choose the CenCom Carbide rather than the CanTrol? If the Carbide is slated to directly compete with SoundOff's bluePRINT, I imagine that there will be CanTrol features deleted to reduce the cost. Several evenings ago, I observed a PSP Interceptor Utility...
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    Code 3 Pursuit

    Platform sharing is not new to this industry. C3 did it previously with the Javelin, which is the Lomax in the European market. SoundOff employed the lightbar chassis from Haztec for the Skyfire and the Magnum. I was waiting for C3 to employ the Hazard 10 Series lightbar, and see what...
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    Code 3 Pursuit

    Finally! Appears to me Code 3 is getting back into the game with the introduction of the Pursuit lightbar. Haven't seen any preliminary info yet, but there's a pic on Facebook. I still can't wrap my mind around the Solex and the Triumph, but the Pursuit ... that's a winner!
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    Soundoff bluePRINT

    Tackleberry, Is there a video library of the patterns employed by MA and RI SP? I recall a thread discussing this with respect to the SteadyFlash pattern, but don't remember a comprehensive review of the patterns used. Regarding the bluePRINT, can't the software be programmed to mimic the...
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    Steady burn red led dash light

    I'd refer to what the California Highway Patrol has used over the years for guidance. Two of the three LED modules they've used are still available today. For a number of years, CHP used the Cuda TriOptic vertical-oriented modules, which is no longer manufactured by Federal Signal. They've also...
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    Definitely knock-off products. I got a good laugh at the Robo-Bar.
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    Multiple New Whelen Lights (With Videos)

    Perhaps I missed this, but will there be a Dominator version of the RTX?
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    XS8000 Returns? This is a late-model Impala belonging to the Durham (ON) Regional Police Department. Appears to be equipped with a Code 3 Intensity XS8000 full-sized lightbar stuffed with LED modules. Doesn't look like a field retrofit...

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