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    Kent's Siren Repair Shop

    Sorry, I do not.
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    Kent's Siren Repair Shop

    HI, My experience with Kent has been very good . Kent has repaired for me a FS PA15,. PA150, PA200 and his latest repair for me on a Unitrol Touchmaster D. Kent apparently works several jobs in addition to siren repair. My advise is to be patient. He does good work is usually has a bench...
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    Kent's Siren Repair Shop

    Hi Kent , Wondering if you repair Heathkit sirens. I have a Heath /Zenith WD-5130. The yelp settings sounds like a GE Power call and the pitch adjustment is not working. I have a copy of the manual with schematic if you need. Thanks, Bill
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    Wanted Photo/Information on Heathkit GD-18/WD-5130 sirens

    Thanks for the reply and pics. I have seen several types of knobs on other Heathkits (including an old HK catalog from 1976).
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    Wanted Photo/Information on Heathkit GD-18/WD-5130 sirens

    Trying to locate a photo or source of the original knobs used on the above sirens. Thank you! Bill
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    Unitrol TMD siren PA not working

    Thanks for reply. Looks like it's heading to Kents Siren repair shop.
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    Unitrol TMD siren PA not working

    I was given a Unitrol TMD siren in great shape. Pulled from a Vol chiefs car working except for the PA feature apparently. Siren and Horn modes work. I have tried 2 mics (MNCT- SB) both were used no luck. When selector is set to PA, pushing the ptt button makes 1 relay close/open but no...
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    Positive Purchase from EVP4207

    Purchased a used fedsig MS3000 mini siren, smooth tranaction, packed well, quick delivery, siren works very well, no issues, will buy again from EVP4207.
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    FS PA15/PA20/PA150/PA200 Selector control knob

    ACE Hardware in my town carries the same selector knob in their hardware racks used on the PA series sirens. I bought 2 and tried on my PA15 and PA150 and fit nicely on the switch. They had a different version of the GAIN knob (no pointer). The SELECTOR knob costs $3.50 each. Bill
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    Positive Bought Positive from MtnMan (Kents' Siren Shop)

    Purchased PA15 1D siren from Kent that he perfect, also Kent repaired my PA150. Pleased with the results.
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    How to Build a Siren Step-Down Amplifier?/speaker

    I use a 500 ohm 5 watt wirewound resistor in line on one of the wires to the speaker. I have used it to check older Federal Signal PA's, Heathkit and a Unitrol Touchmaster Delta siren with no problems. The thread two posts up should give you what you need to know.
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    Wanted Mounting Bracket for PA20 Interceptor Siren

    He is apparently very busy. I have conducted business with Dale before. Keep trying....... Bill
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    Wanted Mounting Bracket for PA20 Interceptor Siren

    Purchased bracket from DCAPTAIN. All set.
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    Vintage Frankenstein-ed lights, beacons and light bars.

    Back in 1981, I became an assistant fire chief of my small volunteer department. We could not afford big light bars at the time. I purchased a used Whelan Responder II 2-rotator mini bar from a local distributor. My car at the time was a 1978 VW Rabbitt. I was not quite happy with the...
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    Wanted Mounting Bracket for PA20 Interceptor Siren

    Unfortunately, your bracket is too wide-I rechecked the cover dims and 5-1/4" ID is what I need. However, thank you for your response! Bill
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    Wanted Mounting Bracket for PA20 Interceptor Siren

    From the Federal PA20A manual: 2-3/4" (H) x 5-1/4" (W) x 7-1/4 (D)
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    Wanted Mounting Bracket for PA20 Interceptor Siren

    Looking for a mounting bracket in clean condition for my restored PA20A. Please PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks!
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    Federal Signal Electronic Siren Face plates

    Installed repro plate. Plate made by a company that makes awards and plaques. Cost was $25 each. Also available in aluminum at a higher cost. I am not selling. If interested, PM me for details. Should be able to make for PA150's also.
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    Federal Signal Electronic Siren Face plates

    Update on face plate is off a PA200. Bottom plate is a reproduction made of laser -etched plastic
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    Kent's Siren Repair Shop

    Hi Kent-sent you a PM to your email on a siren repair. Thanks!
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    Reproduction federal signal PA series siren face and label.

    Nice setup in your Bricklin Kerry. I don't own a PA15 yet but I am looking for a clean, working unit for my federal siren collection. I have 2, pa200 sirens and hoping to find a replacement faceplate. I tried a pa300 plate but the switch hole placement is different. I was able to remove the...
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    Reproduction federal signal PA series siren face and label.

    i appreciate any info you can find on these! Thank you!
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    Reproduction federal signal PA series siren face and label.

    There was a member selling PA200 plates a year ago.....orion61243. He has not been on this site for about a year and has not responded to repeated emails. Thanks!
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    Reproduction federal signal PA series siren face and label.

    Hi Ryan, I bought and installed the PA20A resto kit from Dale. Worked out great! Did you ever make a kit for the PA15A? I have been trying to locate replacement face plates for PA150/200's as well. Any ideas of where to purchase? Thanks!
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    Explain Your Username to Us

    Safetyman comes from the work that I do. I retired with 30 years from a nuclear power generating plant with my specialities being in fire protection, training, and safety training. I decided to go back to work part-time at various generating stations at as an industrial safety...
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    Wanted looking for a vintage Federal Signal Pa 15 Director

    Hi Munisafety, I may be interested depending on condition, working, harness. Pic would help...TX
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    Positive Positive Purchase from Ryan........FEDSIG PA200

    Great purchase from ryan of a near mint FEDSIG PA200 siren, experienced very good communication, provided photos of the choices he had to offer, my questions were promptly answered. Price offered included shipping. Siren arrived completely intact. Seller tested unit before shipping it. The...
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    Positive Positive Transaction with MtnMan for Siren Repair

    MtnMan performed extensive troubleshooting and testing and repaired my ailing PA200 siren for a very fair price. Works and sounds like new. I recommend MtnMan for your siren repair. I will certainly be a repeat customer!
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    PA200 manual

    Another link to the PA200 manual...... While I am here...... PA150 manual (same source)
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    Positive +Transaction with EVP4207

    Purchased used Federal Signal TS100 speaker from member EVP4207. Sale went smoothly, speaker arrived in great shape, worked as designed, quick shipping, well packaged.

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