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  1. Kevin BB fan

    Wanted Center oscillator / standard rotor for Code 3 MX7000

    Looking for a center oscillator and standard rotor for an older style Code 3 MX7000. I will be adding these to a functioning bar. Let me know what you have, condition and price. Thanks
  2. Kevin BB fan

    DA Polisher / Polish Recommendation

    Hello All, Recently picked up a lot of lightbars at a surplus auction. The bars have all clear domes that are in pretty good shape. They have yellowing thats to be expected with no crazing and very few scratches. Usually I just wet sand and polish by hand but, due to the volume of domes I'm...
  3. Kevin BB fan

    Wanted Blue federal signal streethawk dome

    Looking for a new blue streethawk dome. Thanks Kevin
  4. Kevin BB fan

    Wanted TwinSonic domes

    Hello, looking for 2 red, like nos, domes for a TwinSonic. Domes don't have to be perfect but they will be put on a display peice. I would also be interested in one blue dome in same condition. Thanks
  5. Kevin BB fan

    FS PA200 correct fuse

    Hello, Looking for the correct fuse for a couple FS PA200s I have. Both currently have different fuses installed and want to replace 1 or both correctly. Thanks
  6. Kevin BB fan

    Hello from a new collector

    Finally getting into collecting vintage emergency lighting (mainly federal signal), and I am going to be picking a lot of brains here for information on repairing and restoring. Was wondering the best sections to start threads that would be the best for this. Thanks in advance! Lots to learn!

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