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  1. J

    Wanted Setina Mfg. Push Bumpers - Dealer ?

    I wish, I'm all ears if you find a dealer that has them in stock. We order standard Explorer bumpers/fender guards and they usually take a month from Sirennet.
  2. J

    Inner Edge XLP vs. FST info

    I wasn't aware Whelen had two options. The State patrol in our area runs a dual color Whelen ILB, and although the light heads are thinner than the SOS ones in my car, the mounts/shields make the entire assembly just as thick. I'm 6'4", and have the ILB in an Explorer, and I am not annoyed...
  3. J

    New pov. 2014 Silverado

    I was all about lightbars until I got a car with an effective interior setup. Now, I swear by the interior bars. However in the used market, the cost advantage isn't there, so in order to match effectiveness, it'll cost you. The night video shows where your truck is severely lacking in...
  4. J

    Wanted FedSig Highlighter (halogen) or Model 100 (halogen)

    Reason #3849 for interior light bars :)
  5. J

    For Sale Whelen PAR-46 LED 2 degree spotlight

    Bump! I'll do $75 shipped guys. Still sitting in a desk drawer.
  6. J

    Wanted WTB red Feniex Apollo or Whelen 5V1

    Bump a doo, still looking. I'm open to other options also, basically need a red 180 degree surface mount. The side light throw isn't as critical, I definitely want the majority of light to be center on.
  7. J

    Tesla Police testing vehicle ran out of juice..

    It didn't run out, it ran low. But it never failed. And the Officer who had used it last didn't plug it in after his shift. It'd be the same as if you grabbed a car that hasn't been filled up and was empty, then deciding to drive it like that. The only difference is the Tesla takes several hours...
  8. J

    2018 Taurus grille lights

    Our local SO uses nForce lights behind the grill. If you remind me I'll try to grab a pic on Tuesday.
  9. J

    CBS Report on NYPD switching to a hybrid fleet

    Ford continues to claim their turbo Explorers have a 150 top speed. What they fail to tell you is that they have factory installed limiters at 132. That being said, having done 132 a few times, I wouldn't want to go much faster. Any faster.
  10. J

    Wanted WTB red Feniex Apollo or Whelen 5V1

    Just looking for a red single color Feniex Apollo F6 or Whelen 5V1. Might consider an nForce surface mount also. Prefer NOS or NIB, but very slight use is ok too. Let me know what you've got, and your shipping to 80918 (Colorado Springs) also!
  11. J

    Do you carry a tourniquet every day? (even not in uniform?)

    I carry one on duty, never off. My only off duty preparedness is a Glock 19.
  12. J

    Whelen Cloud Platform™

    Hopefully it doesn't do this automatically, and/or can be disabled by the Officers. There are a lot of cases where we want different lighting groups activated and on different patterns.
  13. J

    Whelen Cloud Platform™

    But I'm not, that's the thing. I just wish Whelen and Federal Signal would catch up. Competition breeds excellence, and I'd love to be able to seriously consider other brands. The BP system needs improvement, but why push any improvement when the only 2 competitors are a decade behind?
  14. J

    Whelen Cloud Platform™

    So, I mean, it's cool, but BluePRINT's vehicle integration is still better. And the SoundOff lights are brighter still.
  15. J

    Visor bar has me stumped

    Ah, cheap bar like that no way it's exceeding 10a, it's probably sitting right at 2.5. Your wires aren't very long, I assume they're somewhere in the 18ga range, you'll be fine to try a 5 or 10a fuse.
  16. J

    Visor bar has me stumped

    What make, color, and LED count is each module? So that's got 10 LED modules total, and an educated guess from just looking would be a max of 1 amp per module, so 10 amps total. That is absolutely a safe guess, even on steady I doubt they pull that much. Either way, the odds of it being over...
  17. J

    Well, I'm done with code 3 products,

    You forgot SoundOff Signal, but in general I agree.
  18. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Nevermind I got it figured out. Reset that module to factory and everything is good!
  19. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    That's it! I had totally forgotten the alt mouse combo, and was trying to figure out forever what a button did. Thank you!!! Last problem I can think of for now. One of my single B/W nForce modules had the colors reversed on its previous install, and my current flash pattern dances and then...
  20. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Of course make some minor programming changes, switched bar modes 3 and 4 around, changed some priorities, and now it's perfect. Again, programming wasn't wrong before. Just buggy.
  21. J

    Minnesota Transportation Company Adds 'Attention-Getting' Lights To School Buses

    They should try painting them a bright color too. Maybe put red flashing lights when they stop. And how about making them gigantically bigger than cars?
  22. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    This is more of a gripe than anything else. But man alive bluePRINT is buggy. Has anyone else noticed this? I've got it programmed correctly, there are no issues with the programming, but yet the lights don't always follow the program. They are at least consistent in their deviation. I've...
  23. J

    Wanted Colorado SP WeCan Justice

    CSP's upfits are some of the worst in the business unfortunately, and they seem to change their lighting packages and color arrangement with every new car they roll out. Although they've been sticking with Whelen, the specific parts from Whelen vary widely. One week it's Justice bars on top...
  24. J

    Wanted Denver PD Freedom

    I've got a few DPD LED Freedoms, 3 I believe, but all 3 have the halogen takedowns/alleys. They do have the white LED's on the corners below the colored module. 2 of mine are still in use, the last one is in a 10yo's bedroom. I might be able to get another though, I have a contact in DPD as...
  25. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    I couldn't agree more. We did away with the double press for front flood. Before had the single press do just a couple takedowns, double press floods the entire bar. Cops couldn't figure it out. When we first got the cars, had one brilliant officer ask me how to turn the arrow stick off. It was...
  26. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    I was wrong about #1 and #4. Changing flash patterns on just some modules on a bluePRINT car is possible, it's just a pain in the ass. It requires building a matrix. So I built a matrix for a front nForce module on Code 2, as well as all the rears for Code 3. I'll try and get a video tonight...
  27. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Well then you certainly weren't willing to help and share your knowledge, as this is the first reply with any sort of info in it. You also didn't correct any of the incorrect things posed here, including things I said earlier (I have since gotten better with the program and learned how to do...
  28. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Posts were deleted from another thread where I shared my opinions. Of course they won't delete them from here, I'm the only one with the software. Whether you're looking at the bar or not, it's illuminating you. The system is capable of doing almost anything you can imagine. You want a single...
  29. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Thanks. That's not to take away from the older bars. I absolutely love a well built, clean MX, Jetsonic, Aerodynic, and Vector. They're beautiful, classic, and still effective. And for someone who collects them for this reason, hell, all the more power to you! We still have a car (In a fleet of...
  30. J

    Wanted WTB: CopLite blue/amber decklid lights from LAPD slicktop

    I'm looking for the rear LAPD slicktop setup, they were CopLite brakets, I believe IPF 804 lights. I'll buy the front too, but really only need the rear. We all know which ones I'm talking about, but here's a video just in case:

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