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    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    Check out the the rip off in eBay auction 280650286089 for a pair of Whelen red lenses for a starting bid of $35 with a Buy-It-Now option of $45! The pic shows a pair of red 73 series lenses but the description says they are 600 series. It's the lenses only, no modules or other parts, and there...
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    Need help mounting Whelen Edge lightbar to 2010 F150

    Check out eBay auction 270714189849 to see detailed pictures of the plates I mentioned above. Those are the actual type you need, and they are the 3 individual gold colored metal pieces positioned inside one of the feet. Also take note that those are 4 pad feet, which are just like yours, so if...
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    Need help mounting Whelen Edge lightbar to 2010 F150

    Actually, those type of Tinnerman plates won't work on the feet you have pictured that use 4 pads on each foot. They are only used on the newest style 6 pad mounting foot. You need the original style plate that is square shaped and uses two individual offset pieces with it to snug the foot...
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    Whelen model 52 series in mirror beam housing

    52 series light modules were definitely used in the original generation mirror beam housings before the 500 series came along and replaced them. I speak from experience because I had a pair on my '03 Crown Vic.
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    Southern Vehicle Products lightbar. 1982

    That blue paint on top of one of the domes may be the result of someone attempting to paint it to have a red/blue cosmetic effect and fortunately changing his mind when he saw it wouldn't work.
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    Check out post number 275 on page 10 in the "Official whacker or screwed up install" thread in the off topic forum to see some pics of one of those remote controlled Jabsco spotlights mounted on the speaker housing of a Twinsonic. That's also the way they used to mount them on vehicles around...
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    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    He wants $110 bucks to ship it too.....
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    Sate Rep. Julia Hurley gets pulled over.

    She apparently couldn't cut it as a Hooter's girl. :) Search Google for the pic showing her topless with a cowboy's rope lariat wrapped around her boobs, or what little bit there are of them. She's nothing special to look at and is kinda bitchy looking in the pic. Since she likes to play...
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    Need some measurements on a Whelen mount please

    I'll see if I can take a minute to get those measurements for you today.
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    Two old beacons

    Those things were a dime a dozen around here, literally. I bought a pallet with several of the Unitys on it a few years back at a construction company bankruptcy auction for a dollar bill. That's right, $1. I passed along the bargain, as the wide load pilot car fellas got good deals on them when...
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    NYPD-style aerotwinsonic for sale on e-bay

    I figured you would but I just thought I would remind you to make sure.
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    NYPD-style aerotwinsonic for sale on e-bay

    Write him before the auction ends and see if the domes are available. If so, ask what color(s) they are and if he will include them. Most sellers will gladly do so.
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    1989 Chevrolet Suburban Funeral Utility Vehicle

    If PC doesn't, I know I have some, just gotta find them. I'll look around my storage places today.
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    Got a New lightbar in today....

    So Addison is getting it? If so, PD or FD? If not, who is? What was the shipping cost for that bad boy??
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    1989 Chevrolet Suburban Funeral Utility Vehicle

    Why not use colored filters under the clear domes? You could come up with a homebrewed setup using thin flexible clear plastic sheeting curled into circles around the rotators with colored stage light filters over them, similar to what the 5-0 dashlights used, if authentic purple filters are not...
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    European Lights/Sirens

    If you can find them, I would like to get some more of the unique non optic Edge lenses that are used over the LED message boards on European vehicles, especially in the Netherlands. Rene Foppes from one of the old boards got me a set of 4 red ones several years ago and they were great, but I...
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    Vintage Tomar 925 Question

    OK, gotcha. I assumed it had something to do with Dolly's boobs!
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    New lights from yesterday

    I've got a mini XL with a red dome and dual halogen rotators that I would let go cheap.
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    Very nice Whelen 8000 strobe lightbar on eBay with clear domes!

    There is no reason eBay should have pulled that lightbar a second time if it didn't have any colored filters pictured. However, it's their site and they call the shots, but if I were you, I would stand firm and be persistent and take it as far as possible up the chain of command and insist that...
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    Vintage Tomar 925 Question

    I would like to hear the explanation for that! We used to call the original generation SVP Impulse bars, that had the "double bubble" endcaps, titty bars cause they resembled a pair of protruding breasts.
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    125 + beacons new picture 3/21/11

    I can relate because my Dad used to smash and destroy any blinky light he found around my house when I was a teenager back in the 70s because he thought I might get in trouble with the law over them. They were mostly the cheapo J.C. Whitney, NAPA, and Western Auto types, which wasn't too painful...
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    Painting Jetsonic domes and refinishing speaker cover

    Painting the sunscreen on a Jetsonic dome with an ordinary can of spray paint is difficult. You have to tape the corners to prevent overspray and make many multiple strokes and it never turns out as evenly as you like. I've done several domes over the years and have never been satisfied with...
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    Their graphics strongly resemble Houston PD, especially at a glance, and the word PATROL in large caps could pass for POLICE from a distance.
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    Very nice Whelen 8000 strobe lightbar on eBay with clear domes!

    OK, Whelen collectors, here is the "holy grail" of 8000 series lightbars! The eBay auction number is 300533968826. It has the very rare UFO/beehive inner optic filters with red circular lenses around them and a pair of hard to find clear outer optic domes. It is an original first generation...
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    Y'all got problems controlling the pioneers down in Texas? Never heard of a Texas Pioneer Control before. Also, is the Dodge truck with the red and blue beacons a vollie firefighter or what? Since he has red, he must be an authorized emergency vehicle, according to Texas law. Plus, what is up...
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    Didn't I hear him say he uses the amber ones when he is parked on the side of the road doing "power line work"???? After seeing that wiring job, he better stay away from power lines!
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    Had to grab this NOS Dashmaster

    Nice score, David! I have some NOS red, amber, and clear lenses available if you might want to add some extra colors to have on hand for it.
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    Visibar Q's

    I've got a used red model 11/14 dome available in decent reusable condition if anyone needs it. If so, let me know!
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    Caption contest...

    Hey Mommy, what would Daddy do if I dropped this and it broke into a million pieces???

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