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    Star Signal Lineum X ILB

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Looking at picking one up, and curios how it compares to Whelen/SOS.
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    Sound Off nForce ILB head swaps

    I have a SOS 8 head warning stick in all red. How hard is it to swap a few of those modules out of the bar into a SOS nforce ILB? Have the option to get one that has a little to much white in it, and is a single color only.
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    2014 Durango Feniex ILB Install Help

    Looking for some advice on a Durango install. I have a new Feniex Fusion ILB that is a vehicle specific bar, and when attempting to install this the bar does not seem to line up right. There is a significant gap (1/2 inch) from the shroud edge to window, and these mounts are flimsy as hell. I...
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    Any SOS Dealers? In need of housing/brackets for Durango (2014)

    I have a SOS nForce ILB that I need to swap the guts over to a housing that will work for a Durango. My local SOS dealer sent me only half (driver side) and I need the passenger side and I cant seem to get any answers from them. They charged me $150 for the driver housing and brackets. Anyone...
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    Wanted Whelen SA315

    In need of a working speaker SA315. I am not sure what the "P" model is, but I have a bracket for a 2014 Durango that is for the 315 speaker. New or used is fine, as long as it has been tested to be working. Thanks!
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    Wanted Smart Siren 2000 or 200

    Found one. Thanks for the responses!
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    For Sale SoundOff nForce ILB Dual Color Red/White

    Interested and dont like the price? Make an offer. I need to move this thing, and get something that will work for me.
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    For Sale SoundOff nForce ILB Dual Color Red/White

    I put it in the listing but also didnt see it. I placed it in the description as well now. 600 plus shipping is what I am asking.
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    SoundOff nForce ILB Dual Color Red/White

    NEW. Still in plastic. Purchased for project, wont work as intended as I am having difficulty finding a new housing. Will Trade for Whelen InnerEdge for 2014 Durango, in red. This bar is for a 2014-2017 GMC Sierra. I imagine it would work for a Tahoe or Suburban as well with limited...
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    For Sale SoundOff nForce ILB Dual Color Red/White

    LDEMS1 submitted a new listing: SoundOff nForce ILB Dual Color Red/White - New, wrapped in plastic nForce ILB Read more about this listing...
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    Wanted Smart Siren 2000 or 200

    I am in need of a Smart Siren. I dont need the SM version, but will take anything that is reasonable. Prefer all cables to be included. Have paypal ready. Just trying to avoid eBay if possible, hoping to find one here. Let me know if you have anything!
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    For Sale Pair of Whelen Single Avenger Tri-Color RBW

    Can you isolate colors used? I would only use red/white. Also, are the capable of syncing with each other?
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    Federal Signal ILS SpectraLux Front

    Do you have a part number or model number to reference its specific fit?
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    For Sale Whelen Fogs Par36, R/B

    What year Charger? Interested in 2 reds!
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    Wanted ISO Half Visor Bar - Ford Explorer 2014

    Have a full Strobes N More Visor setup in all red. Will sell both for price of half new. One half of it is actually new (plastic still attached to lenses) 225.00 for both sides.
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    For Sale Star Signal Starburst Phantom ULB24-RR 300.00

    Updated price to include shipping, and lower price.
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    Wanted PAR28 Whelen Fogs Red, 2008 Dodge Charger

    Looking for all red PAR28 fog replacements for an 08 Charger. Used or new, name your price!
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    HELP select a Tri-Color interior light

    Awesome! Will be ordering this today. Thanks Much
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    HELP select a Tri-Color interior light

    Civ Model Charger? If so, what HLF did you use? I want to put one in mine, but have read horror stories of them screwing things up bad. I have an 08
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    For Sale Star Signal Starburst Phantom ULB24-RR 300.00

    Almost new ULB 24 in all red. No takedowns on this. Has full length cord with original cig plug still attached. Light has brackets included for 06-10 Charger. Light has maybe 20 minutes of run time. 275.00 Shipped! Looking for single or dual avengers in red or white. Light retails for 485.00 new
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    Dodge Charger Single/Dual lightead mounting on headliner

    No it isn't obstructing anything, just was looking for less (shocking I know) I know the troopers in my area have cars with what appear to be avengers and nForce dashlights mounted on each side of the RVM. I got my charger, and love it. I am just looking for less of a "wannabe cop car" look. I...
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    Dodge Charger Single/Dual lightead mounting on headliner

    I have an 08 charger that has an inner edge in it. I am looking for something a bit more low can just see the bar way to much for my liking. I am curious how people have mounted lights on the headliner on the sides of the RVM, or other ideas one may have for this car. I am also...
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    Wanted For Trade - Interior Lightbar - Red

    I have a Star Signal ULB split with full uncut cord (has cig plug) if you are at all interested.
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    Wanted 2008 Charger Siren Speaker Bracket

    Hey all, need a siren speaker bracket for an 08 Charger. Want to add another speaker, and craft a way to get grille lights more hidden. Whalen discontinued this, so hoping someone has one around they will part with. Let me know a price! Thanks
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    Wanted Whelen Dual Avenger Bracket & Flash Shield

    I believe I have a headliner bracket if you are still in need. I will dig around and see.
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    Grille Light Wiring Advice..Please look and provide insight

    The beloved x pattern is the pattern of choice for this.
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    Grille Light Wiring Advice..Please look and provide insight

    So I mounted all 4 of my grille lights, and my question is, how do you guys wire these together? In the past, I would just crimp both sides together and run one wire, and tap into that. My question is, how do the professionals wire them together to be fed from one feed?
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    Using 4200 Mini with Siren question

    If I got it I would also get the Storm Siren
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    Using 4200 Mini with Siren question

    Awesome! Thank You....Just what I needed

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