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  1. plybeep68

    Wanted Signal Stat cross bar

    Still in search of one to attach lights to , anyone know of any
  2. plybeep68

    Wanted Signal Stat cross bar

    Still looking
  3. plybeep68

    Wanted Yankee Dome

    If anyone knows of any to be had, let me know, as long as there not in pieces
  4. plybeep68

    Yankee 264 Trooper

    looks great
  5. plybeep68

    Wanted Signal Stat cross bar

    Anyone have any nice detailed pictures?
  6. plybeep68

    Wanted Yankee Dome

    Still Looking! Anyone know of any?
  7. plybeep68

    Wanted Signal Stat cross bar

    Looking for a Signal Stat cross bar similar to the visibar, need bar and mounts, no lights
  8. plybeep68

    Jenny ' s compulsive shopping, Whoah boy!

    That's Sweeeet Jenny!!
  9. plybeep68

    Wanted Yankee Dome

    Not real picky!!
  10. plybeep68

    Wanted Yankee Dome

    Still looking!! Anyone have any?
  11. plybeep68

    Wanted Yankee Dome

    Looking for Yankee 354 Domes, These have a raised center
  12. plybeep68

    Federal Signal Model 14 blue

    :thumbsup: Sweeeeet!! Looks Great
  13. plybeep68

    Latest Addition to my Whelen Collection

    I bet that crossbar looked awesome!!
  14. plybeep68

    Latest Addition to my Whelen Collection

    Sweet Addition:thumbsup:
  15. plybeep68

    Just picked up this Code 3 bar

    Sweet!!! nice grab!
  16. plybeep68

    Cp25 Restoration for my visibar

    Nice!!!! Cant beat a Visibar!
  17. plybeep68

    A couple projects I've been working on.....

    Nice work! They look Great!!
  18. plybeep68

    Uni-rack Project

    Awesome work!! Nice!!
  19. plybeep68

    federal signal 185 beacon ray light

    Also FedSig did make 3 and 4 bulb rotating lights, models 143 and 144, search the threads, some pretty neat pictures and stories
  20. plybeep68

    federal signal 185 beacon ray light

    contact Eric6913 here on elb
  21. plybeep68

    Some new catches!!

    That is an awesome score :hail:
  22. plybeep68

    Fed-Sig CJ-184

    Hey Sarge, Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me that engine compartment photo is mopar!! That orange dual snorkel air cleaner is the give away! I love them old Fords too, Trying to obtain a 1970 Galaxie to put among my 2 Fury's and Diplomat
  23. plybeep68

    Dietz Omni Chief

    Can you get some pictures? I would like to find some red and blue covers for mine, it currently has amber/yellow whatever you want to call it! lol
  24. plybeep68

    Base gasket material

    Rick, if you find any let me know, I also have several lights that need the gasket
  25. plybeep68

    Did Any Agency Use Any 1976 Buick Models As Police Cars?

    What make of car did the sheriff drive in "Billy Jack"? I am pretty sure it was GM

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