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  1. hoisy71

    New Anne Arundel County, MD BLS units

    Anne Arundel County has purchased 2 sprinter/Horton Ambrose for BLS units. One will be going to the busiest unit in the county running 30+ calls a day out of station 33-Glen Burnie (338). The other is a added unit going to station 18-Marley (189)
  2. hoisy71

    New job!

    Finally got the phone call I've been waiting for!! Just got my conditional offer today for Anne Arundel County Fire Department in maryland! I'm still in disbelief. Two years off testing and my all time dream department. Go down in march to sign paperwork and do a physical!
  3. hoisy71

    Detroit fire dept hiring

    Is anyone pursuing their process and going out to test?
  4. hoisy71

    Northwood NH new ambulance

    Our new bus was delivered this afternoon! Looks good but the patteren for all is the single flash 120. We are going to slow them down in the near future. The best parts about the rig are 1 no split fails, all ion TA, and one blue to the rear which may be a first for a NH ambulance. We also...
  5. hoisy71

    2008 chevy Silverado update 8/11

    Install in progress on my buddy's truck. He wanted something simple and low profile to respond to the station with. Made some custom brackets to mount a pair of ions on in he grill. He also had a federal signal single viper on the dash he wanted wired into a single switch. So far ions have been...
  6. hoisy71

    Motorola Astro

    So my current astro remote mount brain has failed and I'm looking for another one. The current one is a T99DX+92W_ASTRO. Would a T99DX+150W_ASTRO work as a replacement? I believe the only change would be the wattage. Correct? Thanks for the help
  7. hoisy71

    Interdepartmental relationships

    So here is a random thought for all, How do you feel about dating someone on the same department as you? New attractive probie or your the probie looking up at a member or any other reason. How many of you have SOPs/SOGs against this? Do you agree with them? Disagree? Any interesting/awkward...
  8. hoisy71

    Cencom sapphire

    Hey guys, I'm getting a cencom sapphire but it only comes with the main power harness. Anyone know what the part numbers are for connector A, B, and C and the control head wire? Thanks
  9. hoisy71

    Dodge Charger puddle light install

    I wanted to have some more light on the car when getting in and out and when unlocking. So I decided to use some Sirennet LED3's on steady and mounted them underneath each mirror. I then tied them into the dome light circuit. Here is the before and after What...
  10. hoisy71

    Whelen Par28

    Hey guys, Looking to purchase a pair of the whelen par28's combination warning and driving lights in red for an 07 charger. Anyone have the best price or a link to the best price? Also would the 3.5 inch or 4 inch fit better?
  11. hoisy71

    Charger Inner Edge

    Tried searching with no luck. 2006-2009 inner edge rear deck. What type of controller does this require. Will a TADCTL1 work? If so any wiring diagrams? As far as I know the inner edge has 6 or so fewer wires than the dominator stick this controller controls
  12. hoisy71

    Hooksett NH Car 2

    Quick video of the lighting package. 2003 Ford Expedition
  13. hoisy71

    Saab 9-5 hideaways

    Quick install i did for one of the other guys on the department using some cheap leds he had. What the customer wants he gets. unkown brand led's but they get the job done. sorry no install pictures just the finished product. edit:name change
  14. hoisy71

    Anne Arundel County Maryland Squad 7 Responce

    Just a quick video i shot on my vacation down to Maryland. I was riding along on the ambulance for the day
  15. hoisy71

    2007 charger police package HLF plug and play?

    I know the newer models of the pursuit package chager have the "plug and play" headlight flasher. Does the 07 model have the same set up? I really dont want to buy one
  16. hoisy71

    Whelen ion's

    So i finally broke down and got a couple of ions. I mounted them vertical on my front liscence plate. I know it says to mount with the membrane down but can i do his without affecting them or will it cause damage
  17. hoisy71

    State laws on warning lights?

    Hey guys quick question I'm taking a trip down to florida in a couple of weeks and im gonna be driving down from NH. Are there any state laws about having exposed lights and covering them up or anything like that? Thanks in advance
  18. hoisy71

    Charger grill mounting

    Any advice on how to mount a pair of whelen M2's behind the bottom portion of a 06 dodge charger grill. Its the slotted grill not the hunnycomb grill
  19. hoisy71

    2007 Dodge Charger Police Package POV

    Hey guys. Still figuring out what i want to do to her. here is my current set up and was all installed by me. I'm a FF/EMT in NH so we get red/white/amber lights. from the front -i have the whelen projector series speaker mounted directly to the push bar. -Also have 2 LINZ6's split...

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