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    Minnesota Transportation Company Adds 'Attention-Getting' Lights To School Buses
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    Xprite 27" Amber Vigilante Series 30W Traffic Advisor COB LED Strobe Light Bar

    Has anybody here ever heard of this make or model? If so, what is the quality like?
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    How Do I Determine Which 1156 LEDs Put Out The Highest Number Of Lumens?

    As posted above, I am planning on switching some incandescent 1156 bulbs for LED 1156s. How do I determine which ones put out the highest number of lumens?
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    What Amber Light Or Mini Lightbar Would People Recommend For A Hobby Farmer?

    I am new to this forum, so I am still getting up to speed on things here. I have a hobby farm and occasionally move things on the nearby streets and highways that can be a hazard. As a result, I am considering an amber light or mini lightbar for an added measure of safety. I have a Northern...

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