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  1. 2004p71

    AeroDynic 25RWLI2 find

    pretty interesting. thank you for taking the time to do this video
  2. 2004p71

    Code 3 Force 4 LP

    thamk you for sharing info on that bar . I have a few of them too :)
  3. 2004p71

    vintage lightbar parts site

    thanks for sharing
  4. 2004p71

    Help with Code 3 Z3. Won't do anything when connected to power.

    Is it receving an Ignition imput ?
  5. 2004p71

    Vintage Catalogs:Federal Signal

    Dont beat yourself too much sir , it still great to see the ones available .
  6. 2004p71

    NYPD Aerotwin first look

    great find :)
  7. 2004p71

    Wanted Crown Vic front push bunper

    Glad for you , where did iyou find it ?
  8. 2004p71

    Hella HERO hideaway OE bulb replacement. Whelen HALO Reincarnated!

    that is a great video and the results is awesome !
  9. 2004p71

    Carbide with Feniex

    I used some dual color cannons with a whelen cencom core. When trying to use fast flash pattern, the light head was almost randomly switching the color and just not could keep up . On slow pattern it is fine and can be syncronized
  10. 2004p71

    Dual howler on a 2007 Crown Vic

    They go under the radiator support that extend to the fender on both side. One would go under the air box and the other one under the battery . In both case it is easily accessible from under the car without having to remove the the fender liners . I have the install sheet on a crown vic in my...
  11. 2004p71

    The Original Federal Enterprises FB-1

    wow impressive , thank you for sharing .
  12. 2004p71

    Dodge Charger Police Canada DRL enable ?

    Hi The DRL are mandatory in canada so I would start at looking at the wiring that was install during it's police use. It could be part of a black out module that wasnt plug back . Bonjour. les drl sont obligatoire au canada alors je commencerais par regarder les fils qui ont été utilisé lors...
  13. 2004p71

    FedSig mini Aerodynic

    great find for a great price
  14. 2004p71

    Fire Station Alert Tone

    thank you very much for sharing
  15. 2004p71

    Code 3 D Tech beacons ? Any info ?

    very interesting find . I'd say anything is possible but my guess would be home made .
  16. 2004p71

    Aero lenses

    I am glad that I ordered my sets 2 years ago when price were good.
  17. 2004p71

    AeroDynic Model 24XS

    looks brand new :)
  18. 2004p71

    Vintage Catalogs: Grote

    thank you for sharing
  19. 2004p71

    Marketplace LAPD alley lights?

    Many years ago I bought a set similar to the one you posted in replacement of the hella alley lights that were damaged on my lapd bar . They were colse enough as far as the fit .
  20. 2004p71

    LAPD 1997 Crown Victoria Console

    I have plenty of picture of the 1997 vic that is parked at the lapd museum . Let me dig this out over the week end I have some good shot of the console .
  21. 2004p71

    New controller has a name... Feniex 5200 / Feniex One

    Thats looks like the price range a master dealer can get , not the average person .
  22. 2004p71

    New controller has a name... Feniex 5200 / Feniex One

    wont be before fall iirc from the webinar
  23. 2004p71

    LAPD Hella alley lights

    hey whatever makes the job :D
  24. 2004p71

    New controller has a name... Feniex 5200 / Feniex One

    Price wise it,s packing a lot of stuff . I really like the controler color back lighting that can be programmed .
  25. 2004p71

    Hello from Paris

    welcome to the site . there are a few of us that speak french too if it can make it easier for you :)
  26. 2004p71

    LAPD Hella alley lights

    Glad I could help you welcome sir

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