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  1. Nolines

    Happy Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, this is not a joyous holiday season for myself after losing mom after I got out of the hospital from COVID-19 not sure how the rest of the family feels but I'll find out today with 1 side. Remember to Be Safe out there.
  2. Nolines

    Headlight flashers on a 2005 cv pi

    Yep followed the instructions, the jumper wire is there, and the dept color coded the wires that they cut for the connection, and nope connecting doesn't do what it's supposed to do, we are all baffled, soundoff signal doesn't even have someone to explain this..... I'm thinking about going to...
  3. Nolines

    Headlight flashers on a 2005 cv pi

    Here's the setup...
  4. Nolines

    Headlight flashers on a 2005 cv pi

    Yes I did, the flasher does what it's supposed to internally, the lights when the splice is undone only lights one light and does not flash.
  5. Nolines

    Headlight flashers on a 2005 cv pi

    Got a bit of a quandry here, I'm using one of the sound off headlight flashers and we installed it on my unit but the wiring to the headlights is an issue and sound off gave me no help. The county that had my unit before had cut 2 wires for the headlights but undoing that wire just turns off...
  6. Nolines

    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    So this is for those people who always wanted to drive a train without having to comendere one on the tracks or just wanted to sound like ones coming down the road to shock the hell out of some driver not paying attention??!!
  7. Nolines

    Support Cant find member profile message

    He's online but I think the site is having a hiccup I saw the same thing. Didn't even see the who's online till I was clicked into your msg.
  8. Nolines

    Behind the scenes

    Shouldn't there be a Foot Print???
  9. Nolines

    2013-2015 FPIU factory rear hatch lighting components?

    I hate to say it but I can't find that in the modifiers guide, and it seems I can't find the guides i uploaded here to the site. You might have to take your Vin number and go to Ford and ask the parts dept to decipher your build off it and then would be able to find the part numbers for those...
  10. Nolines

    What lightbar is this?

    I think the dead giveaway is the blue covers on the top of the bar. Whelen doesn't do that.
  11. Nolines

    How to find out about flash pattern Whelen 9000 series bar?

    There has never been a gasket where the lenses slide in. Pressure keeps out most water and yes they still see condensation based on what the weather is.
  12. Nolines

    Whelen 9M412 and CS225 Power Source Questions

    Yes the cs225 is for powering 2 additional strobes wherever you decide to put them, I'm putting 2 on the rear so the bar works in a circular strobe pattern after changing the setup of the wiring as to what fires which strobe. I can't remember if it has 1 set strobe flash, 1 of the wires turns...
  13. Nolines

    Identify this Halogen Lightbar

    I Personally don't Val U ( it as a ) Bar, I think it was a poor man's idea of the advantage more lense then Bar!
  14. Nolines

    End of Watch

    Hollywood Fl, On Sunday October 17, 2021 at/near 10pm, officers responded to a report of a a suspicious person call of a male who was pulling on car door handles in the area. Hollywood Police Officer Yandy Chirino, responded and located the subject. A struggle ensued and Officer Chirino was...
  15. Nolines

    Edge TA half-bar question

    Remember to lean forward and slap yourself upside the back of the head and say DOH!
  16. Nolines

    WeCan sync?

    Actually the aerial across the street from me has 4 small bars 4 of those whelen led half rotator looking lights and multiple other lights around it, and all synced.. not sure of their setup I'll ask next time they aren't running calls ( formerly busiest station in the southern us )
  17. Nolines

    WeCan sync?

    There has to be a way, look at all the fire engines running so many lights and multiple bars esp if your an aerial, ladder, platform...
  18. Nolines

    AeroDynic 25RWLI2 find

    Yep had one of those on my international flatbed wrecker I drove in the early 2000's, used the novus plastic polish on those lenses by hand, my wrecker wasn't the greatest but you could see my lights!
  19. Nolines

    Another Whelen Mini Edge wiring question

    See I knew it killed one of the two sets, funny is I have that power supply, got it as a spare but wrong harness for my current bars.
  20. Nolines

    For Sale Whelen LINZ6B Horizontal Sync Lightheads BLUE 4 wire New in Sealed Bags

    Wouldn't happen to have any green or Amber would you??? Nudge nudge wink wink say no more!
  21. Nolines

    First one in the Wild

    Ummm I pulled out the picture and I didn't get that view...
  22. Nolines

    First one in the Wild

    What kid??
  23. Nolines

    New FDNY Seagraves

    I believe metro Dade fire rescue uses vision SLR units on their rescues err Miami Dade..
  24. Nolines

    New FDNY Seagraves

    Seriously, contact FDNY find out who they purchased them from and contact them to see why they did it, everything is built to the clients specs but they might not be the only ones that are having them done that way and the outfitters would know why.
  25. Nolines

    Another Whelen Mini Edge wiring question

    Wasn't it a front or back light cutout?? I don't think it turned on the indicator lights... Lol
  26. Nolines

    For Sale Whelen liberty parts

    Ok since no one is responding I'll take them off your hands. Pm me
  27. Nolines

    This Offended Me...

    If I understand it correctly School administrators are staying away from commenting or anything on it and I believe they did have permission to put the flags on there just this group of students remember this is a Catholic high School objected to it thinking that it was part of the blue lives...
  28. Nolines

    This Offended Me...

    High school in uproar over 9/11 flags dumped by students who linked them to Blue Lives Matter movement What do you think? Posted to my Instagram page as...
  29. Nolines

    Displaying the toys

    OMG if he turned all of those on at once the Universe would get out of the way to let him pass!!!! And the power company would be mad and happy at the same time when a small country goes dark!

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