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  1. NPS Ranger

    FedSig is out of the halogen business

    First the sealed beams went... then the halogen lightbars went... now the rest of the halogen stuff (Highlighter, Turbobeam, Sentry beacon) are history. Kind of an end of an era, that started with the Model 17. Highlighter Turbobeam Sentry
  2. NPS Ranger

    Neat install of Mod 66 siren on FDNY engine

    Taken today - click on the photo to enlarge. Looks like the front grill is rotated 90 degrees, though... Still gotta love the 28/66.
  3. NPS Ranger

    We don' need no steenkin' multicolor Spectralux or TRIO...

    Apparently it's much more fun to buy all the colors in the catalog. Left out green, though. Truck went into service this week. (Photo is courtesy of
  4. NPS Ranger

    NYPD Fortwo

    OK, so which of the NYPD gurus want to identify the lightbars on these new roller skates, that will replace the 3 wheel scooters?
  5. NPS Ranger

    Cop dresses up as Amish woman to catch weenie wagger

    This was all over the news lately, sergeant from Pulaski Township, PA. Before: After: Kind of reminds me of the logo of the old NYPD Street Crime Unit:
  6. NPS Ranger

    Ambulance Gets the Boot in NYC

    City marshal ?boots? volunteer ambulance | New York Post
  7. NPS Ranger

    New PennDOT plows

    Does anyone know the brand/model of the new amber LED modules now being installed in the top front corners of the dump box on these trucks? They're the brightest amber LED's I've ever seen, brighter than any amber lightbar modules I can remember. I was thinking maybe M7's but they seem...
  8. NPS Ranger

    Is this something from old-time Florida?

    Saw this on, it seems to be from a website called Never saw a setup like that, was it factory or a homebrew?
  9. NPS Ranger

    FDNY Marine Unit rescues cops after police boat sinks

    Port Authority boat sinks off Breezy Point as officers practice water rescue -
  10. NPS Ranger

    Damn amber lighters

  11. NPS Ranger

    How not to check your lightbar for water intrusion

    Oakwood Fire Engine Becomes Submerged in River During Equipment Testing
  12. NPS Ranger

    I guess head shops are still legal in San Francisco

    Don't know if this has been posted here before, or not: San Francisco Fire Department com Be sure you scroll down for "special report #26." - millions - lost in film industry revenues due in part to siren noise - millions - lost in tourist industry and hotel revenues due...
  13. NPS Ranger

    The $64,000 question

    Is a dual (or triple) color LED the same intensity as a single color LED used in the same lightbar? For example, if you take a Liberty DUO with R/B modules and set it to flash in red, will the modules be as bright as a single color Liberty in red? Will the DUO in blue be as bright as a regular...
  14. NPS Ranger

    Mt Ranier National Park Ranger killed during traffic stop

    Married with 2 young daughters. Ranger Killed In Mount Rainier National Park Shooting | Fox News
  15. NPS Ranger

    USGI teflon, or Magpul?

    In 5.56. Like the title says. Anyone have an opinion?
  16. NPS Ranger

    Whelen RB-6 H.I.D. beacon

    Did anyone ever see one of these in person? They had an H.I.D. bulb as well as a ballast and a "preconditioner" inside. Anyone know why they took off like a lead balloon?
  17. NPS Ranger

    K-9 who tried to save deputy ‘retired’ to lawman’s widow

    By JASON A. KAHL Reading Eagle READING — Deputy Sheriff Kyle D. Pagerly’s K-9 partner, Jynx, tried to save the mortally wounded officer and likely did save the lives of other officers searching for Matthew M. Connor in the woods near his family home in Albany Township, officials said...
  18. NPS Ranger

    This is priceless
  19. NPS Ranger

    Whelen L40

    Anyone have experience with these yet? ... Beacon.pdf
  20. NPS Ranger

    Old NY AeroTwinSonic pics

    Just ran across a great collection of old NYPD-FDNY-NYC*EMS pics, the photo collection belongs to a member on here although I'm not sure if he posts here regularly. You can see how they put these bars on EVERYTHING: ... 80s-1990s/ This is my personal...
  21. NPS Ranger

    FDNY Governors Island

    This is a 2002 American LaFrance engine donated to FDNY after 9/11 by the Paris Fire Department. It was soon removed from active service due to maintenance and reliability issues and assigned to the part-time firehouse on Governors Island. Does anyone know what that lightbar is? 2nd...
  22. NPS Ranger

    For you FDNY buffs

    Here's a nice closeup of the FedSig combined LED/rotator bars found on cab corners of new FDNY apparatus (the one in the center is all LED): ... cjgF-X3-LB Also a pic of the new crop of new FDNY GMC chief's vehicles from Odyssey...

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