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  1. plybeep68

    Wanted Signal Stat cross bar

    Looking for a Signal Stat cross bar similar to the visibar, need bar and mounts, no lights
  2. plybeep68

    Wanted Yankee Dome

    Looking for Yankee 354 Domes, These have a raised center
  3. plybeep68

    Speaker cone support

    Hello All, curious if anyone has seen something like this and is it homemade or an option??
  4. plybeep68

    Visibar in need of alot of TLC!!

    Came in the mail today, Havent tested, needs a complete restoration.
  5. plybeep68

    Old meets New

    Fleetcomm, myself, and the guys at our garage were curious as to what my 2012 Charger would look like with some old school lights "placed" on the car. These were never installed.My favorite is the CJ184.
  6. plybeep68

    Tennessee Lifesavers Conference Sept 5,6,& 7th

    Anyone going this year, being held in Murfreesboro
  7. plybeep68

    Yankee Twin Beacon bar & Federal Aero

    Brought these home today, havent tested them yet, Going to be interesting finding Yankee Domes! That Aero makes the 52 inch Yankee bar look small ]
  8. plybeep68

    interesting twinsonic speaker cover, pics inside. more added 11-2-2012

    Are the center speaker covers with the speaker holes on both sides rare? I traded for one a few months ago and just noticed that it was that way this past week when i placed it on my 2012 Charger patrol car.
  9. plybeep68

    Electronic Velocity Analyzer

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this gem? Picked it up from a retired NJ State Trooper. Couldn't find any dates on it.
  10. plybeep68

    What am I missing??

    Ok, I know i am new to the hobby but can someone explain to me why the price on this 176 is over $400, Is there something odd about them or what? Like i said i am new and pretty much clueless! I don't mean to step on anyones toes but i am curious. eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel...
  11. plybeep68

    Grote Hill Lights ?

    This lightbar came from north of the border, one of the domes didn't survive shipping and the other was already broke prior to shipping. Upon tearing them down i noticed the odd mounts for the lights. Is this Grote's answer to a hill light?
  12. plybeep68

    Federal 143 / 144 Beacons

    I think i got the model numbers correct, Anyone have these lights that can post detailed pictures with and without the domes? These are the ones that are the same size of the model 11's and 14's with the exception they have 4 bulbs. Thanks in advance.
  13. plybeep68

    Help Identifying a part

    I received this base in a trade a while back and don't have a clue to what make it is? Not sure if i even posted in the right thread! No name on it anywhere, even on the motor.
  14. plybeep68

    NYPD Light and Siren combos

    Found this site, Didn't know if it has been posted here before. I thought it was interesting POLICE NY RMPs Lights Sirens
  15. plybeep68

    Mechanical Siren

    What make and model of Siren would you recommend for mounting under the hood/engine compartment for my "1969" Plymouth Fury project? It will also have a electronic siren. Hoping to keep it somewhat period correct. Suggestions Please
  16. plybeep68


    Just out of curosity does anyone have thier collection insured? Some of you guy's have very impressive collections !!
  17. plybeep68

    North American/ Unity lightbar "The Beast"

    This is first attempt at uploading a video, so i hope it works. I purchased this set-up from the Roan Mountain Volunteer Fire Dept in Carter Co Tn, Bought it 5 years ago and haven't even cleaned or serviced it. They had it mounted on a mid 70's Ford Tanker i believe. It was built by C.C...
  18. plybeep68

    Dietz Lights

    What is the difference between the 2-11 and the 7-11 ?
  19. plybeep68

    Tennessee Highway Patrol Lights

    Back in the mid to late 70's THP used Visibars and Twinsonics on the marked units. They also used for a limited time some strobe lights(2) mounted on a bar with rear facing lights also. The strobes were about the same size as the Whelen but i was thinking they were a little taller. Does anyone...
  20. plybeep68

    Siren Mount???

    I bought this several years ago, It was advertised as a siren mount, I am clueless as to what it fits or even if it is a siren mount. It's heavy and has a "S" on the bolt head. I know with all the knowledge of everyone here on the forum someone will know what it fits.
  21. plybeep68

    Federal Siren Help

    Ok first of all i have no clue on the difference in all of the federal sirens other than what i have read here on this forum. What siren would be period correct for a 1969 police car?? I have read on here that different series have pitches that vary according to year that they were made. I have...
  22. plybeep68

    Federal Model 17

    The base has a slope to it, it is not flat

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