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  1. RecElect

    Experienced Installers needed - apply today - Northern Colorado

    We are a very busy Up-fitting shop in Northern Colorado. We are looking for Experienced Emergency Vehicle installation techs. We build police, fire, and public works vehicles. We have a full custom fabrication shop, Graphics Shop, Harness Shop, and Installation Facility. Requirements to...
  2. RecElect

    Motorola NNTN8527 power cable diagram needed asap

    I appreciate the help, But I wasn't asking what colors went to what, or how it was hooked up. I physically didn't have the power connector with those wires in it so I had to make it and needed the pinout of that connector. Unless I am missing it, this pdf does not show the pinout of that...
  3. RecElect

    Motorola NNTN8527 power cable diagram needed asap

    I have a customer supplied NNTN8527 apx vehicle charger "convertacom" and they did not supply the power cable to it. I have the stuff to make one, but I need a pinout. Anyone got one you could look at to send me the pinout on? Even a picture of the white power connector from the back side would...
  4. RecElect

    Poudre Fire Authority Command Vehicle, 2016 Ford Expedition

    Been a long time since I posted anything, but we have been booming and it has been hard to do anything more than draw harnesses for the next build. This vehicle however was one of our most intense builds of the year and I thought you all might want to see it. Built as a command vehicle for...
  5. RecElect

    SSP3000 Smart Siren upgrades, Aug 2015

    i believe you have to flash the amp itself with a special program, and even then I am not sure it would work if it is not a series b. When Series b first came out, the unitrol tones were not included. To get them to work, We had to flash the circuit board inside the amp with upgraded firmware.
  6. RecElect

    Federal Signal Serial Wire

    yes, looking at the bottom of the cable, it should be Orange/wht Orange, Green/wht blue blue/wht green brn/wht brn. Both sides. It is a standard cable.
  7. RecElect

    2015 Ram SSV

    Ones we made. Just a simple flat stock bent at the angle needed...
  8. RecElect

    help......Feniex 4200 wont turn on UPDATE!!!! All fixed

    take out the Bluetooth module and hook the controller direct... I had one that did that and it was the Bluetooth module. Honestly, if I tapped the Bluetooth module (fairly hard) everything would work....
  9. RecElect

    Suggestions for a Mobile service truck

    SO, we are looking to add a mobile service truck to our business. but we are struggling with what would be the best for our business. I need suggestions, real world use, and your opinions. When I started business, I started as a mobile service, but I was working out of my personal 4 door pickup...
  10. RecElect

    2015 Ram SSV

    We do replace the reverse light a lot of the time in trucks BUT i would rather burn a hole if it means it will have better output. On the ram, this is the case. When I say "burn a hole" i mean it. We take a 1 inch dull hole saw (it could be a sharp one, but I would rather use an old beat up...
  11. RecElect

    does the market really need another beacon?

    yes! I was looking for a beacon the other day and wished Feniex would have one. there are dual color options, The code 3 Arch beacon is dual color-ish, and it is stupid bright, but it is also $450 each. I think it is a decent platform though. There is options for a warning light and work light...
  12. RecElect

    2015 Ram SSV

    I have a rear spoiler for a 2016 Ford Utility that i have this working on with these modules. IT takes a bit, but it can be done. Biggest problem is you cannot use sync wire... I will do a write up on it when it is ready. It is for our demo vehicle.
  13. RecElect

    2015 Ram SSV

    We like them because they are the same price single color or dual... So, more of a Why not. I also like doing them in a red/white, blue/white configuration to add some white light to the flashing, or use as additional take downs. We could have done RED/amber, Blue/amber to the rear and had a...
  14. RecElect

    2015 Ram SSV

    I used a D rubber weather stip. Mcmaster-Carr part 93085k67. We put it on the leading edge of the visor bar directly on top of Feniex's included u channel. The Feniex bars shape to the windshield very well so this d rubber system works really well. it you are using a universal bar, it will be a...
  15. RecElect

    2015 Ram SSV

    This is a 2015 Ram SSV we completed for Washington County Colorado SO this week. Simple but effective package. I have to give a shout out to Ram Trucks, because this truck was one of the easiest trucks to work on. We just did a couple of new Silverados and we have done 20 or so 2015 f-150s and...
  16. RecElect

    Cities not paying... what do you do?

    I find the few times this has happened to us, the cities have made a mistake in their accounting and will rectify it. This usually happens when someone forgets to enter an invoice in their system. Otherwise I would treat them just like a civilian customer that didn't pay. First: Advise them of...
  17. RecElect

    2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 Twins

    Black Tahoe is not done yet, maybe end of this week. It is no longer black though, Did the graphics on it friday. We have 7 2016 utilities up next, and 3 more tahoes with Valors, I will try and post those as well.
  18. RecElect

    2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 Twins

    We get pretty tired of all the White Vehicles going through the shop that when we get a Red Head we have to post it! The reds and the blacks are just good lookin! ;) These are 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500s. They are Identical Twins built for Command staff in Loveland, CO. These trucks are used...
  19. RecElect

    2015 Cherokee

    We just built an undercover one and it was one of my favorites just because of how undercover it was. Here is what you can do: Feniex cannons 120, In the rear backup lights, replace the backup bulb, and in the lower reflector area on the bumper (you have to "burn the hole in, as a drill bit...
  20. RecElect

    SSP3000 Smart Siren upgrades, Aug 2015

    I would be surprised if more people did not want a 2 wire arrow function. We are consistantly contracting to put on a lightbar and a rear window stick. We use the cn signalmaster, and I like the light, but sometimes it is just to big and bulky for where we need it (and sometimes it is what will...
  21. RecElect

    SSP3000 Smart Siren upgrades, Aug 2015

    Now if only They will add 2 wire arrow function, Output pause based on an input, Relay control with the park detect input, step switches, and Relay control on Signal master, i would be super happy.... We are a Fed Sig shop, and I have been begging for these features, but I think I need more...
  22. RecElect

    Tahoe 2015 Laser Scan at Feniex

    I want to see molded mirror brackets that hold an Apollo under the mirror and is parallel with the vehicle like the sound off inter sector. We can do this with a 90 degree bracket on most, BUT a molded option would look way better. Tahoe, Interceptors, Charger, Durango, F-150s, F-250, Silverado...
  23. RecElect

    Axixtech ST6 6 Diode Super Thin Surface Mount, Anybody tried them?

    The AXIXTECH ST6 and FEDERAL mps620U series are the same light. same thin-nes The mps600 series (without the u) is the same as an axixtech ms6 light...
  24. RecElect

    Axixtech ST6 6 Diode Super Thin Surface Mount, Anybody tried them?

    That I am not sure about. If I apply power to mode 1 they are instant on. Mode 2 is not if mode 1 is active, but if mode 1 is not active, then mode 2 will be instant on. There is talk that they are possibly coming out with a dummy light in this series, but that could be all talk. I know we...
  25. RecElect

    Axixtech ST6 6 Diode Super Thin Surface Mount, Anybody tried them?

    There is also the Federal Signal MPS600U which is  the same thing with a bit different software, and the MPS620U which is dual color with 2 inputs. We use them alot for fender lights, on the bottom of tailgates, etc.. They also now have a MPS300, MPS1200 which is basically a 3 led light head...
  26. RecElect


    Hey, she runs good! She is a parade hauler. I am guessing if they changed the engine, it would be with another 350. Only this time MPFI instead of TBI. Or they should go full hot rod and put in an LS1 engine... Not sure the wheels could handle it though....
  27. RecElect

    Federal Signal Navigator

    Here is a navigator We put on an engine in our local town. It is Awesome. Happened to catch it on scene the other day which is the video. Of course the pictures don't do this justice. Best way to judge how bright this thing is is by comparing it to the headlights which are also LED headlights...
  28. RecElect


    This is another one of our specialty projects we were able to take part in. It is one we finished back in September, but we are just now getting around to posting it. This 1941 Mack truck came to as with a wiring nightmare. Over the last 70 + years, this vehicle had new lights, different motors...
  29. RecElect

    Feniex Cannon 360 LED Hide-a-way

    We just did our first install using the 360 and we were surprised at the outcome. It is kinda the whole "Cobra vs Apollo" thing again. The cobra is blindingly bright straight on, but off axis the light diminishes. Were as the apollo is good all the way around but is not the "punchiest" light...
  30. RecElect

    Federal Signal Navigator

    We just got one in to do a swap on a fire engine. The bar is HUGE (pretty tall), but I really like it. We configured it with 2 slr rotators on each side, and fully loaded center red/white modules. It is fully NFPA compliant, so white can shut off in park, and you would want it too... The bar...

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