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    First one in the Wild

    We had one in a security control room of an office building I worked in. Had a small camera mounted in the base for the client to keep an eye on the guard. It would go off when an alarm came in. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. In either case, it was made by Federal Signal. They used to be...
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    Federal G

    In the Marines, these were issued out to each company as NBC alarms. They were made well into the 80's and may still be made. I used one to sound a REACT during guard duty.
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    Soviet Airhorn Fire Engine Siren

    Thanks Wailer and cmb56!
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    Soviet Airhorn Fire Engine Siren

    I never could get anything to upload here. However, the video is titled Feuerwehr-Sayda-2X TLF 24 durch Sayda.
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    Soviet Airhorn Fire Engine Siren

    Anyone know anything about it? Saw them on You Tube in what appears to be the former East Germany. They sound evil and manevelent, like a cross between a steamboat, locomotive and a factory whistle. I can't find anything about them on line.
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    My very own 2311! Now all I need is a Sireno Siren and THP Cowboy hat!

    I have never seen a DPS patch like the one on top. What era is that from? Before the previous issue (at the bottom) DPS used the same shield and colors, but with "Department of Public Safety" across the top, a five point star in the center with the word "T-E-X-A-S" spelled out between the star's...
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    My very own 2311! Now all I need is a Sireno Siren and THP Cowboy hat!

    Thanks for that info, Skip! I had no idea that DPS allowed Troopers that much latitude on anything let alone emergency equipment. In the Region II (Houston) area, I saw the slicktops with the red Unity spotlight or the Federal Twin lightbars. They seldom used sirens, but I do remember a mix of...
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    I have seen them. They were not emergency responders in any sense of the term. Back in the 70's, it was not uncommon for wreckers (or even service trucks, both private and municipal) to run red lights. My dad drove a City Of Houston Public Works truck that had a red Federal Beacon Ray Junior...
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    The end of an era.....

    That is just so.....wrong......
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    Mars SL60

    Did this light merely flash on and off or did it oscillate (sic) like most Mars lights?
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    Worst Ambulance and Fire Truck Thread:

    I had a toy plastic VW ambulance as a kid that looked exactly like this. Brought back some good memories seeing a real one here!
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    It would be most pleasurable to be behind that FAKE Texas DPS car as it drives down US 290 and West Road area of Houston. (For those that don't know...that is where the Region II Office of the DPS is located), my, my...what fun that promises!
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    4 Q's, 4 888's and a roto-ray!!!!

    If you can't or hear that rig coming at you while running hot, you have no business driving anyway! FTR I LOVE IT! I can just imagine being at a green light with some idiot texting instead of driving...then coming down on all that emergency equipment at the same time and curing said texter of...
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    Squad 51 Siren?

    I'm not from LA County, but I did see a documentary on Saturday morning TV back when Emergency was on the air. It was hosted by Kevin Tighe and Randy Mantooth. It showed ACTUAL LA County rescue squads in action. Several had Federal Twinsonic CTS lightbars like squad 51 and ran Federal...
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    While LA has a rep for some pretty weird stuff, this is a real beaut! I wonder just what LAPD, LACoSO, or CHP would say to this guy and how polite they would be in doing so.
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    MARS! (non Chicago proper) Vehicles w. primary warning systems by MARS

    The Texas DPS Fury in Sugarland Express was only Hollywood magic. DPS has never used Mars. To be frank, except for fire units and VFD guys, you seldom saw any Mars products except the various 888 and other oscillators in this part of the world. It was kind of sick seeing a lot of Mars...
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    Mars Attacks

    ..or "Ur Parcel's Smashed"
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    Squad 51 from Colorado

    We will probably never truly know just how many became firefighters and or EMT/Paramedics because of that truck and the two guys in it every Saturday night.
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    I've seen this vehicle in the Galleria area many, many times. I've always enjoyed me a laugh on rough days. Honestly though, I've seen so many whackerized security guard cars (along with the videos on YouTube...check out ANY of the videos from Texas Pioneer Control Officers sometimes)...
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    Powercall Sirens LLC Ecto siren

    ...but I don't care. This must be released as soon as possible. I WILL get one for my car....
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    Funeral "escort"

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    Funeral "escort"

    Are the escort vehicles LE?
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    They only have the authority of a private citizen no matter if they are on their contracted property or not. We've got a lot of private guard companies down here that want to play cop these days and it's getting worse.
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    No, there are at least three put up in relation to this company. This was only one of them. The other two- one has them doing entry on a building at night with the theme from the TV show "COPS" playing. Then the one that was the source of my comment had pics of them running lights and dressed...
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    I know this is ressurrecting a dead thread, but Houston Pioneer Control Officers had a bad incident here over the weekend. They have a video out on You Tube as to what they do. Just look up the name of the company. If you choose to watch the video...I strongly advise not to be drinking...
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    Actually, I have a handful of them and installed a yellow filter over them for work. On the occassions I have to use them, they work excellently and have worked during special coverage postings where I'm working out of my vehicle. (No, I don't go driving in hot pursuit with them). They're...
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    What is a "flapper" on a siren?

    Thanks! NOW I hear the difference.
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    What is a "flapper" on a siren?

    Thanks guys. I figure I'd have to hear it in person to really make a good judgement on it.
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    What is a "flapper" on a siren?

    ...I really don't get why they were needed in the first place. They didn't appear to me to make that big a difference in sound output or tone and pretty lame for a "mechanical yelp". IMHO it seems more like overcomplicating the plumbing... Can somebody enlighten me on this?
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    Identify this old Siren

    Sounds like a dual-tone Federal Signal Model 77.

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